Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 26

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If it’s with reference to what occurred during his absence, then he must be talking about the redemption necklace that was supposed to deal with Ricdorian when turning berserk or it might be possible that he was pointing out the idea of my treatment of Ricdorian as a dog….But I believe he’s pertaining to both…
As a matter of fact, what I did was nowhere to be considered ‘great’. I was just merely taming his beast side.
Moreover it’s a good thing that I didn’t drink the tea. Because if I did, I would have definitely choked the moment I heard him say it. It must because it was so unusual for a villain like him to praise anyone. Was he even really complimenting me? Or he’s just being sarcastic?
“Honestly, I commend the concept of treating him as a dog.”
Ugh! As I coughed, I eventually caught his sare look from the blue lens which coolly reflected the light. He looks breathtaking. If only he’s not a vicious, cold hearted, stern being.
However, he’s using the wrong words right now!
“Is everything part of what your brother talked about? Did he ask you to do it?”…and why is my brother’s name being brought up right now? I’m confused.
Despite his incomprehensible query, I tried to remain calm and pretend that I wasn’t flabbergasted. My actions toward Ricdorian do not involve anyone. It was my heartfelt commitment to help him.
“…he didn’t tell me anything.… doesn’t know.” I said cautiously as I don’t want him to be suspicious of me.
My life inside this prison was something my brother was unaware of. If I try to remember, the two of us haven’t had a proper conversation ever since I woke up. I had only written ‘I am doing well’ on the prior letter. Nothing more, nothing less.
I don’t even know who my brother is in the first place!
To boot, the letters that I had sent were most likely requests of goods for my bribery purposes….but right now, I just had the most dubious idea ever.
There’s no way he would think I’m using all those for myself, right? Or did he? Really?! I wasn’t able to think of that possibility beforehand!
I closed my eyes and shrugged my thoughts off. I became serious as I tried to quantify the amount of cigarettes and alcohol I had requested so far…what if he thinks that I have too much alcohol addiction? And what if I cannot be released because of that?
I tried to imagine myself persuading my faceless brother and father that I wasn’t an addict, but I am having a hard time visualizing it. I don’t even know what they looked like and what they are capable of. I just hope they won’t disown me.
Surely, I was careless and I am aware of that. I didn’t care what kind of person I was, what kind of family I had, and who they are.
But one thing’s clear, I am gonna be out of here someday and I have to face them. Maybe I have to postpone my requests, then. You need to be careful Iana. I said to lift up my spirit.
With that in mind, I looked up and met Lenag’s gaze….why is he staring at me again in a ferocious manner? I would liquefy if he won’t take his eyes away from me anytime soon.
It seems that it became a hobby for Lenag to stare at me, especially when I was lost in my thoughts.
I could feel his gaze all this time.
“Are you saying that it was Miss Iana’s will? Everything that has happened so far was solely your choice?”
“Yeah?” I said in an unsure manner, trying not to upset him.
At this moment, Lenag was emitting too much coldness, enough to freeze me. So I unmistakably decided to shut my mouth and gaze at him similar to that of a trembling prisoner. As the saying goes, ‘no prisoner is right in front of a guard’. It seemed as if he didn’t take much of a liking with my answer to his question.
Soon, I flinched as he spoke.
“Ah…Oh. By the way.”
I knew that I haven’t sinned, but seeing Lenag stare at me like that, made me a scaredy-cat.
In a moment, Lenag nodded, as if he had just processed my answer earlier.
“Okay, then that means you’re dogmatic… Anyway, the prisoner’s walk will continue as scheduled.”
“What? Why?”
I knew I just uttered a word or two but that didn’t stop me from opening my eyes widely. Is he serious?
No! At times like this, he was supposed to ask me questions like ‘how were you able to use the restraints?’, ‘why are you treating people like dogs?’, ‘who do you think you are?’ although, he already knows information about my true identity.
Anyway, isn’t it normal to be surprised by the suddenness of things? But it was me who was unable to hide my obfuscation.
However, Lenag answered with a stoic expression.
“Because that is what you want.”
His answer made me more puzzled. And as soon as he realized what he just said, he further added a clarification.
“I made a promise to your father and brother to listen to whatever you want.”
“… You said the same thing the last time. But do you really want to do this?”
Then I remembered, how much did my father and brother really pay him? Did they give all of their money to him? Or was he in debt of gratitude to them for him to obey them to this extent?
“Yes. That’s what I was supposed to do.”
But Lenag was too tight-lipped as he replied. Why? Why? Why is he too reticent? Why can’t I know more? I can’t read him like an open book. He’s too mystical.
I lifted the teacup that turned warmer with a slightly sullen face.
“… To be honest, I was surprised that you treated him like a dog.”
It would be strange to see a person treat another like a dog. However, I noticed the subtle nuances. Lenag, who said, ‘Treated like a dog’, seemed to be having fun as of the moment. As if making a fool out of Ricdorian gives him entertainment .
Does he think this is funny?
But, come to think of it, why would my brother ask me to do such a thing? And why would Lenag think that it was my brother’s request to treat Ricdorian like that?
Soon, with my rising conjecture of Iana’s family, I narrowed my eyes and opened my mouth to question Lenag.
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