Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 21

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Ricdorian’s vicious eyes from a while ago were now nowhere to be seen. But one thing was clear, whether he was sane and calm from the beginning, he could still turn into a wild beast out of nowhere.
I whispered quietly to Ricdorian, who came to me running with a slight groan.
“… Sit down.” Okay. That’s good.
Prisoners and guards: “…”
I washed my face for the second time. My gosh, mister, why are you walking around like that.
When did the male protagonist learn how to walk like a dog? I wonder if this was even possible in the first place!
The sense of self-destruction came to me like an expeditious wave. Do I have the talent of a trainer…?
“This, Iana. Are you a wizard?”… No. I’ve never read nor heard of her being a wizard.
I stared at the guard in dismay at the realization of my unintentional talent.
:chains::chains::chains::chains::chains: :chains::chains::chains::chains::chains: :chains::chains::chains::chains::chains:
The guards and I haven’t said anything for a while. The deafening silence was the only sound present in the garden. Ricdorian could only blink his eyes and enjoy the surroundings without anyone.
This place is unoccupied. Other prisoners were not seen in the garden except for me, the guards, and Ricdorian.
Will he get away quickly? ‘Probably.’
I looked down, turning my eyes to him. I’m glad that many prisoners have not seen this preposterous image of Ricdorian. I just saw him rubbing his face…Jeez, don’t scratch your head with your legs.
“Who taught you that?”
I squint at this young man’s dull blue eyes. Right now, there’s a dumb fool, eerie sitting like a whelp. What would I say to him now?
Clank. Clank.
Once again, the chain was pulled when he tried to reach me. I still couldn’t conceal my intricate expression as I looked at the chain, which had changed to white.
“…uhm.” I opened my mouth and spoke quietly so that the guards won’t hear me.
“… Sit down.” Good boy!
“Get up.” I said, eventually.
But the sudden realization hit me. Oh, no…These…These behaviors. These are all actions of a dog.
Now, what the hell is this? What kind of situation is this? When did the handsome man with an enchanting beauty in the novel become a dog?
This was simply a different matter from his barking. So far, the language he used is the communication medium of dogs. But it’s just not that, he even ate his food using his bare hands!
I thought about the contents of the book, but there was no such thing as this. Clearly, the book imparts that Ricdorian suffered from the curse of being a “beast,”. But being a beast is not about turning into a dog! It was about being ferocious and being ten times more powerful than human beings.
Right now, it’s easy to say that he’s a dog rather than a beast, for that’s the way he acts, like a mad man…But I didn’t think that the description of ‘dog’ in the novel was real. I crouched down unconsciously as I lost all my energy thinking about all of these.
Clank. Clank.
I heard the sound of the chain once more, and caught eyes with Ricdorian who approached me directly.
“Don’t bite.”
“Arff!” Ricdorian barked and shook his head, assuring he wouldn’t do it. But, how should I believe him?
“Come on. You’re a good boy, right? Bite this one instead.”
I pulled out my head lace skillfully, as he waited for it with his mouth wide open. Perplexed by what I did, the guard next to me, clapped his hands.
“It’s stupendous! The magic prisoner was perfectly tamed!”
Sir, don’t clap. Is this a situation to be credulous? Everything became too complicated now…Don’t you know that I’m unfamiliar with all of these?
He wasn’t a dog but as I looked at him, who felt so good having a soft, woolly hair tie in his mouth, I baffled even more.
I looked at Ricdorian with a head lace on his mouth and reached out.
“Hands.”… The guard was still laughing out loud.
“Can’t you get your hands on it? No, not your forefoot…I don’t think you can’t do it.”
Oh, he wants to play pretend.
I looked into his eyes, squeezing his hand, who seemed to have given up the human way. I wonder why he does it with paws instead of hands.
It’s hard to repudiate, but it was clear that there was a lunatic who taught Ricdorian the unspoken language of a f*cking beast.
In any case, even if he was a beast, he seemed to have heard and understood some human words, so things seemed to be short-circuited.
“Iana. I’m going to the office of the Prison Head.”
Just as I wanted things to plain sailing, the chief guard approached me.
“It’s hard to get past what has happened.” He added. I looked at the chain once more and nodded in response.
“But now that the Prison Head has been away for a while, I will place the report on his room and see to it that once he comes back he will see you immediately. All of it should be known.”
“I got it. But for now, Ric..ah.. I mean… what happens to this magic prisoner?”
I was a little uncomfortable seeing Lenag again, but it was an absolute order so it’s impossible to back out.
But for now, that doesn’t matter. I should be more concerned about the wild beast who caused a commotion in the garden.
The chief guard frowned for a moment and spoke again.
“I don’t know why the redemption necklace didn’t respond to our commands. Moreover, it’s strange that it’s still unresponsive, even if I tried activating the trigger many times.”
“Have this happened before?”
“It’s definitely the first time I’ve ever used this… I have never heard of anything like this before.”
“I’m not sure.” As he spoke, he turned to the other guards in query. Then they shook their heads one by one.
Whenever I pull out my hand from the chain, it would quickly turn black.. Will it unorthodoxly turn white to whoever catches it? Hmmm. I don’t know why this is transpiring.
“Are you alright, by the way?”
“Me? Oh! Of course, yes, I don’t think there’s anything more dreadful other than being nervous and powerless.”
I didn’t know if he would turn into a wild beast again, but I was still clutching the chain as it had the power to stop the wild Ricdorian. Just to be sure. But my fingertips had been quivering strangely for a while now.
It might be that I laid all my strength in my hand. Why is it that all of my energy is falling apart? It’s not really a big deal, but I feel a little breathless. Then, with the feeling of power being lost, still grabbing the chain, I felt myself falling from my position.
‘This is not good.’
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