Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 16

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It was possible for the prisoners to acquire goods from outside of Kambrakam. However, a rigorous inspection had to be carried out before it could be brought in. And the goods can typically be delivered by or obtained from the guards after the inspection.
But some packages were handed over by the prison head guard, that ordinary prison guards are not allowed to.  Perhaps due to the title that a convict holds as well as the confidentiality of the goods. That’s what I thought.
When I first encountered this kind of situation, I felt like Iana’s house must be a very fancy place to live in. She must have been born from a well-off and high-rank family.
“I have something to give to you.”
My brother sends me a gift once every other week. And the reason why Lenag called me here today is to give that gift to me. He stretched out his hand on the table and laid down a little box.
“Take it, Miss Iana.”
I got the box and peeked inside, slowly opening it.
Wow, It’s a hairpin again…
Soon, I closed it and tried to avoid making eye contact with him. Moreover, I was hesitant whether to get up or not since we don’t have anything else to talk to and my reason for being here was already achieved. I badly wanted to leave. I don’t feel comfortable being around him. And with my prejudice of him, I don’t think I will ever be.
“I’ve had everyone call you by your first name here, as what your brother wanted. I didn’t understand the reason at first, but I think I do now.”
“What? Oh, Okay…”
Aw. He must really be a great and caring brother. No wonder everyone calls me “Iana” inside the prison. I nodded blankly at him. I can’t wait to get out of here, as I’m starting to feel nervous with his gaze. All this time, he never once took his eyes off me! I can feel it even though I’m not looking at him.
“Thank you for your concern. My brother and father would be very grateful.”
“…would they?”
I have no idea he’d be so concerned with the request of my brother. Anyways, I am so grateful to them even though I don’t know their names. The mere fact that they still care is all that matters to me.
Soon, I caught Lenag staring at me.  He blinked for a moment realizing that I had caught him, and then turned his head to the other side slowly, pretending to be innocent and unbothered.
“You are a good person… unlike them.”
I don’t know why it all boils down to that. Moreover, I could barely hear the last words he uttered because he was like whispering in the air. I just laughed and said what I thought Iana’s family was.
“They’re good people.”
Who would think that they are bad people when they always send me food and gifts while I was in prison? Bringing me everything that I want, I could tell that he’s a good brother. Atleast, that’s enough reason for them to be good.
“Yes, at least for you which is also a wonder.”
He lowered his head slowly, trying to remember something.
“Oh, come to think of it, what Miss Iana wanted will be done soon.”
Lenag’s gaze was soon redirected at the rain-swept window. Two days later, the rain was lessening and it seemed to stop soon. He stared at me, taking his eyes off the window.
“When the rain stops, the young prisoner you mentioned will be allowed to take a walk sometimes. But he will be guarded with several mid-level knights.”
Suddenly, he pulled out a smile on his face. I blinked for a moment, surprised by what I saw.. However, his cold image did not disappear.
But….he did laugh, right? I got goosebumps. It was somewhat creepy. I know he is trying to be warm and sincere but still, I find him nerve-racking.
His appearance right now looks so pure– as if he was innocent and kind. But don’t be deceived with that face cause behind that is a knife that is ready to cut off your head.
Was he trying to scare me? If he was, then congratulations! He succeeded! I rubbed the sweat that formed on my palm against my clothes and pretended not to panic.
This guy suddenly became a pure and innocent man in front of a woman like me. Unbelievable!
Where in fact, he is a very cruel and cold-hearted supporting villain. I could not imagine him being like this unless I read it in the novel. He was a man who looked at people as if he was dismantling their bodies, and then feeding them to starving wolves. What suddenly changed that?
“If you need anything, please, feel free to tell me.”
I don’t know if his smile was sincere or not so I just dodged my eyes away from his sharp gaze. I swallowed hard.
How much did my brother and father paid this man? I have no idea… but it must have been an astronomical cost. After all, it’s not easy to be in Lenag‘s good side.
“Yes.” I nodded and then looked at his capitalist smile.
Hail for my favor! Hurray for the wealth!
:chains::chains::chains::chains::chains: :chains::chains::chains::chains::chains: :chains::chains::chains::chains::chains:
The rain finally stopped, and a full-fledged summer time appeared. Fortunately, it wasn’t too hot in here. I don’t know if it is because of where this country or region is located, but it’s good because I don’t like the heat nor the cold. I just want it neutral.
“It’s been a long time since I had a walk.”
Two days after the rain had stopped, the guards allowed us to take a walk. And the air in the garden, after the so-called ‘quarantine’, was not bad. In fact, it feels so good.
“Wow, breathing the air outside never felt this refreshing.”
The garden is full of flowers and turf-grown lawns, enough to call it a garden. The prisoners, including me, were much more satisfied here. It would be worse if the rain didn’t stop, for all of us will be kept inside the prison all the time. And I’m just grateful the worse didn’t happen.
Come to think of it, this prison already has it all! From a splendidly decorated living room to a garden as lovely as this. It’s like this prison already has everything a mansion has. So if that’s the case, should the prison be considered a mansion?
Surely enough, this is an ideal place to live in but for the nobility, it’s not really a comfortable dwelling place to the point of calling it  a home.
By the way, how’s Ricdorian? I haven’t seen him for about two weeks since the time I thought my brother and father had forgotten about me because I haven’t received any letters.  And even after a letter came, I didn’t have the chance to visit him because I was sick.
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