Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 25

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“This is my first time.” I rolled my eyes and shrugged.
In fact, they look edifying to me, but I was amazed at the nonchalant guards watching Ricdorian, who is like a hound.
“He seems to be more natural today, but did ‘that thing’ happen often? Well, I mean… the prisoner…”
“Do you mean the sudden uproar and outbursts?”
Anton got what he wanted to say.
“Not often, but it happened once. Magical crime prisoners have symptoms. They’re mostly prisoners who come here using bad magic, suffering from different side effects.”
Anton turned naturally.
“The prisoners who have spots all over their bodies, the ones who lose their memories everyday, hallucinations and so on. Long-time guards like me have seen different kinds of prisoners.”
“So you connote that the magic prisoner isn’t too awful?” I asked, as I became more interested with the conversation.
“I must say so. They are just out-of-control.”
Strictly speaking, Ricdorian wasn’t aware of doing it either. When he saw Anton during his third walk, and thought of the guards who had fallen to the ground with his extraordinary power, he smiled awkwardly as if he had remembered that disastrous occurrence.
Also, Anton thanked me.
“I was able to carry out the order with your help. Thank you very much. I sincerely appreciate your help.”
“I would like to express my sincere gratitude coming from the Prison Head as well.” You don’t even need to mention him. If it’s Lenag, it’s better not to listen to it.
Sooner than later, I heard the sound of footsteps running from afar. With my chin up, I held out my hand without looking at him.
Receiving the ball like that felt weird somehow.
“Go, get the ball…it’s my first time…”
As I turned my head, I saw a whole flushed Ricdorian. I held back my laughter at his burning hot ears. Oh, his rational side is back.
Is this his way of talking? Mentioning his first times? I grinned.
After I received the ball, I shook my head as I put it down. Then I sat down and stared at him, who looks even bigger
Ah. My neck hurt as I lifted up my head a little and made eye contact with him.
“Your firsts. Don’t you get tired of mentioning it?” Then the blue eyes, as blue as sapphire, shook like a leaf.
“Ah, but. It’s really my first time…”
“This is what I really want to do at first.”
Doesn’t he know it? There’s a big difference between the first you are implying and the first that I just uttered.
I swallowed my saliva with a big gulp and smiled at him, tapping the free space beside me for him to sit.
“Sit down.”
“Yes, yes, yes!” Well….why are you sitting on the floor, looking like you are waiting for something?
“Hey…why are you sitting there? Hey, not there, but here.” I wonder if animal traits affect him even when he’s rational personality is awake.
Now. I gravely felt the seriousness of the situation.
“Hurry up and sit down here properly.”
For now, I think there is an urgency to teach him the human language!
I stared at the side of Ricdorian, who was looking seriously at the ground. As the saying goes ‘there’s must be something in the water’ as somehow he looks a little outlandish.
Glancing at his hair, which is undulating from his red forehead, I feel like I’m losing all the thoughts of innocence and purity. Maybe I needed to pour holy water in my head!
This doesn’t appear to be a righteous outlook!
But yeah, wouldn’t it all end up in the book anyway?
I know that I’m complacent and imperturbable. But what can I do now that I am already here?
I was supposed to make no colossal changes to this story and that I understand that it is not good to alter the plot. But it is hapless to not give miniscule happiness to Ricdorian, at the present time.
It would be funny to say this, but I knew my part and role very well. So hereafter, I will just keep on watching him instead of giving him any advice. Of course, I noticed that my actions so far had a great impact on him, but she is the only woman who can save his life. It’s absolutely not me! I already imprinted that on my mind as I needed to know my place.
I wish I could go home someday after all of this. And forget everything…
Thereafter, I glanced down at the squeak of the chain and saw Ricdorian’s hand, slightly larger than mine, once again holding my clothes’ hem but he was silent, all throughout.
I smiled a little as I looked at the redness of his hand as if it were touching my fingertips.
This is definitely bad, isn’t it?
Soon enough, I wouldn’t be able to control this.
:chains::chains::chains::chains::chains: :chains::chains::chains::chains::chains: :chains::chains::chains::chains::chains:
After a week, the ninth walk of Ricdorian had come and unfortunately, it was also the time of Lenag’s return. And as soon as he arrived, I was immediately called to meet him.
“How are you, Iana.”
Lenag was dressed in a clean suit, he wore on the day we first met.
It was a prominent outfit or a uniform, I think, for most of the prisoners like me. Furthermore, a sleek silhouette stood out in the suit-like robe.
Wow, his body is in great shape. I can’t help appreciate his wholesomeness even though he is a villain in this novel.
I sat down at the seat he pointed out, admiring his stylishness and sleek honest appearance. Then, he tilted his head with his eyebrow raised.
“Well, hello. You’re not working as the Prison Head today?” I’ve always come here to see him working as the Prison Head Guard but to my surprise, he was not in duty.
“Yes. That’s right.”
The place I met him today was the top floor where the general manager stays. The guard, who guided me, said that nobody could get inside except for me. The feeling of being someone important was very mystifying.
Honestly, I was blindfolded coming in here, that’s why I felt a little bit awry. But it doesn’t really differ from what I always feel whenever I meet him.
Lenag, who noticed my nervousness, pushed the cup on the coffee table in front of me.
“I heard the story. The things that happened during my absence.”
I put the cup down, without realizing, instead of drinking it. It’s too hot when I held it. Drinking it might burn my tongue again.
When suddenly….
“You’re great.” He said, baffling me.
“Gre… Eh?????!”… Which part?!!!
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