Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 10

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Typically, people in the Hel family who were born with curses, were able to control their powers before reaching the age of 15. They would be confined for the time being and were quickly released when they got a hold of their powers.
They were actually wild beasts and they lacked control of the curse they possessed, which made it difficult to communicate with them. That is why, Ricdorian, who has been imprisoned for so long was considered a disgrace to the Archduke of Hel estate.
&#lt;You bastard.&#gt;
&#lt;Ah..Fa.. Fath… fa…father!&#gt;
The way his father, the current Archduke of the Hel estate, treated him was brutal. He would always tuck Ricdorian’s head into the washbasin, keeping his breath away. Just how could a father treat his son that way? He is more than a beast. He’s a savage.
It was so cruel and pitiful.
Even in his father’s coercive way, Ricdorian still couldn’t control his power and eventually became petrified of the water because of his father’s doings. The fact also that he was abandoned there a dozen of times added to that fright.
That’s why they were left with no choice but to use their last resort which is a ‘companion’.
It wasn’t until later that his family found out that he had so much power, that’s why it was difficult for him to control it. From that moment, he will be imprisoned until the time he meets the ‘companion’ they were waiting for, who will release him from the shackles.
However, the Archduke had lost his interest in him, so he did not try to find him a companion and let him be. Then by chance, Francia came into this room and met him.
I was staring at Ricdorian who’s sitting like a lion, when suddenly he wavered a little. It was said that the moment when the beast became the sharpest was when he was hungry and wounded. Unlike humans, revealing weakness is something they are ashamed of. It is as if showing a little weakness makes them a frail. That’s why they needed to be vigorous in order not to be pitied and oppressed.
I didn’t know that the phrase I stumbled before coming into this novel could be of any relevance to him.
‘A trauma is a wound.’
It surely relates to him.
I raised my hand and he flinched at my sudden action, so I murmured ‘sorry’. Soon, my hair tie that had been loosened, slumped down on my back. I shook the hair tie off before his eyes.
Ting. Ting.
“Do you like the bell?” I asked as he stopped trembling, his tremor was interrupted by the dangling sound of the bell, and bawled. Like the sea, his blue eyes moved along with the bell and ribbon-decorated tie in front of him. Once again, with a small rattle, the little bells on the tie made a clear sound.
“I thought you’d like this.” This was from my brother who always sent me a letter. Sometimes gifts came along with the letter.
There’s a lot of time off and too many things that can be done while in the prison so I thought he might like this and play with it that’s why I wore it to show him today.
“This is better than the sound made by the rain, right?” His fierce eyes stared at me then rolled himself as I swung the tie in my hand…he looked like a dog who saw a ball, wanting to play it. I smiled at that.
I tried to reach out to one of my pockets and pulled out a headdress that he liked when we first met.  It was a head strap with plump decorations.
So, you like things like this, huh? Maybe I should wear stuff like this every time I go see him. I decided to give him the head dress, and reached it out to his mouth.
“Burr…” Oh, he’s really good at biting things.
“Oh, that’s good.”
“Yes! Good job. It’s good to bite something fluffy, right?” He nodded in approval.
“…I’ve asked you to answer me properly.”  How can he answer like this?
“Come on, play.”
While he was busy with the headdress, I took the opportunity to tie the hair tie into his hand and patted him. Good boy.
Ting. Ting. Soon, he was distracted by the peaceful sound of the bell, so I lifted my shawl and put it on his head to dry him.
“Shh. It’s alright. Ok, That’s right. You’re all wet.  Let’s wipe it off so you’ll not catch a cold.” Surprised by my sudden actions, Ricdorian struggled to get away from me, but soon he calmed down as the shawl was soft and made him warm.
From the looks of it, he’s feeling good, isn’t he?
Even though he is a beast, he’d still have the tendency to get a cold. A beast still has feelings after all.
But what about me?! Am I the narrator? But I have never read one in the book. I shook my head and stopped thinking about it. I’m not sure if this is an environment where people can get the flu or sick, but this person in front of me is a half-beast, so I am not really sure.
“Chirr”! At that moment, I instinctively bitten my hand backwards as I heard the sound of a rough chain. He suddenly advanced towards me!
“Well then mister, but you can’t.”
I saw Ricdorian’s hand,  which he lifted up in the empty air feeling anxious with the chains. Wow! If it weren’t for the chains, my hand would have been caught right away. I sighed in relief. The boy stared at me with the shawl in his head. He looked adorable.
But the more I stared at him, the more I realized that he looked like a beautiful man. A man who looked as if he was a young saint, which blended together with his silver hair. His clothes were soaked and clinging on his body which emphasizes his curves. Though he was sixteen, he already had a slightly broad shoulders and firm-looking arms. This made me swallow a lump on my throat.
I don’t think his facial features and his body match. It is like mixing water and oil together. Not in a bad way but in a way where his face was so angelic and innocent while his body looked evil and sinful. He is a real work of art.
“You tried to catch it, right?” I tapped the back of his hand, which was holding the hair tie tightly“Don’t you feel pain holding the tie like that? You’re breaking it.” I don’t know if the tie will really break but the bell is a little bent. The bells are all bent.
I shivered slightly. Wow, can this be done by mere human power? Well, he’s not really a pure human after all..
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