Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 27

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“It’s not a good place to live with my family.”
I just threw it just in case he would provide me more details about them.
“That’s true. I didn’t know you were paying much attention to the dispute of your family right now.”
It took a long time for me to grasp what he just said. My eyes widened in an instant with my sudden realization! I quickly covered my mouth with the teacup, swallowing a lump, desperately concealing my confounded expression, and pretended to drink tea.
My eyes rolled towards Lenag and saw him grin back at me. Now, why does he keep displaying such an expression? What is he trying to relay?
Oh my gosh! I think I am going through an atrial fibrillation at this instant!
I did another sip of the tea that had already cooled down, thinking that my assumptions were absolutely right. As I heard from Baron, the current aristocratic empire was roughly divided into two, if not exactly.
It’s the Archduke of Hel, Harnim, alongside Ricdorian and the Black Roses villains Domulit.
In addition, I am now au courant….and Oh, My Gosh! I am so dumb! Why did I not notice this earlier?! I connected the dots and came up with a conclusion that….
Iana’s family are the villains in this story!!!
My brother that I intuit as a good person, is the ghastly villain and the sworn enemy of Ricdorian!
This is so messed up! What have I gotten myself into?!
“Iana, I hope you enjoy yourself here but please keep in mind that your safety is the most important thing here.”
He keeps smiling evilly that I felt I was being stabbed to death.
Finally, when I realized the meaning of his gruesome smile, I nodded, tightly gripping the handle of the teacup.
Every time those cold eyes behind the glasses looked down, I rolled my eyes. Soon after, I laid down the teacup and wiped my palms with my trousers.
Is that a smile that’s gonna wipe all of your teeth? No! But Iana, let’s stop being nervous right now. Rather, I need to think of a solution with all of these sudden revelations!
“I wish I could spend more time with you, but today is not just the right time.”
“Did my brother ask you to do that, too?” I asked Lenag, who pretended to be nonchalant. His golden eyes rolled slightly towards me. The sharpness of the gaze made me gawk.
“Well, maybe, but right now I have other important things to do…” Lenag said.
“…just talking to two people.” He added.
This room is the same as the other cells inside the prison, but something feels weird. It was when he tilted my head, that I thought he was a polite man.
“…Just two. So, are you thinking of…?”
“…What? Yes.”
Then who else is in this room? I tilted my head in query.
Then Lenag, who was silent for a while, soon caught me staring at him in question. And as I looked at him, he swept my face away without any trace of expression. So I decided to turn my gaze.
Why did he do that? Did I do something wrong?
“…We should better stop talking now.”
Right now?
I was flabbergasted by the sudden deportation, but it wasn’t a bad thing, so I got up with his guidance and led me to the door with a cool expression.
“I will have the guard guide you.”
He squeezed the doorknob firmly.
Why is he holding it so hard? It could break with the way he grips it. His blood vessels are visible right now. I can clearly see it.
The door opened and at that moment, the wind blew. I have closely seen his expression for a moment. Why, under those eyeglasses, his cheeks slightly manifest redness?
“… see you again.”
However, I was blinded by the door that was quickly closed, so I thought that maybe I was just deceived by my eyes. There’s no way he would blush!
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&#lt;In the future, you can do whatever you want here.&#gt;
As I left Lenag’s office, I frowned, it was because I felt an excruciating pain in my heart. I was having a complex state of mind right now!
Wow! I can’t believe this! I just found out that I’m a villain’s subordinate and it didn’t make me a bit happy! Everything made sense now. And it was strange to realize that Lenag, a ruthless character, used me.
I got it. I’ve joined hands with my brother, Chaser, at this time. Both of them. Lenag and Chaser. It feels like I’m no different from them with the way I treated Ricdorian.
Both are the notable villains in this book! Chaser, the main villain, and Lenag, who assists him, a villain that has an unknown brutal side.
If Chaser and Lenag were at it right now, then this cell is like Chaser’s. Then Lenag would not be pleased with Harnim’s son, Ricdorian, who was the sworn enemy of Chaser. Considering how he enjoyed the notion of treating Ricdorian like a dog, my bad intuition must be right.
One might have wondered why Ricdorian ended up in this prison, which is like Chaser’s chattel, and that is because the Archduke of Hel didn’t know the partnership between the two and left his son in the custody of Kambrakam.
Of course, since it is Lenag, he would unequivocally hide his cooperative relationship with Chaser, and insist on neutrality as what was being set forth in the novel. Not to mention, there was no better place that could stop him from paroxysm except for Kambrakam.
“Wow. Holy crap.”
Anyway, if he has already fallen into Chaser’s hands, the situation will never be propitious for Ricdorian. But what matters most right now is the fact that my brother and father are a family that Lenag always listens to, and in addition to that I am one of the villain Chaser’s subordinates.
It’s frightful! But it was better though. I am not a person who is directly connected to them. The goal of getting out and living in faraway lands still hasn’t left my mind. I still have a chance.
In fact, Lenag opened the door just after I took a step and grabbed me immediately.
&#lt;I needed to go somewhere again for a while and if anything happens please speak to me through the guard and I will definitely come back.&#gt;
He’s going to be away again after meeting me. And if something happens to me, he will come back right away. But, I think no disasters will occur here. Still, I was so glad to hear it because we will have a lesser chance of contact as I don’t look forward to meeting him.
“If only I’d be released from prison sooner.”
Reminiscing of the rustic breeze, I took a walk to the basement where RIcdorian was situated.
“It’s raining.”
Drops of water rolling from the window were seen as I stared at it, which was just right in front of me as I walked down the basement. I couldn’t hear his murmur because he muttered so little as if he was just talking to himself. Soon, I raised my voice for him to hear it.
“Hey, it’s hard to walk around today because of the rain. That’s it.”
“Yeah? Yes. right.”
Before going, I asked the warden who guided me about Ricdorian taking his walk, but as expected, he said that walking under this rain would be too difficult.
“Would you like to go to the living room?”
“Well, no.”
I shook my head. I didn’t go to the living room, because I thought of seeing Ricdorian for a while. Shortly, I checked my pocket. Which were always thick as it was always full of whimsical emergency snacks, and each time they moved, they made a crackling sound.
He said he likes sweets but I wonder if he would like the ones that we brought. The pocket of the guard was also filled with snacks for Ricdorian.
“You look very pleased.”
“Ah yes? Ah…Do I?.”
As I went down the stairs along with the warden, I laughed at Ricdorian’s shy face as I recalled it. He has a funny and unnatural taste. However, after a while, I arrived in the underground cell and stopped walking without being able to enter the cellar.
“Mister Hans?”
The atmosphere was strange, but it’s not that something has changed.
“Oh…we’re here, Iana.”
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