Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: This isn’t a person, this is a dog (1)
He wasn’t the most presentable-looking he could be. His appearance was slightly worse than a dirty ghost or worn-out clothing, I guess. For obvious reasons, I couldn’t keep looking at him.
“I guess just ‘ghost’ wasn’t exactly the way to describe him.”
Let’s see, I was currently 18 years old. The male lead, Rick Dorian, who had been trapped in here was 16, right…?
It was exactly 4 years before the plot began. 16 meant he was almost a grown-up, but with closed eyes, his face gave off a feeling of childlike youth. 
Wow. He looked like an angel while sleeping.
“Is he alive? I feel like someone with such a face wouldn’t be able to live in a place like this.”
On the boy’s neck lay a special sort of necklace. Honestly, more than a necklace, it seemed like some sort of shackle. Wasn’t this the restraint tool that was used on the male lead as described in the novel?
Though he seemed heavily guarded and firmly shackled by this tool, his handsome appearance couldn’t be hidden. Honestly, I had come here just to make sure I was really in the world of the novel I thought I was in, and now I had no choice but to admit that I was. 
The male lead’s beauty was too high to be in the real world and could only exist in a novel that had described his looks exactly as I saw them now.
‘He’s breathing, right?’
Without thinking, I stretched out my hand towards him. 
I stopped. Hoping that I had seen incorrectly, I once more reached out to the male lead, but saw his eyelids twitch. And then he opened his eyes. My breath stopped as I looked into his sparkling blue eyes, which slowly blinked at me. 
I had no time to appreciate the sight before me. 
“Grrrr! Bark! Bark!”
“Oh my gosh!”
I was so shocked at the dog sounds that I fell on my butt. And then realized I had to get away from here. 
…Do iron chain get longer? Because it just did!
I quickly avoided the male lead to a safe spot in the cell, barely escaping from his attempt to bite me. I looked at him, shocked. 
Didn’t the novel say he would just go crazy? And that though he was supposed to end up having a violent personality, he was definitely still supposed to be human? 
“Bark! Bark Bark!”
That’s just a dog! A! Dog! I stood speechless in front of the boy who, at this point, had forgotten any sort of human speech and behavior.
But after looking at the lad who continued to bark at me for awhile, I got used to it, and began to grope around my surroundings. Eventually, my hand hit an object. I wasn’t sure why exactly there was a random stick in the cell, but.
I quietly and carefully approached the male lead while holding the stick towards him. 
“…Ah. He bit it.”
The male lead stared at me with a guarded expression on his face, but he continued to hold onto the stick.
So, this means he doesn’t hate the stick, right? He likes it, right?
I looked at the male lead with interest and then lightly touched the end of the stick. His gaze towards me immediately grew more hostile. 
Hmm, he’s still not letting it go? He looked exactly like one of those puppies who didn’t want their chew toy taken from them. I blinked with surprise at this realization and chuckled. Though rather than a puppy, he looked more like a baby predatory animal. 
I soon realized my mistake in giving him the stick and held out my hand. 
“Oh no no no. You should give that to me now. It’s dirty.”
He shook his head. 
“…Huh, wait, you understand my words? Really?”
As I spoke, he looked at me with a violent gaze. Sort of like, how dare you look at me like I’m an idiot? Wow, I guess he did understand me. But then why did he bark instead of talk?
But if I just left him like this, his teeth were going to rot. 
For now, I needed to get the stick away from him. If I teased him in any way, I knew I was going to feel guilty later. So without taunting him, I said ‘Ahh,’ and put my hand out towards him with my palm facing up. And since it didn’t look like he was going to give me the stick, I needed something else to replace it. 
I undid my hairdo and dangled the hair tie in front of the male lead. 
“Look at this, Rick Dorian. Hmm? Come on, look. This is softer and squishier than that stick. Pretty, isn’t it?”
Although he kept watching me carefully, I saw his gaze blur as his resolve wavered for a second. 
Well, now he was acting like a cat. While he was distracted I quickly grabbed the stick from his mouth. And before he could start barking again, I shoved my hair tie into his mouth. 
“Now, how is it? Nice, right?”
“There you go, there you go. Coochy coochy coo, you’re such a good boy. You’re really chewing it well.”
“Pl, please stop.”
Tik. The hair tie fell to the ground. My eyes widened. 
I moved my lamp to get a better view of him. The sparks of the lamp I was holding surrounded his glowing face. 
“Ahh…st, stop…”  
The lad opened and closed his mouth, and then made a tearful face. 
“Wh, wh, what d, d, d, did I do to deserve this?”
As soon as he saw me, his face flushed. As if he was embarrassed over his actions from earlier. His eyes began to tear up as he looked at me. I began to feel flustered. 
“Ri, ri, right now, you, my first time…”
What crap was this guy spouting now. First time? First time of what. 
“First time?”
Without thinking, I went along with the flow. And I realized when I spat out those words. He had a completely different expression than before, even his gaze was different.
“How, how could you do this, be the first bitten…you are the fir, first…”
“No. No, no, wait a second.”
I stopped him from continuing. This male lead was just blurting out fantasies with sexual innuendos, left and right. 
That was close.  
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