Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 4

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Note: From now on, the male lead’s name will be Ricdorian. Thank you to Lyds for recommending Ridorian, and sorry it’s not the exact same as you asked for. haha.
Henrich Dorean -&#gt; Rick Dorian -&#gt; Ricdorian
Chapter 4: I became a Jean Valjean for you (1)
“That’s right, you have a lot of interest in the capital’s Black Rose.”
Baron Paradis knew many matters regarding the empire and was the type of person who liked to flaunt this knowledge of his.
And though I enjoyed listening to him talk about this and that, I specifically wanted to know more about the Domulit family.
Because that’s where the main villain was from. 
“A flower that blooms underground will give off a scent that only people living underground will like. Some time ago, someone reported that a box to been auctioned off would contain a tiara that the emperor had previously lost.”
“I thought auctions could only be hosted by members of the imperial family?”
“Of course. That law has never changed, but that doesn’t stop the underground flower from holding their own auctions and markets.”
A flower that bloomed underground, a black rose. The black market. This was the Domulit family’s symbol. Actually, such illegal black market stories were typical of a villain’s actions, so I wasn’t surprised. A true villain indeed. 
I knew about the emperor’s tiara. In the novel, that was what the female lead discovers in the villain’s room after she is released from prison. 
So, the villain, Chaser Rube Domulit, goes to prison for a time under the crime of stealing the tiara, and later, after the female lead is put in prison, again, but under false charges this time, they have a reunion in Kambrakam.
“The imperial family has issued a searched throughout the empire, but they still haven’t found any traces of the tiara, nor do they have evidence to convict the thief. Though they have strong suspicions against the Domulit family.”
“I see.”
Well, since it’s the novel’s main villain, he must be extraordinary, enough to escape from the clutches of the imperial family. 
Hmm…interesting. Wasn’t it? Despite being in prison, this baron knew so much about what was going on outside. Sensing my gaze, the baron smiled cheerfully at me.
“But Iana, have you heard that the Domulit family’s most precious treasure is hidden very deeply? I’m not exactly sure, but there are rumours that they are actually hiding a daughter. I know it’s just speculation, but isn’t it so exciting?!”
“Ah, I’ve heard about that rumour.”
“It’s a very widespread rumour throughout high society, after all.”
The villain Chaser Domulit had a younger sister. But other than that, there was no other information in the novel about her, not even a name, except that she had an early death. 
I guess the sister was to show something like, ‘even the villain has something or someone he cherishes?’ So I quickly lost interest in this mysterious sister at that point. 
“Anyway, I heard that the ‘adventure’ event you told me about was a lot of fun?”
“Ah, of course.”
Ricdorian was a bewitching beauty. The image of his teary face came to mind, and I shrugged it off. 
“Wait. That’s right, Paladis. Do you know a way for me to meet the chief prison officer?”
“Chief officer? Hmm. I’ve heard that his office might be at the very top on the west side of the building.” 
I nodded, thinking of the tightly tied and chained Ricdorian. Alright, let’s keep that location in mind.
We soon moved on to another topic. 
Paladis was a great storyteller. Whenever he noticed I lost interest in what he was talking about, he would swiftly move us to another topic in a very natural manner. Thus, I would often leave from our conversations thinking that I had an amazing conversation with him. What a con artist. 
“Paladis, you are one of the most skilled con artists I’ve ever seen.”
“That is the greatest praise I’ve ever heard in my life.”
I rummaged in my pocket and pulled out an elaborately wrapped square container, handing it towards him. Inside the box was a high-class cigar. 
Though the baron kept refusing, I firmly placed the package into his hands. 
“I should give you this at least for the information you’ve given me. And I’m doing this because I want to. Aren’t you a tobacco lover?”
“But Iana, con artists don’t accept tips.”
“Hmph, then you should accept more so that it isn’t just a tip.”
I smirked. 
“Because if you don’t accept anything after giving me information, I’ll know that you were actually conning me.”
At my remark, Paladis had a blank expression on his face for a couple of moments before laughing out loud with me. Saying that he couldn’t win against me, he reached out and accepted the box and stuffed it into his clothes while the guards weren’t looking. 
– Creeaak. 
The heavy door opened, and I could smell the familiar damp smell of the prison cell.
‘Nothing’s changed since the last time.’
It had been three days since the last time I’d been to Ricdorian’s cell. If I’d visited him everyday, the prison officers would soon reject my visits, even if I was the “superstar.” So I waited a few more days before visiting for the second time. 
Just like the first time, I handed Hans a cigarette before opening the door. Carrying a lamp, I carefully stepped into the prison cell. 
Would he be asleep, just like a couple of days ago?
I raised the lamp as I approached the wall and then stopped. 
Ah. I guess not.  As I met eyes with Ricdorian’s ferocious gaze, I knew which side of him was awake. 
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