Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 14

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The Archduke of Hel and the Domulit, along with Ricdorian, were close to the Iron Support Reservoir. They are known to have a deep rooted history with each other. Not a good one though.
Red Roses and Black Roses. Their family’s symbols, which have symmetrical tendencies are of contrasting colors.
Well, one side is the main character while the other is the villain with its side villain, Lenag. So the confrontation between the two is fierce and violent. However, this deep-rooted hatred from the two families has led to a love triangle. And this was the original plot of the story.
In fact, Ricdorian, who was abandoned by the Archduke, had no idea about the Domulits. But it was only in the beginning for he was still lost in his hatred towards his father.
The good male protagonist couldn’t come to kill his father and later on Chaser killed the Archduke of Hel, his henchman, and all of his comrades. It’s a good thing for him, right? That he would no longer be the one to kill his violent father. He wouldn’t need to stain his own hands with blood.
Funny enough, Ricdorian hated Chaser for killing his father. Perhaps he still had affection left for the Archduke despite all the bad things he’s done. After all, he is still a family. No matter how deep the scar they left on us, we still choose to forgive. And I think that is enough reason for his anguish towards Chaser.
I felt the writer’s will to make a mess of their relationship. Well basically, this is a rated-19 novel with harsh executions and passionate sexual unions.
“Chaser Rube Domulit is a fine young man. But this time he did the wrong thing… Also, the Archduke of Hel had made his command and sent a squad of knights to find evidence for the destructive blowing up of Count Andrea.”
“That’s a very big issue. What happened next?”
“Now he’s missing.”
What? Now, that’s not what I was expecting. Is he really? I don’t think so. As what I had read in the novel, Chaser Rube Domulit is a tough villain, who mercilessly killed Ricdorian’s father, Archduke Harmin. He wouldn’t just run away and hide so maybe, he was setting up things for the success of his veracious plan.
Is this the time for that? I suppose not.
I don’t know if our conversation was just to entertain ourselves anymore. But, in any case, the villain won’t be caught or killed easily. It would take a very long time for that to happen and that will surely not occur in my time here in prison.
“I don’t know what ‘s going to happen now that Archduke Harnim’s eyes are focused on capturing Chaser Rube Domulit. But then, don’t stress yourself out with that, rather, take care of yourself.”
I nodded, putting the remaining pieces of cookies into my mouth.
“But how do you know so much?”
“Oh, it’s underground hearsay.”
Oh. The information’s a fraud. Looking at his posture, he was really swindling me right now. But nevertheless, I wasn’t bored listening to his detailed outside stories.
Anyway, it is also necessary for me to listen since the people involved here are the Hel and the Domulit family. If I get out of prison, I will for sure try to stay away from them and live in faraway lands. But, how can I do that?
“Now, what was your problem? Is it worth exchanging for the information I just spilled?
“What a joke. It wasn’t a big deal. It’s just that I didn’t receive letters from my brother. He’s not the kind of guy that would leave me hanging.”
I always thought that he was a sincere and considerate person for always sending me letters. Now I’m kind of uncertain about that.
“You mean the brother who kept sending you the letters? Hmm… something urgent must have happened. Don’t worry too much. People don’t change that easily. I assure you.”
“Thank you.”
I hope so, too. I’m a little worried. I don’t know what I could do since I am imprisoned here. Right now, my best option was to just wait. That’s what I always do, though.
Half an hour later. Our free time in the living room was over, so I returned to my room. And still, looking at my desk empty never felt this painful.
“…If I was released from prison, I might get abandoned. I wish I had asked for more before this happened.”
I kept thinking that I was here because of my brother and father’s sins. They are responsible for my stay here. I closed my eyes and buried myself in bed feeling dejected. Fortunately, there is a bed that I can rely on.
:chains::chains::chains::chains::chains: :chains::chains::chains::chains::chains: :chains::chains::chains::chains::chains:
A few days later, the heavy rain that was falling hard turned light with a precipitation rate of less than 2.5 mm per hour. I presumed.
“The rain will be completely over in a while.”
“Yes, I see.”
The guard must have read my mind. It’s a good thing that it will be over soon, I miss walking outside. Slouching in the living room, which at first I thought was great, became boring after a few days.
As I was lost in my thoughts while sitting on the living room’s couch, someone sat at the opposite side. It was Baron again. Looking at him, his face somehow seems to be full of interest. Hmm. When we first met, that’s the face he wore and did his scam.
“Iana, have you heard? No. You must not have heard!”
I laughed, he was so amusing with his approach.
“Of course. I haven’t heard anything. What is it? Please tell me quickly. ”
“Hmmm, aren’t I awesome?”
Oh my! Praising himself first. What a vain man. I turned my head up. Ugh, I’m itching to get the rumor!
“Well, there’s a rumor that Archduke Harnim was seriously injured. But the good news is… The ‘real criminal’ who blew up Count Andrea was caught.”
At that moment I caught a clue of Chaser’s original plan, which was laid out in fragments, basing on the information Baron gave me.
“I guess the real culprit wasn’t Chaser Rube Domulit… or maybe he was still in the process of achieving his ‘true crime’.”
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