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Chapter 585

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&#lt;p&#gt;After Edda, Jaime would represent the Heavenly Stars Sect in the third game. Hence, he watched the
match even more attentively than others. As Caspian‘s analysis was almost the same as his, Jaime
could not help turning his head and expressing his agreement.
&#lt;p&#gt;Jessica pondered and said, “But… You’re going to lose this way.”
&#lt;p&#gt;Caspian laughed. “We’re going to win in the following matches. After all, the result is not based on one
competition, but nine. Not only do we have to do our best to win, but we also have to believe in our
teammates. In this case, victory will surely be ours!”
&#lt;p&#gt;Caspian’s words immediately reached the hearts of the rest of the Heavenly Stars Sect disciples
present. Among these people, Xander, Omar, Solana, Maya, and Sebastian had all fought with
Caspian, and his words touched them the most at that time. Although Jaime and the others had not
had such an experience yet, Caspian’s words brought back memories in their hearts when they were
doing academy tasks with other disciples.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Yes, we’ll win in the end because this is not a one-person game, but a nine-person game,” Jaime and
Ronald murmured.
&#lt;p&#gt;Then, the match also ended just as Caspian predicted. Even though the spiritual Qi of the two were
almost exhausted, Natasha, who was at a higher level, still had the upper hand. She seized the
opportunity, intercepted Edda’s route, and blasted Edda offstage with a sway of her sword. However,
the inscription pattern on her sword edge could not exert its intended power as she practically ran out
of spiritual Qi.
&#lt;p&#gt;After Edda fell off the ring, there was almost nothing abnormal apart from feeling a little hot on her
cheeks. Despite winning the game, Natasha walked back to the stands with such an unsightly
expression that not even Winston dared to approach her. The match that was supposed to be over&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;instantly was dragged on for so long. Moreover, Natasha‘s opponent was in a lower realm than her, and
she got even angrier when she thought of that fact.
&#lt;p&#gt;In that way, the Blue Feather Sect might have won the second game, but anyone who did not know
would definitely think that they had a two-game losing streak judging from their appearance.
&#lt;p&#gt;In contrast, Edda returned to the Heavenly Stars Sect with guilt and remorse for losing the game, but
she was greeted by the other eight teammates‘ encouragement and congratulations. Edda felt like she
was about to burst into tears when she was sure that everyone was sincerely appreciating her
performance today.
&#lt;p&#gt;“The next game is up to me.” Jaime stood up, sweeping his gaze across the faces of everyone present.
Finally, he looked at Caspian, “Casper, is there anything you want to say to me?”
&#lt;p&#gt;Just now, Caspian had used Eye of Insight again to know the arrangement of the Blue Feather Sect. At
that moment, he had more confidence in Jaime than anyone else. Then, Caspian said with a gentle
smile, “Jaime, I wish you a speedy victory, but remember the saying, don’t rush into action.”
&#lt;p&#gt;“Alright, thank you for that.” Jaime cast a profound glance at Caspian and walked toward the arena.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Casper, what do you think of this match?” Jessica asked hurriedly as the third match was about to
start. She looked like a curious little girl, blinking her big eyes and looking at Caspian with a look of
&#lt;p&#gt;“Jaime is a peak second-stage Pulse Control Realm cultivator, and his opponent is in the mid-level
second-stage. In terms of the realm, Jaime has an absolute advantage. Even if the disciples of
Heavenly Stars Sect aren’t good at fighting, that‘s only within the six sects. In comparison, if compared
with other sect disciples in Earlington of Efrax, they still have obvious advantages. Moreover, the other
party is not a famous genius. In this world, if challenging another cultivator in a higher realm than
oneself is as easy as pie, then why should we cultivate so hard just to pursue higher levels? More often&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;than not, you can roughly guess the outcome by looking at the realm. Nonetheless, if Jaime’s to meet
something unexpected, it’ll only be due to the opponent’s bluff, pretending to be defeated just to lure
Jaime to attack before catching him by surprise.”
&#lt;p&#gt;“That’s why you reminded him not to rush into action,” Jessica said.
&#lt;p&#gt;”Yes, that‘s right,” Caspian nodded, “So as long as Jaime doesn’t get hot-headed, there’s almost no
chance of losing.”
&#lt;p&#gt;In truth, the other party’s plan to pretend to be defeated and lure Jaime was just heard by Caspian
through Eye of Insight, and the person who came up with the scheme was Winston. Originally, Caspian
did not plan to use Eye of Insight in that match, but Winston swore black was white during Solana’s
game and severely criticized her. Not only that, but he was now ordering his teammates to use tricks in
the competition.
&#lt;p&#gt;Caspian really could not stand it anymore, so he decided to beat Winston at his own game. Besides,
finding out about the enemy’s situation, making preparations, and even using the opponent’s plan to
lead the opponent into a trap, was originally a necessary means in the art of war. Therefore, Caspian
just utilized some of his experience in leading the army to battle now.
&#lt;p&#gt;Just as Caspian said, Jaime won the game without surprise. The opponent was not a genius that could
go against another cultivator in a higher realm, and Jaime had the advantage of the realm. Hence, from
the beginning, the opponent did not get any chance. The only time the opponent had an opportunity to
make a feint was seen through immediately by Jaime, as he was reminded by Caspian before. Thus,
Jaime simply decided to beat the enemy at his game by pretending to be fooled and then blasted the
opponent out when he made a backhand move.
&#lt;p&#gt;After the first three games, the Heavenly Stars Sect led the Blue Feather Sect by 2-1. The losing match
was due to bad luck in the draw as a lower realm disciple was going against a higher realm opponent,&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;causing the defeat. The current score was something that few of the six sect disciples at the scene, or
even the sect elders in the higher stands, expected. After all, Heavenly Stars Sect’s performance in the
past nation‘s official religion election was unsatisfactory in the kind of arena, and it was considered
excellent if they could win two matches. However, people felt as if the losing round in the competition
was an unfortunate defeat, not to mention that they had already won two games.
&#lt;p&#gt;In the high stand, Terry’s eyes showed bursts of approval. Although they had not ultimately won, the
current performance of his disciples delighted him.
&#lt;p&#gt;At that moment, the fourth game was about to start. In the viewing area of the Blue Feather Sect,
Winston‘s face was utterly gloomy. Except for Hann, who was yet to return from being sent for
treatment, the expressions of the other seven people also looked rather unsightly. Being outscored by
the Heavenly Stars Sect was simply unacceptable, especially when they were still the state religion and
were determined to be re-elected.
&#lt;p&#gt;“In this game, your opponent‘s realm is lower than yours, so you can only win but not lose!” After a long
time, Winston raised his head and shouted at the disciple standing in front of him, waiting for Winston
to lecture him. “You’re a mid-level second-stage Pulse Control Realm cultivator! If you lose to an entry-
level disciple, that’d be a humiliation for the Blue Feather Sect!”
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