Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 8

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Okay so ive been gone for more than two weeks apologies apologies, but I am going to translate imtmlip because it won in the poll! thanks guys~~
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Chapter 8: You’re a little bit too much today
“W…while talking to the other prisoners I happened to learn that there was a young prisoner at the lowest floor of my building.
I clenched and then unclenched my fist.
“I heard that this prisoner was trapped in isolation, unable to enjoy even a speck of sunshine.e.”
“Yes. There happens to be such a prisoner.”
There was nothing off about his soft-spoken tone. Seeing this, I nodded.
Just as I thought, Ricdorian wasn’t a threat to Lenag yet. Since the male lead and Lenag only started fighting eachother after Chaser got involved.
“From what I heard, this prisoner was banned from hiking even though he hasn’t committed a serious crime. Isn’t he a little pitiful?”
“So Iana, are you saying that this young prisoner is of concern to you?”
Though it was for a second, the eyes behind his glasses sharpened slightly.
Was I just seeing things?
I tilted my head after looking again and seeing his soft eyes.
“Yes. That’s right. I came because I was hoping to talk to you about this matter.”
“I see, so you are a nice person.”
This pricked my conscience. After all, I didn’t have completely pure and innocent motives for doing this.
“I mean, I have a younger sibling, so I can’t pretend like I didn’t see or hear anything.”
“…You have a younger sibling?”
Honestly, I didn’t know if Iana had a younger sibling. Though I did hear that she was in prison in place of her dad and older brother.
Well, she probably has a younger sibling, so.
I heard that amongst noble families, first cousins and even third cousins twice removed counted as being in the same family. Then in those countless family members, there should at least be one such younger cousin. And it’s like Lenag could do a background check on me right now.
“Please. Let the young prisoner go hiking.”
“Alright. I will grant your wish.”
Okay, so at this point, he should be rejecti-huh?
“Wait, what did you say?”
“I said I would grant your request.”
My eyes widened.
He’d grant my request? Why? Why? This easily?
The prison had kept Ricdorian in a restricted and isolated cell because he was unable to control the powers that were passed down through his family line. This administrator guy definitely knew all this.
So I had predicted that he would reject my plea and had come up with a plan to suggest a compromising request, but….
“I have already told your father and older brother that I would listen and grant any of your request.”
“Ah, oh, yes? Yes…My older brother and father…”
…exactly what kind of people are they??
I mean, what kind of people could they be that they could just ask this Marquess, a man known as the Iron Blood Marquess,  this man rarely approved any sort of requests to, ‘listen and grant any of your request’.
There were a couple of scenes where the prisoners met with Lenag, and begged him with request, but they had to pay an unreasonable amount of money if they wanted it approved.
…Maybe. I’m…actually from a pretty well off family?
“Ah, ah. Yes, then-”
“The young prisoner will be able to hike while accompanied by prison officers, but since he is a magic criminal offender, he will hike separately from the other criminals. Does this complete your request, Iana?”
It seemed that Ricdorian was imprisoned here under magic offense.
I nodded, lost in my thoughts.
“You’re a good person.”
Lenag grinned and stretched his arm towards me. Did he want me to put my hand in his??
He led me to the door when I took the hint and grabbed his arm.
What a smooth move.
I didn’t have any complaints, though, since I got what I wanted. Except, I was a little uncomfortable that it had been achieved so easily.
“I have been asked by your father and brother, so I will make sure that your request gets processed.”
The door creaked open, but then Lenag pulled back on it.
– Tak.
The door was closed again, and the man that was towering over me then slowly hunched his upper body to match my height.
Lenag smiled as he stepped closer, leaning in a polite distance. His eyes curled mischievously.
“Even if you don’t book an appointment, if there is something you want, I will be sure to hear any of your requests.”
No, who would say this guy was the cold and indifferent prison administrator.
I thought the novel said he was thorough and calculative.
I haven’t even seen their faces yet, but what exactly did my brother and dad do for this to happen?
“Please visit me again.”
I blankly stared at him, and then decided.
…No. I never want to come here again.
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