Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 11

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In the novel, there was a time where Ricdorian was unable to control his strength and hurted Francia which left her with bruises. Of course it’s a story while they were making love but still, it doesn’t differ from what had just happened to my hair tie.
In his entire life, he was never taught not to hurt others. Though he did it unintentionally, I still think he should learn it by now. ‘Early education is a must.’ But how can he learn if he’s not being taught?
I slowly raised my hand and Ricdorian’s gaze followed, but rather than trying to catch my hand as before, he just stared at it blankly.
“Now, I’m going to wipe you with this towel.” I took my towel from my pocket to show it to him as my shawl was already soaking wet.
“If you stay calm, I will give you something good. Do you understand?”
It’s not that he doesn’t understand what I say, it’s just that I wanted him to stay still so that I could completely dry him. Unexpectedly, Ricdorian lowered his head slowly, allowing me to wipe his hair. This is like washing a dog with a muzzle but it’s different since he was in shackles.
“Right, well done. Now I’m gonna give you something but you can’t bite or catch my hands either!” I took food from my other pocket and I gave it to him, who was still sitting calmly.
A famous trainer once said that the success of training comes from carrots and sticks. But how am I going to teach him? By using carrots and sticks? I wondered at that.
I sighed deeply at the sight of him eating the food deliciously.  It’s a good thing I bought him food. Let me see, well, it would be good if the heroine’s bruises are reduced once he’s trained.
“Delicious, right?”
“Ruff!” he said and nodded. Wait! How can I not hear and see those?
I’m so surprised. However, when I turned my head to him I saw him sweeping the food remaining in his chest. A bluff. I was kind of disappointed, I thought he answered.
“Right. Eat well.” I grinned and continued drying his hair.
Meanwhile, the teen beast took the entire cookie and ate it with his mouth full. He looks so cute! His cheeks are bulging, looking like a greedy squirrel. For a moment there, I realized I gave everything that I stole to him and watched him devour it until the last one. I smiled tenderly while looking at him.
Is this how people feel when they watch an eating show? Feeding him all of it to the end never felt this satisfying before. Soon, when he finished everything, he stared at me. Somehow, his glaring gaze turned somewhat bright.
“Huh? More? I don’t have any more cookies.” He tilted his head.
“…you don’t look cute. No. Turn around. Go!” I said, a bit troubled with his cute and pitiful actions.
I stared at him, I unknowingly stared at his chest. His clingy silver cloth almost became a transparent outline making his bare skin visible. I could see a vivid shape under the fabric.
That’s the pattern! The tattooed red-colored moon on his chest indicating ‘jangma – a rainy season’ with a very red rose. That rose symbolizes the Archduke of Anguish, but in more detail, it is the curse itself.
As I said a while ago, the male protagonist escapes from the shackles once he meets the ‘companion’ and this period of waiting for that ‘companion’ is not infinitely long.
If they do not meet at a certain time, both of them will die. The time remaining is indicated by the rose engraved on his body. The cursed one is born with a full bloom rose pattern. The petals disappear from the roses one by one as time goes by until meeting the ‘companion’.  If they are unable to encounter each other, they die along with the last petal. Meeting each other means being together, and that is why they have to unite the moment they met.
Indeed,  it’s a rated-19 novel. Anyway, Ricdorian was still in trouble, he had to wait for Francia for 4 years.
“Oh, I have to go.”
It was time for Hans to call me. I tried to get up from my position and get the blanket on my knees but I was stopped.
I turned my head to Ricdorian, who just caught my attention. By any chance, was he staring at me? But why? Suddenly, I felt a cold sweat flow at my nape.
“Now, wait.” I was startled when the boy who could not control his power just grabbed me without any reason and pulled me into his chest.
Holy cow! I was so embarrassed, I’m facing his chest right now. No, I don’t want to take  a closer look at the pattern in his chest.
“Uh..” This is so fucked up, right? It is my fault for being so careless and loose, while being fully aware of the dangers of Ricdorian. I swallowed hard…  I think he was so cute when he said that. Enough bullshit! I should focus. What should I do? I’m starting to feel anxious.
But then I tried really hard to retain my composure. I shouldn’t be embarrassed when he is just a mad dog. Now, I am pondering why I ended up treating the male lead as a dog.
I looked at his dazzling handsome face and then I found his cold-blue eyes staring at me tenaciously. I could sense his fierce and violent nature.
It was at this moment, when the chain clanked the loudest. His face drew closer… It’s a…It hurts.. I groaned a little at his tight hold of my wrist. Even though he stopped at some distance, I could hear his breathing. His eyes are still casted on me.
He was able to catch even the small movements I make without hesitation and he seemed to be a beast moving instinctively.
Sniff. Sniff.
I could feel his breath from my neck. His face went down slowly, lifted my wrist, and looked up at me. He slowly opened his mouth and put my hand inside it. I glanced at my finger that he was about to bite.
I am going to be the beast’s feast…
Slurp… Slurp… Lick.
No, Wait… Wait. What? I felt my earlobes burning at the lewd sound of the wet tongue licking my hand. All of a sudden, I am having a hard time. This wasn’t in the novel! What progress is this, author!?
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