Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 19

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Translator: SKAIS Editor: SKAIS
“Walk, was it that bad?”
“A walk?” He grinned slightly, wiping his tears away.
“That’s what I asked from the head guard, to let you have some walk..” His eyes, still full of tears, looked at me with confusion. But I returned it with a bright smile to ease the shaking of his blue eyes.
I’m not capable of anything. If I touch that shackle on his neck, it won’t open and the rose pattern won’t stop. That’s why I’m relieved. For the meantime, I can only appreciate his beauty and be his aid.
Yeah, that’s it. That’s the only thing I can accomplish as a side character.
“How about a ‘Thank you’?” I hesitated a bit to say those words.
But he suddenly walked on his knees. Wait a minute. No, don’t walk like that! You’re not an animal! I wanted to tell him but…
“If you’re asking if it’s true, Then I would say yes. But can you ask me using human words, not just by means of eye contact?”
“Yes. Outside. Was it nice?” He nodded as a response to what I had asked him.
I gazed proudly at a wet nod. Yes, this is what I wanted to do. It’s a fate that will pass by anyway. I’m also very happy for this run-through experience. Won’t it be a win-win situation?
In fact, the novel is shorter than any other commonly read novels. Therefore, the sexual union of the protagonists were immediately done after he was released from the shackles.
We all know that love is good, but they could have enjoyed a little bit more of small happiness by doing other things. But what do you expect? This is a rated-19 novel so readers might have expected a conjugation soon. That’s what it’s supposed to be.
Same as the heroine, I saw Ricdorian in a cell too, but that was because I had read this novel and knew about him. While theirs are the work of fate.
“Let’s take a walk together next time.” Speaking of it, I felt like what we will be doing is a dog walk. Maybe because I’m looking at him still kneeling like a dog. But still, I want to do this.
His shaking gaze calmed down and turned to me. The mere sight of him made me sweat.
Not long after, he wet his lips with his tongue. Unconsciously, my eyes rested on those lips.
“Mas.. Master, what do you call it?”
“Me? Uh-uh. Well take a walk together…but…Master?”
“In, in, interested!”
“Your joke is so lame.” I laughed. Why would he call me Master?
I was puzzled when I saw that he’s still not releasing me. So I glanced at his hand and poked the back of it.
“When are you going to let go of me?” His hand was still holding onto the hem of my clothes.
It’s difficult to break off his hold, he’s a mobster so I tickled the back of his hand with my fingers, and then slipped it down, liberating the trim.
“Oh, oh, I didn’t do anything.”
“You’re the one who’s holding my clothes like this!”
“Not a, ha…ha…no hands.”
“What, so you’re the only one who was allowed to touch anything or whatever you like?”
When I touched his fingertips with my fingertips, Ricodorian was startled.
“…well, not that.”
It’s cute to keep teasing him. I wanna try touching once more because he keeps acting like a naive baby kitten. I giggled at that thought, while covering my mouth.
“Unfair..” Because I laughed at him, he just turned his head.
“Next time when you take a walk, don’t run away.”
“Arff!”…when did you become a dog?
I laughed at him absurdly. I don’t know if it’s intentional, but I’m sure he will turn into a beast at an exquisite timing.
Before I knew it, the blush disappeared from his face. I looked at his fierce eyes on the spot as his rational side retreated after sunset.
I narrowed my eyes and looked at him.
“You don’t listen to anything you don’t want to hear, is that it?”
“Ruff! ruff, ruff?”…This young man is talking nonsense only when it’s convenient. Aish!
Hey! I tried to bark with him in a fit of anger, but I changed my mind and turned my back.
:chains::chains::chains::chains::chains: :chains::chains::chains::chains::chains: :chains::chains::chains::chains::chains:
The day I took a walk with Ricdorian came earlier than I thought.
“Long time no see. Iana.” The guard greeted me gladly.
To my surprise, it was not difficult walking with Ricdorian. Beforehand, I was worried that I might be a burden to the guards surrounding the young man and then be rejected and ignored by them, but unexpectedly, I was placed together with him in the center.
Furthermore, from time to time, the other guards that I knew greeted me as we approached each other and most of them were those who had received something from me.  My capitalist smile was winning over me.
“I haven’t been going to the laundry room lately. I’m sorry.”
“You don’t feel bad about anything else, not me?”
After exchanging a few words with the laundry guard who brought me new clothes, I glanced at Ricdorian. The boy was waiting for me, along with the guards surrounding him, and turned his face away the moment our eyes met.
Hmph. Why is he averting his eyes?
Whenever our eyes met, he would always look away, spinning his head, and stare blankly at the other side. But I would always catch him looking at me before he averts his gaze.
What’s the matter with him again? Thinking about something like this, throbs my temple.
“Don’t you feel uncomfortable with this?”
When I got back to him, I immediately asked him and tapped the handcuffs, which were clenched against his wrists.
“I…I’m not uncomfortable…”
After saying those, he nodded visibly, making sure that I could see it. But in his nod, I saw his red ears peeking through his silver hair.
The prisoners in Kambrakam were so eager to find out the real identity of Ricdorian after his first appearance on the outside. But after a few days of searching, it seemed that no one was able to gather information regarding him. This just indicates that the real identity of Ricdorian must be a classified information. Furthermore, the guards only knew Ricdorian as a prisoner with ‘magic crime’.
A Magic Crime Prisoner was specifically a prisoner involved in heavy law offenses, and was classified as a prisoner who often caused uproars and sudden outbursts.
The number of people who were watching might still be wondering about him.
On the other hand, I realized, as I entered the walls of these guards, that it was not as threatening as I had seen it from the outside.
However, just in case Ricdorian tends to be aggressive, I’m hoping that no one would get hurt, especially the ones who get near us.
“But what’s that on your neck?” I tilted my head then looked at Ricdorian’s neck, also wondered what that thing was.
His neck was filled with another kind of shackle other than those he wore since he was born. It looks more like a necklace.
Soon, the guard next to him answered back.
“It’s a necklace especially created for magic criminals. It activates whenever the prisoner turns wild and violent. Though, it is also a useful tool to prevent them from running away and escaping.”
I looked more clearly on the necklace. Iron…It is made of iron.
The guard grabbed the chain that he was holding, and Rickedoran groaned as he was strangled,  “It’s just a small thing but with a very big purpose.”
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