Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 24

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“Now, what again?”
Ricdorian slightly grabbed the end of my clothes, making sure that there was no skin contact.  I’m not caught, but it was enough to stop me from walking away. I realized, he’s really fond of grabbing the hem of my clothes. He had developed a new hobby, huh!
As I tilted my head, he bowed down, letting me see his red nape and back behind his collar. Wow! his entire body has turned ruby.
And despite that bonny sight, I endured the urge to poke him.
“Don’t worry, without your consent, I will not touch you…” I said immediately as he looked alert with my adoring stare at his whole being.
Eventually, his hands moved, grasping my fingertips as if giving me the consent to touch him.
“Ju…just a little”
“Only a little bit?”
I remembered that moment when he turned into a beast and hugged me from behind. His body temperature was as hot as the solar radiation that heats the earth. If he embraced me longer, I might have been a melted glacier by now.
I wonder if it’s a trait he adapted from not being a human.
I blushed then swallowed hard at the sudden venture of Ricdorian in my fingers. His daring and bold deeds electrified me wholly.
“… This is a… this is okay.”
His head slowly crept up, and his blue eyes, which could easily catch everyone’s attention, turned to me.
How many more years do I need to stay here? I was seriously troubled.
Mister…this is a fervent temptation. A temptation I couldn’t resist any longer if you keep on teasing me like that.
However, he was even aware that it might be wrong to touch me hastily.
He is the male lead while I am not. I am just a side character of this story so it is best to live a long and worry-free life while I’m still inside this rated-19 novel. I don’t have any idea when I’m going back home. To my real world.
I’m not complaining, it’s just that the more time I spend here, the more I am becoming attached to Ricdorian.
I wiggled my finger and dropped his hand carefully, ensuring not to hurt his feelings as I don’t want him to think he’s been brushed aside. Then, I carefully patted his cheeks.
This, for sure, is acceptable, right?
“Okay. I’ll go now.”
I slipped away from him, whose cheeks were like a blooming red flower, and shook his hands awkwardly. Afterwards, I turned my back on him.
“See you on the next walk.”
:chains::chains::chains::chains::chains: :chains::chains::chains::chains::chains: :chains::chains::chains::chains::chains:
The next afternoon, the senior guard came to me. I was told that no restraints were used on Ricdorian this time.
“It’s very strange… I’ve never done this before.”
Apparently, restraints that work well on other magical prisoners don’t work on him. I thought maybe it was related to the beast curse he had, but I still don’t really get it. In the end, the curse he had would remain a mystique to me.
There was no way I could know anything because first of all, I was unknowledgeable here. Though I have read the novel still, I am clueless about the actual extent of his curse.
All I knew was that he had a deadline because of that rose pattern in his chest. And only the heroine could release the shackles off from his neck that he had been wearing since birth.
“Anyways, I hope you can help me take the magic prisoner his walk now.”
“Well, yes, of course.”
Eventually, I decided to help him until Lenag came back from his business.  In fact, I would really do so even without the request for help from the senior guard.
So somehow half of the day started as a mandatory walk, and a few days later, the fourth walk came about.
It was a good stroll. But not really a peaceful walk that was without ups and downs, twists and turns. After all, a bit of trouble makes life interesting.
As I stared into the distant sky, I turned my head to the sound of footsteps approaching.
“Huh? Did you pick it up?”
I looked, with a vague glance, and saw what Ricdorian was doing….you really are coming around, huh.
The whole thing was different from a conventional walk. During our saunter, I realized for the second time that despite having the beast’s curse, he still manifests good physical strength.
&#lt;Sit down!&#gt;
It’s been a long time since I shouted ‘Sit down’. How busting it was. I’m sick and tired of this, but at the same time, it was fun.
&#lt;What a beautiful face…&#gt;
&#lt;I know.&#gt;
This is because his diaphanous handsomeness, whether he is a beast or a rational person, stood out even more under the broad daylight. Furthermore, his tousled silvery hair, his blue eyes with a bit of fierceness, and even the appearance of the sweat rolling down look sacred.
“Arff!”… If only you’re not biting a ball in your mouth, that’s it. You would be quintessential!
“You want me to praise you?”
“Arff! Arff!”… Don’t be a dog like this, Ricdorian. Please I beg you! I cried inside.
Why do I think I know all the expressions in this version of the beast? He doesn’t even speak the human language. Well, it must be because I’m his trainer. I felt proud of myself.
Staring at him with a complex gaze, I quickly threw the ball away. He had good physical strength. I thought of treating him like a puppy as a temporary measure, at least he’s not bursting out like a wild beast. However, doing so made it seem like I was pushing him away from this human behavior.
I threw the ball steadily, feeling anxious whether I should feel guilty or relieved now that he is at ease.
“Well done.”
Finally, when I threw one more time, I turned my head away from Ricdorian running away to fetch the ball.
The guards, standing like a statue, met eyes with me. They looked at us with a slightly embarrassed face and smiled.
“… She’s very good at dealing with that prisoner.”
The senior guard, Anton Lee, would always be the one to explain the situation.
“Have you done this before?”…What do you mean?
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