Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 13

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Of course I have no intentions of breaking out of the prison. I am not that stupid. My crime is light and in no time I would be able get out of here. So for the meantime, all I have to do is entertain myself. Now, even if I flirt with the male protagonist, I don’t really have to worry about the growing affection. It won’t be long before I go out, and once I am gone, it’ll take much longer for the heroine to appear, therefore the male protagonist will have ample time to forget our interactions.
What a brilliant thought Iana.
So for the time being, Ricdorian and I will have a lot more interactions until the nice and cool heroine appears. When that time comes, she would then be the one to take care of Ricdorian.
Anyway, since I’m worried about the rain, I decided to stop visiting Ricdorian as of the moment.
It kept raining, and I was a bit annoyed with Baron who kept asking me where I went. Well, there was a big reason as to why I did not visit him, but… For now, I have to reflect on my actions and why it turned out to be that way. I reminded myself to always bear in mind that Ricdorian was a half beast under a curse, and he was a careless beast rather than a barking puppy. Just why was I treating him as a cute puppy? I sighed.
It was just a relief that I was able to leave his cell that day. In fact, I don’t even know when everything will be ironed out. If I remember correctly, in the novel, he tore the iron bars. I shouldn’t have ignored that fact just because he was still a teenager.
Safety first. But actually, the biggest reason why I can’t visit him is…
“Why aren’t they coming?”
It was because there was nothing more that I could bribe to Hans. I tilted my head and kept thinking about my empty table. The letters along with the cigarettes or alcohol would always come for about two or five days. But I haven’t received anything for almost two weeks already. Usually, at least three gifts were piled up on my desks but today, no gifts were present.
I didn’t ask for the letters in the first place, but what I thought could be useful for my stay here inside this prison was quickly gotten right away.
As a result, I lost my freedom and just stayed inside my cell since I had no object that I could use to lure Hans or the other guards. In fact, the room of prisoners with light crimes, like me, was an ordinary-sized room. There was a bed, a carpet and a desk in the room. There was also a small window where we could see nice views depending on the location. Rooms like mine are usually about five times smaller than that of a noble room. I didn’t live in a mansion, so I didn’t know if this place satisfies the other prisoners.
Anyway, a letter from my brother would always be put on the desk or under the bars. But it’s been a while since I’ve received one from them…Why is it that no letters came? Are they now tired of my requests?
I was about to tilt my head to the other side to look at the window, still thinking about my empty desk when I was suddenly interrupted.
“What are you troubled about, miss?”
“Oh, hello Baron.”
The man who sat at the end of the table was Baron. He sat naturally across from me, stretching his arms. I’ve crossed my legs, but since I was not wearing a suit, I thought that doing so wouldn’t look fashionable and cool in these striped clothes.
“You look like you’re in deep trouble. What is it?”
“Oh. You’ve seen right through me. I was thinking about what we are having tonight.” I lied.
“Oh, I can easily solve that. They are preparing a turkey dish that is not cheap but also not fancy. Ugh, I’m about to miss the little lamb steak.”
Baron said he really wanted to eat a high-class steak. Since he was so funny I mimicked him and teased him a little.
“It’s funny how a prisoner talks in a high-class manner.”
On purpose, he slowly spoke elegantly and smiled.
The turkey served in here tastes amazing and I don’t know why they find it cheap. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the prisoners’ minds here. Maybe it’s because I am not born with any nobility in my genes.
“What else are you going to tell me? It would be nice if you could.”
“It’s a pleasure to be a good storyteller for the young lady. Well, talking to you is more of a hobby. Oh, did you hear about Count Andrea?”
Baron has a wide connection inside and outside the prison. They say that networking is the basic virtue of aristocrats, but looking at Baron, everyone should be careful because they are looking at a swindler. Perhaps this is why I was very impressed with the news and stories he told.
“You mean the lord who fainted from hysteria? The guard told me. It was in the room next door.”
Among the prisoners, there were some who could not admit that they commited a crime, and the Count is one of them.
“I woke up a few days ago with a scream.”
He used to scream every night saying that he was innocent. Not long ago, I was also surprised to hear a loud noise and hysterics.
“Yes. The hysterical one. It wasn’t just a simple thing. Count Andrea is dead. He exploded.”
“Hey, do you think a Count can be easily killed in one night?”
Is that possible? I ate cookies, eyes wide open with the idea of him being killed that easy.
Oh, eating cookies reminded me of something that I should forget…I shouldn’t have eaten a cookie today… I should never eat cookies from now on. Well, It’s not really that easy to forget a boy licking my hand, though.
“Of course it can’t happen quickly, but this is what Black Roses do.”
Why are they coming out here?
“Don’t tell me… Do you think they did it?”
“Yes. Chaser Rube Domulit, the next Black Rose of the family, has made a big scene.”
Oh, is it possible because they’re a bad family?
“But the problem that will shock you was that Count Andrea was the right-hand man of the Archduke of Hel.”
“Oh, my God! The Red Rose?”
“Yes. That Hel!”
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