Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 17

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Not to mention, there have been slight changes on the guards’ timetable, which made it even more difficult for me to visit him. So now. I was waiting for Han’s turn in supervising this side of the prison.
Frankly speaking, since Hans and I were closer than before, he tends to overlook more things than the other guards. Plus, I can easily bribe him with high-class cigarettes.
“Look, the ground dried up quickly. Oh, my gosh! When the sun’s heat is too strong, it becomes the skin’s enemy.”
“Sally’s skin is white enough, though.” I said and smiled at her, who was walking beside me. She was a prisoner that was situated in a nearby room.
“Well.” She grinned. Her red hair and the slight freckles on her face made her look charming and cute.
“On days like this, I want to beat my brother who put me in his place.”
“He deserves it.”
Sally’s brother embezzled taxes, but he couldn’t go to jail because he was the breadwinner of the family, so they decided to send someone of his blood instead, and that was his sister, Sally.
“I’m afraid that if I go back, he won’t be able to save his third leg. I will surely cut it off.”
“…Well, Sally, come to think of it, even though you’re here, you have gotten closer with the knights. Your stay here isn’t really that bad.”
Her words were so intense. Thanks to her brother, who suddenly got into trouble, the young lady, who was about to get married, had her last name retained instead of changing it into the last name of her significant other. Maybe that’s why she was so angry about being imprisoned.
I was about to go back when she grabbed my wrist. Oh my gosh, the guards might complain since we’ve been out for two long hours.
“What is it?”
She widely opened her round eyes as if she had seen a horrible thing. I wondered what was wrong so I followed her gaze, and immediately opened my eyes wide in surprise.
A group of people were walking on the other side of the garden.
“Isn’t that a mid-level guard?”
Among the guards, there was one wearing a blue suit which indicates that he was a mid-level knight.
Due to the nature of Kambrakam, several prisoners were not allowed to gather during their walk in order to prevent any attempts of escaping. Additionally, prisoners don’t have any care for petty criminals and some lazy aristocrats which is why it is rare to see a lot of prisoners crowding like that.
I soon discovered a relatively small figure among the crowd.
It was Ricdorian.
“Hey, that’s a familiar cloth…” He was holding the shawl I had given him on my last visit and was looking like a scared puppy as of the moment.
“Are they having a walk?”
“I think so.”
I was surprised at Lenag’s course of action. He said that when the rain stops, Ricdorian can take a walk. The funny thing is that I didn’t expect him to do it so soon.
I soon stared at Ricdorian with absurd eyes…What kind of walk is that? This is crazy!
I heard murmurs from the other prisoners and also, there are too many knights on guard who’re prepared in case he makes a wrong move.
In addition, the men who surrounded Ricdorian all looked masculine and tough. Though he was unusually physically fit for a 16-year-old teenager, the number of guards around him are too many. Isn’t this too much for just a mere walk?
“That’s not a walk, it’s just a one minute stroll before the lynch.”
I looked at them with a slight frown.
“I agree.”
I cursed Lenag in my head at what I saw. He really doesn’t care about this young prisoner. Ricdorian may have developed claustrophobia during his imprisonment and might be the reason why he’s acting like this.
Furthermore, I’ve never seen him outside since I came into this novel, and this is probably the very first walk that he did inside Kambrakam but everything turned out like a monkey walk performance.
I kept cursing Lenag in my mind but I came to realize that no matter how many times I execrated him, he already had his fair share of the deal. He let Ricdorian go outside but… the walk looks suffocating. I can’t stand this.
As far as I can tell, it seems that Lenag and Chaser held hands in screwing with Ricdorian. Which was too conspicuous.
There were a lot of prisoners whispering trying to find out Ricdorian’s crime. I was gathering any ideas and excuses in my mind in order to be able to go towards him but, realizing the series of events occuring, I hesitated a bit.
Because of this, I’m confused if I would be able to approach him. I am not confident going through that crowd. Also, I was kind of worried because I didn’t know if he was a beast or a rational person at this moment. Looking at them, I don’t know what to think anymore.
But suddenly, our eyes met.
His blue eyes held me, and I could see it shaking, even when I stood on this side of the garden, which is not far away from him.
“Iana, Iana, that’s a chain, right?”
“Yes, it looks like it.”
And the way he flinched… I knew it! He’s not a beast right now, he’s a rational person.
“…completely restrained and suppressed.”
He wore a belt around his neck, handcuffs around his wrist, and clasped claws on his feet. The chain attached to the belt in his neck was held by a guard standing next to him. And it could be perceived that they were having a transportation, not a walk.
“I just asked the guard about that prisoner, and he said he was a magic criminal.”
“Ah.” I replied blankly.
The prisoners who were crowding that moment left, one by one. Which is a good thing because it would lessen the suffocation Ricdorian might be feeling right now.
Sally, who was shaking my arm, went to another prisoner named Aegean when I showed a little response. I was left there alone and took a step while looking at Ricdorian. I was trying to get close to him.
The heck!
What happened made me blink my eyes. What’s this? How could he?!
Ricdorian turned his back on me.
“What the…”
I stared sharply at the back of Ricdorian who was walking fast.
“Ah, prisoner! Hey! Slow down…”
The guards followed his fast-paced steps and almost fell down as they tried to keep up with him. They also seemed to be not in the mood.
As soon as my eyes met with his, Ricdiorian hurriedly ran away.
“…why is he running away?”
I was suddenly filled with embarrassment. I felt repugnant. How can he treat someone, who let him take a walk that way?!
It’s the only opportunity he’ll have where a villain agreed to let him enjoy his freedom and let him breathe some fresh air outside his cell.
What’s wrong with him? I tilt my head to question myself and soon turn my back. I’m so confused right now.
I don’t know why this is happening. And I will definitely ask him about it.
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