Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 20

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Seeing the guard haul the chain roughly, annoyed the hell out of me. Can’t he see that Ricdorian was being asphyxiated in this instant?
“Wow, I see. It’s amazing.” The prisoners who were crowding exclaimed as if they were in a circus, unbothered by the forlorn situation of the young prisoner.
How pathetic, making someone’s suffering their own source of glee!
While they were busy laughing, I figured out the chain loosened a little bit, which eases the tightness around Ricdorian’s neck…I didn’t like the forced treatment that the guard just did. I know this was a prison but still, treating prisoners harshly is exorbitant.
“If you pull the chain like this during a sudden paroxysm, the magic of the necklace will naturally occur…”
The guard continued giving explanations without being asked. I grimaced.
Show off!
I’m not interested at all and I don’t even give a darn thing about it. He can do his act all day for all I care as long as he’s not dragging Ricdorian into this.
The jailer who was talking was a little young. Maybe the same age as me. Must be why he’s loving all the attention he’s getting.
In a moment, I watched Ricdorian while the guard was still busy attracting the other prisoners with his explanations, whose cheeks blush subtly.
Ricdorian was staring at the garden, his deep blue entrancing eyes were full of innocence like a new born baby who had never seen the sky or the earth.
Is this really his first time relishing such experience?
Looking at him, I felt so peaceful– as if I am a mother watching her kid chase a butterfly in a park. I took my time looking at him tenderly who has now gotten quite fond with his surroundings.
At that moment, I saw his back bent. Unlike the usual, he quivered briefly. It was different from the way he looked at me before, scared and waving.
However, not long after that, came the loud roar of a familiar beast coming from Ricdorian’s mouth. I pulled back quickly and stared at him, mystified.
What’s happening? Why did he tremble like that? Did he change without any warnings? The atmosphere was so bizarre. Something feels odd for some reason.
“It’s a paroxysm!”
“It’s an outrage! Pick up your sword!”
The guards lifted their swords calmly but some did not take them out as they didn’t want to hurt the other convicts as well as the feral magic prisoner. I’ve only seen incidents like this in movies. Seeing it personally isn’t really that awkward since they are all knights.
“The magical prisoner has turned wild. Get everything ready! Arthur!”
Anton Lee, a senior jail warden, was the one who did the command. Shortly, someone gave him a quick answer. It was the youngest guard who boasted and explained everything about the binding necklace earlier.
“Activate the necklace!”
“Yes, Sir! Hey, stay still! Stop!” Arthur shouted as he heard the commander and tightly pulled the chain connected on Ricdorian’s necklace.
“Huh, what’s wrong with this?” He asked as nothing happened.
Maybe they didn’t know how to trigger it. But, not long after, I felt the guards around me panicked.
I know that the necklace needs to be activated, but I am also oblivious how. I can’t be of any help right now.
“Bad luck, the magic doesn’t work!”
Others rushed in, pulling the chain and shouted words I can’t fathom, however, they were inept of controlling the raging beast.
In the meantime, Ricdorian, who was confronted by another guard, swung his arm which made the guard and his sword fly to the side in an instant….and then everything turned bloody.
It took less than a minute for most of the guards to lie on the ground. Some of them were mid-level knights. And even the best ones were barely holding on to their numerical dominance against a sixteen year old boy.
“The magic prisoner, don’t let him go! Don’t let him go near any inmates. Ah!”
The truculent Ricdorian was so occupied with his surroundings that no one could ignore his presence.
The moment I decided to step back, I saw the chain swung in front of me. I alternately gazed at the snarling Rickedoran and the guards and then quickly grabbed the chain. Now what? Is this my moment now?
I looked blankly at the white-tinged chains. Why did it suddenly change color? I was flabbergasted. Is this normal?
My eyes met with the different staggered and agape faces of the guards and prisoners when they saw me get a hold of the chain. The commander of the guards immediately screamed.
“That’s it Iana! Shout now!”
“Eh, eh? What, what are you talking about?”
“Anything is good! Hurry!”
He said before he was confronted again by Ricdorian, and then fell to the ground.
Rickedoran all of a sudden turned his glare towards me.
Did he see me now? This is bad. My defenses are down. The immensity of the bloodlust and salaciousness he had was different. It’s not comparable to the one I perceived in the basement. It is more than that! It’s immensely dangerous!
I don’t know what made him so violent. There was a story in the book about his “aggressiveness.” It was said that they lose their memories of being a beast.
Ricdorian stamped his foot, facing me.
“Anything! Shout! Say it now!”
Despite the fervent cries of the commander, Ricdorian still rushed to where I am. I closed my eyes tightly, rattled with what I should say.
“Uhm, Ah, sit down!”
The surroundings went silent for a few seconds…. Is it over? I opened my eyes, still blurry, and looked at the chain. I turned my eyes to Ricdorian and saw him sitting down on the ground. What…what is this?
“Be vigilant! Keep on shouting!”
What? And just like the guard’s words, Ricdorian rose from his seat. As if he was not bothered by it and was not influenced by it at all.
“Uh, get down!”
“Roll! stand up! Sit down! Roll again!”
He surrenders with my every command.
When he came back to his senses after the ecstatic shouting, the devastated surroundings became quiet. The fine dirt pit was already at the ground, and the people around were staring at me with pale eyes, manifesting the emotion of fear and bewilderness.
And I slowly looked down because of embarrassment instead of looking back at them.
I slowly swept my face away, staring at the male protagonist, exposing his belly while squalling…What kind of idiot is this?
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