Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 12

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“Oh… Pastry crumbs.”
Right. When I handed him the cookies earlier, there were pastry crumbs left in my palm. I stared blankly at him who’s now frantically coveting my palm. Now, I know why he suddenly grabbed my hand. And from now on, I am not bringing him cookies anymore even though he likes it.
This is not good. I’ve been putting malice on his actions when in fact he’s not really aware of what he’s been doing.
Lick. Lick.
I stared at him and swallowed a lump without realizing… he looked so indecent with his tongue out. Argh! What have I been thinking! I brush off that thought. But then, I couldn’t really do anything. I couldn’t resist the strength of his grip on my wrist. So I just decided to put my wet shawl on his head using my other arm while he’s simultaneously licking my hand and fingers. When suddenly, his face got closer once again .
Looks like…
“Wait. Just a second…”
The blanket on his lap fell into the puddle and was now soaking wet. After watching the poor blanket being drenched, I slowly turned my gaze back at him and it seems like he got nervous about our closing distance.
“Ah…” Ricdorian got startled, he immediately took his hand away and almost threw me with his vigorous strength. I was caught off guard!
“Ouch.” As a result, I ended up sitting down on the dirty floor, drenched with mud.
“Oh, why, why, why, why, all of it! My hand and face! Ugh!” I can’t believe this!
“Let’s get this straight, you’re the one who licked my hand.”
“Ah, ah, licked, hum!”
“Yes, you licked it!” I quickly added before he could make me the assailant. Why am I the one who’s being blamed when in fact he’s the one initiating the skin ship? Just sheer luck.
The chains clung louder than before so I lifted my head to look at him. His back was now facing the wall. Suddenly, he looked back at me with my shawl covering his chest. He tried pulling the chain tightly. Then I saw tears forming at the corner of his glaring eyes… Why does it seem like it’s my fault now? Like I’m the perpetrator of the crime?
“I, I, I, woke up, and you-”
“Oh, so you remember now?” He uttered words so maybe he’s back to his senses.
I’ve never seen anyone whose arms turned red like that. It was as if I was looking at a flower bed of red roses. From his neck, which was not covered by the shawl, to his earlobes, till the back of his hands, there was no place that wasn’t red.
“Fir…first time..”
“Let’s stop talking about first times.” Doesn’t he get tired of it?
“Co… cookies were delicious, why, why, your hands…”
“What do you mean? Ah.. does my hand taste like a cookie? That’s what exactly you were thinking before your rational being came back. Devouring my hands like it was a cookie.” I said sarcastically.
This is a little interesting. I took this opportunity to make fun of him so I tried forming my hand like a calyx and teased him. Ever since his clothes got soaked with the rain, it became translucent which made the redness in his body stand out even more.
“Do you now remember everything?”
He nodded.
If people lay their eyes on him, they might think he’s cute when turning red. And then blame me for hurting him.. Then they would assume that I’m the perpetrator. That I did something bad at him. It was so unfair!
“So it’s a force majeure.” Am I guilty? I only gave him the cookies. I never intended anything bad.
“Ha, but…” He stammered, covering his face with the back of his hand. Feeling embarrassed.
“It’s really my, my, first…”
“Shit! I’m sorry.” I said, just to ease whatever he’s been feeling. Did he even think about the purity of my palm? I’ve never experienced something as vulgar as that in my life.
However, I think it will only make things worse if I say that it is also my first time experiencing such a thing. So I just chose to conceal it. I stood up. There was really no more time. Things for sure will calm down over time. I glanced at him and saw that he put his face on the shawl but expressed difficulty in moving his whole body as he was chained. The chain was being pulled as he continued trying to cover his face. The tightness of the chains make it seem like his hands were about to be cut off.
Isn’t he too strong?
I saw that the tears on the corners of his eyes were about to fall. What is wrong with male protagonist of this impoverished rated-19 novel?
I looked at him with an embarrassed face and shook my head. His eyes are nowhere to be seen as it was buried under the shawl. So I don’t think he can see my expression right now.
I woke up from my thoughts and tried to get rid of the mud. I turned my back on him and promised myself that the next time I come here, I should secure a safe distance. This should never happen again.
“All, all, part… ” I turned my head for the last time and saw Ricdorian’s face protruding from the cloth, like a turtle trying to come out from its shell. His cheeks are still as red as an apple.
“… What’s your name?” He asked, only his eyes were blue amidst the redness of his face. Like the stars shining in dawn, or a gem among the pebbles, his eyes are always stunning.
Now I wonder, he just got curious now? I’ve already visited him two times. I turned my back and laughed. What a peculiar being.
See you again, ‘Mr. Goof’.
As soon as the lamp moved away, the redness of his face faded.
:chains::chains::chains::chains::chains: :chains::chains::chains::chains::chains: :chains::chains::chains::chains::chains:
The rain continued to fall for a while.
Tok. Tok. Tok.
And sometimes the rain shoots hard on the ceiling. I could hear it dropping all the time. I even wondered why it was raining when it was summer. But I just shrugged my shoulders and thought that it might be natural. Climate change must also be a thing in this novel. I wonder.
At first I really didn’t know that it was summer. But it’s a good thing that the prison has a cooler temperature compared to the season. At least it’s not hot.
The guards told me that they had done something, but they didn’t give me any details about it. I wanted to tell other prisoners about what they did but I don’t want to feed them half baked information.
“You might escape.” The guards said, and did not further enlighten me about it.
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