Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 22

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One of the guards grabbed my wobbling hand, ceasing me from falling over. Good thing he was just on time!
“Are you alright, Iana?”
I looked up to him wanting to express my gratitude in saving me from plummeting. When suddenly, a loud noise from the chain filled the garden.
Clank. Clank.
I felt a rigid entity hooked around my waist. I paused a little then heard a familiar low breath, creating a titillating sensation in my ears.
Ricdorian, who stood up immediately, wrapped his arms around me possessively, and snarled at the guard who held me by my hand. What the hell is he doing?
My heart was beating so fast. His tickling breath doesn’t help, it makes me more nervous. Afterwards, I held my palms up in front of the guards, gesturing that I am fine.
They seemed worried as I was enclasped by the magic crime prisoner.
“It’s ok. I am ok.”
The trepidatious guards kept their eyes on us, afraid that the young beast might mutilate me in no time.
“Shh. Shh. Good boy!” I said, trying to quell his abrupt aggressiveness, at the same time enshrouding my tension. Then, I slowly raised my hand and brought it to his face.
What if he bites me?
As luck would have it, he didn’t bite. And as I touched his face, I felt a puffy sensation on my palm. His skin is as soft as a cotton ball, as if it was well maintained. I wonder what his skin care is? I chuckled at that notion.
But a moment later, he shook his face.
“Well, Rickedoran.”
All this time, his arm, enclosing my waist, held me up. I felt the tightness of his hold loosened a bit, he must’ve felt soreness in his arms. Grabbing the opportunity, I immediately tried to strip off his arm from me.
“Get down.”
I swiftly turned away from the fallen man, and uttered the magic words.
“Ah, sit down!”
With a boom!
“Who told you to get up? Get down.”
The tension I was feeling earlier disappeared as I heard him whining. He looked so uncool with his belly protruding. I grinned.
Still, his disheveled look makes me feel anomalous.
As expected, his beauty is a crime. That should be the reason why he’s in jail, and not for being a magic criminal.
I stroked my waist with my other hand that was not holding the chain. His arm, which was tightly wrapped around my waist a while ago, as well as his firm touch that made contact with my skin was surreal.
I swallowed my saliva thinking of those…
‘I see. His masculine physique did not flourish for nothing.’
When the situation was over, the senior guard quickly approached me.
“Hmmm, Iana. I think…For now, I have to send this prisoner back to his cell, will you help me?”
I nodded, agreeing with his request as I’m the only one here who can use this restraint, even though I was oblivious as to why this eventuates… But that was not the end of the guard’s entreaty.
“And I’m sorry, but I’d like to ask you one more thing. It will take a few more days before the Prison Head comes back.”
The chief guard said trudically, scratching the back of his head.
“Will you accompany us in the future walk of the prisoner?”
“Oh, We’ll try to find another way. But so far, this is the only way that we come up with. We need your assistance. Of course, I’m going to give you a separate case for this.”
My eyes widened in surprise by what he just said. And I’m pretty sure that he saw my surprised expression right now….continue walking with Ricdorian in the future?
I looked at him, puzzled.  I didn’t understand why. After seeing this otter?
“You mean he’s still allowed to take a walk after this turmoil?”
I bluntly said as I ponder.
“The prisoner’s walk was ordered by the Prison Head. We do not have the right to change the command in his absence.”
“No, but…”
“Of course, considering the safety of other prisoners, modifications for his scheduled time will be done. And it will effectuate as soon as possible.”
Apprehending his explanation, that just means that the prison was no different from the army. That means you have to do what is commanded by the superior. If you are instructed to dig up mountains, you dig them up. If you are ordered to scoop up seawater, you have to scoop them up. Likewise, a person who was already given an injunction doesn’t have the authority to break it off at will.
Somehow I stared at them with sorrow and uncertainty….you’re asking yourself some trouble.
After a while, I remember everything that I did and needed to learn my lesson… I was devastated at this thought.
I felt a sense of responsibility as I am the one who requested Lenag for this. Somehow, I was compelled to agree…I don’t know how I went from just a noble prisoner to becoming a dog walker.
:chains::chains::chains::chains::chains: :chains::chains::chains::chains::chains: :chains::chains::chains::chains::chains:
In the fullness of time, the place where everything wind up, was at Ricdorian’s cell. Upon arriving in his basement room, the guards bound him. Afterwards, they all went out, leaving only Hans and the senior guard, who explained everything that had happened.
“Hey, I don’t think one of the restraints fell off his neck.”
They tapped his neck and just like what I said, Ricdorian still had two restraints around his neck.
“Hmm, I’m going to keep that restraint tied up until the Prison Head comes.”
The senior guard glanced at the woeful young prisoner, who was now tied to the wall, and said, “We still have to do this.”
“Tomorrow, even if the tool won’t work with our commands, we still have to keep using it and get help from Iana instead.” The guard gave me a silent salute.
“If that happens, then please take good care of me as well” The guard bowed his head and went outside.
At the moment, only me and Hans were left in the room. Soon after, I asked Hans for a moment with Ricdorian.
“You must come out soon, Iana.” Hans said then left, while I remained in my spot alone, staring at the tied up Ricdorian.
He hasn’t come back to his senses yet, as he showed his dissatisfaction by pulling the handcuffs around his wrists and banging the shackles in his feet. But as he returned to this basement, he looked more vigourous and at ease.
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