Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 7

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They say that good looks are the best. 
…but I came to talk to the supervisor so why was I talking to this guy?
I looked at the golden eyes under the glasses and swallowed. 
“Would you be the prison’s supervisor?”
I’ll say this again but the supervisor was in a middle position of power. In a company he would be the deputy section chief, or at best a section chief. 
So someone explain to me why I was talking to a big shot. 
The man in front of me was Lenag Tuge Valtege.2 He was an important supporting character in the novel as one of the empire’s marquesses3 and the head administrator of the Kambrakam prison. 
In other words, the boss. 
He was a special character because after the number one villain Chaser Rube Domulit, he was the second most dangerous guy in the book. 
Why? Because he was on the same side as that villain named Chaser. Lenag and Chaser had worked together to make the female protagonist go into a prison cell and get tangled up with Chaser. 
It was left ambiguous why Lenag would have helped out Chaser in the main novel, but since I read the side stories, I happen to know.
He was in love with Chaser’s younger sister, right? Lenag, this guy. 
The fact that the very man who had held hands with that evil villain Chaser was actually such an innocent guy shocked me. Though this isn’t really important right now. 
“I heard that you asked to see me.”
Why this marquess was was acting like the prison supervisor was beyond me. I tried to seem calm and casual, though I was nervous, instinctively on guard.
“Yes. I had a request.”
“What kind of request might that be?”
Most of the time, when prisoners asked to meet with the prison supervisor, it was because they wanted a certain item brought in from the outside. 
Though, even though they are nobles, that does not mean all requests are approved.  For example, not too long ago countess had badgered the supervisor for a dress, which was rejected.
“I was told that all the prisoners here receive the same treatment, is that true?”
“On the surface, yes.”
…Unexpectedly, he was pretty honest, and what was this answer of his, like there was more to the story?
But I swallowed my bitterness and nodded my head. Because honestly, the fact that treatment wasn’t fair was something even I knew. 
“If we follow this principle, as long as their crimes aren’t treason or felonies, all the criminals are allowed a period of time each day for a hike outside or to enjoy an activity in the common room. Right?”
I held back my emotions. This next part was crucial to getting my request approved.  
Zolen: Rule of thumb, the usual structure is: 
Baron = Owns a castle, usually has a small collection of guards. This title is a common reward for a military general. Viscount = Owns a castle and small town, has the right to make a platoon. Count = Controls a large area of land, usually including several towns, can make a small army.Marquess = Owns a sizable territory, and usually has a few Counts under their command. You can not earn this title, you have to be related to royalty in some way.Duke = Has rights to the territory of a Marquess or two and related to the royal family, so has a lot of political say.Emperor/Empress = Owns the empire.
littlemetaball: *bows down at zolen’s vast knowledge*
Also zolen: a prison full of nobles, those poor guards. 
also littlemetaball: GET IT? Like, poor guards, because they aren’t as RICH as the criminals?! hahahahahahhaa–
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