Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: A big shot supporting character makes a sudden entrance (1)
“No one’s calling you a little kid. I’m just helping you eat since it’s probably difficult to eat with your hands while chained to the wall.”
“This, this, someone who gave me food li, like th, this, is the fir, first…”
I quickly thrust the bread into his hands. 
Not this first times thing again. 
“…Just eat it on your own.”
But just like I thought, the chains that bound him were a huge obstacle while he tried to eat. His wrists had to totally bend if he wanted to take a bite, and his posture was so unnatural that I felt uncomfortable as I watched him. 
“Come over here.”
I couldn’t watch any longer, so I grabbed the bread and let out a deep breath. 
“I’ll just take off small pieces and give them to you. There’s nothing we can do, you know? And I have to leave soon, so quickly. And none of that first times thing. I’m just helping you out, okay?”
Oh yes, yes, coochycoo, good boy. You could do it on your own but I’m just helping you. Got it?
I quickly split the bread in half, and then took off smaller pieces from each piece. 
“Open your mouth.”
“Come on, quickly.”
The reluctant Ricdorian slowly opened his mouth. It was just his small mouth opening, so why was there such an ambiguous atmosphere around us now. 
I slowly turned my head after seeing the snow-white skin underneath his ripped clothes. Thankfully, he ate well, and didn’t notice anything, and of course, his face was red, as always. 
I grabbed the water bottle, even fed him water, and then tied my pouch again. 
“I was wondering if you would eat, but you really ate a lot.”
My pouch was now empty. Rather than having leftovers, this was the much more satisfying option. 
By the way, why…
I had no idea why the male lead was trembling in the corner as if he had just had his virginity taken or something. 
“…Hey, the only thing I’ve done is committed the whatever crime of helping you eat, what’s going on?”
“You, you, your hand touched my li, lips!”
“I mean, yes, sure, because I was feeding it to your mouth with my hands. Where else should I have fed it to, your nostrils?”
“A-and you touched my, my ch, cheek…”
“I wiped it. Should I have just left the bread crumbs on your face then?”
Though I said all this, Ricdorian continued to look at me with reproach. Eventually, I looked at him with my hands up and surrendered. 
Well anyway, as long as he didn’t start with the whole first times thing. Ah, it should almost be time for Hans to call me. 
I had run out of the short amount of time I had in here while tussling with the male lead over feeding him food. 
‘And I had something to say to him today too.’
Ricdorian was blushing like usual, his mouth opening and closing. Would he even be able to listen to what I had to say in this state, though. 
I clapped my hands. 
“You know. Isn’t it too dark in here? There’s no sunlight and it smells like moss. Even the air smells bad in this cell.”
And though the this cell was in the basement, the worst looking spot was actually Ricdorian’s little corner. 
“The prisoners here usually go out on a walk once a day. Though the outside is mostly dried grass and withered flowers.”
We could do things like walks because we were nobles, so if prisoners like us could use facilities with our noble status, wouldn’t Ricdorian also be allowed a stroll outside?
And since Ricdorian hadn’t finished growing yet, if he lost control of his powers, even the middle-level prison guards would be able to subdue him.
“Hey, don’t you want to go out for a walk?”
Though a walk was something simple and boring to me, it was probably something very rare for Ricdorian. At least, until the female lead appeared four years later. 
“A walk…is, what is that?”
I looked at Ricdorian with a dumbfounded expression. 
Oh man. Don’t tell me I have to start explaining from there?
People cannot understand a term that they don’t use. Just like how a person who hasn’t seen glasses before wouldn’t know what they are. 
“It means going outside.”
“I, I, I can’t go outside…”
“What if you could go outside? Would you go?”
He looked at me, sitting in a crouched position. We held gazes like this for awhile, and he didn’t give a reply. 
I watched as the light in the male lead’s eyes slowly died away. They had been shining, only to dim as if the fire in his eyes were extinguished, like the ocean in them were contaminated. It was a sad sight. 
Meanwhile, I heard Hans call for me. 
“Ah, I’ve got to go.”
The male lead opened and closed his mouth, but I didn’t hear his voice. 
“See you again.”
I now had a small project laid out for me. The name was ‘Make the male lead go on a walk.’ The words sounded a little strange for a project, but whatever. 
There was no real reason for me doing this. Honestly, I was bored with this prison life, just eating, sleeping, and then meeting people everyday. 
The usual purpose of the prison to education and reform criminals? Nothing but crap in here. 
Among the prisoners, there were those who were planning their next crime, but none who were repenting of the ones that put them in the prison cell. 
Since they were all from the seemingly superior families, they all had an ‘it’s just prison’ mindset.
The only good person here, was me. Is what I, who used cigarettes and alcohol to commit bribery, thought to myself. 
I’m not shameless. Not at all. 
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