Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 23

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Exhausted, I squatted down, with a little distance away from him, gazing at him with sincerity that I couldn’t express earlier.
“I’m sorry.”
I can’t help but feel compunctious. I was ignorant that something like that would happen when I supplicated Lenag. ‘Everything would be fine’, that’s what I anticipated. But realizing his true strength, even the guards Lenag assigned to him are incapable of handling him.
But didn’t I enjoy reading this book with him tied up in chains? I caught myself staring at his deep cerulean eyes but then as I remembered something my forehead frowned.
I asked for nothing. I didn’t ask to wake up in this novel…inside this prison, in the first place! I ranted in my mind.
Lamenting, I poked the end of the chain with my fingertips.
“But…I don’t feel happy doing this.”
Ricdorian, growling at the handcuffs with his teeth exposed, stopped and gawked at me.
“Was it good though? I really do hope it’s good.”
Ricdorian: “…”
His eyes that looked ravenous, in a flash, turned diaphanous.
His sapphire eyes that I once saw on the outside as violent, rough, and feral…now, convey calmness and are so fiery like blue flames.
I reached out slowly, despite being afraid of getting bitten, believing that the whole shooting match will turn out well.
As expected, he gently laid out his cheeks for me to touch. His coarse silver hair rubbed against my palm, as well as his soft skin.
I still can’t believe his skin is this good when all his life he was placed in prison. Life is indeed unfair!
I was about to unwittingly pinch his cheek when he suddenly paused.
But no, it’s more like he became stiff rather than he paused…And in just a blink of an eye, his ears gradually turned red, his cheeks in a feverish bloom….his neck was red as an elmo doll.
“You’re back, aren’t you?”
“Then why didn’t you run away from my touch?” I asked and held his ear.
Just then, he bawled and stepped back. I felt this before when he was a beast, but I was still startled at his speed.
He doesn’t have to run away like he saw a very wicked person…though being mischievous at times like this is not appropriate.
“Why, why, ah, you’re still here?”
“Do you want me to go now?”
I caressed the necklace that had not been taken off his neck. His eyes shook as a response to my question.
“Don’t be too shaken up. It’s embarrassing. Also, I stopped your sudden berserk today.” Of course I’m partly to blame for what had happened.
I poked his neck. Just looking at the two restraints in his neck feels so heavy, what more for him who wears it.
For the meantime, I just couldn’t take my eyes off the necklaces when I promptly felt a pull. As I lowered my gaze, I saw Ricdorian vaguely pulling the hem of my dress, pursing his lips.
“…you don’t have to be sorry to me.” I said it with a little bit of hesitation.
“Do you remember?”
“Most of the time. I don’t.. I don’t remember some of it but they’re part of my dream. ”
Most of them have no memories of turning into a wild beast. And I think that’s a very cruel thing for them. However, when I think about it, it’s still a good thing since Ricdorian doesn’t really make a big deal out of it. He seemed to be not ashamed of his outburst. Well, the sense of shame seems to be more critical to his other personality.
“…I love it… being out.”
“Do you still want to take some walks in the future?” He nodded.
I lowered my head slightly as I shook my head furtively. He didn’t seem to care about the treatment he received when he was a beast. Also, he doesn’t have any interest in the extra restraints placed on him.
Wasn’t he subjugated too much? I suppose so. This novel was unnecessarily scrupulous about his restraints and misfortunes.
“I’m glad I didn’t make a mistake.”
Well, wouldn’t it be a relief that I contributed to his small happiness in the future? It’s too much to just look at the dark walls of this room and wait for more than four years for Francia.
I smiled tenderly as I gazed at him, his cheeks were bulging and somehow, he was trying to avoid making eye contact with me.
This is really endearing. I can’t believe this weird person is going to be a decadent male lead someday and it would be so fulfilling thinking he became that with my help. Oh well, if you look at it heedfully, he was still in the process of becoming a mature person.
My eyes fell on his worn clothes.
“You’re going to catch a cold.”
I quickly grabbed a blanket and covered his body. Hmm, I brought it not too long ago, but it’s already dirty.
I think I should get him a new one.
Without further ado, he turned red. But soon, he winced which made me jump off.
His poignant eyes seemed to shout, ‘You vulgar woman!’… Just when did putting a blanket on someone become an assault?
“Hmm, do you hate it so much?”
The cell was colder, with the fact that it was deep underground. Though he might seem to be stronger than humans, but, I don’t even know if he might be able to catch a cold. Still let’s play safe.
Ricdorian: “…”
“Okay. I won’t touch you again.”
However, it is fun to see him flinch, but I don’t have the vigor to do it today.
If you look at me full of tears… I feel like I’m going to do something really uncanny.
All of a sudden, I noticed that the time Hans set is almost over. I got up from my seat and thought of lying on my bed hastily.
I was so tired today, so I turned my back without minding anything else.
If only he hadn’t caught me apace.
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