Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 28

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Seeing the door of Ricdorian’s cell half-open, Han’s expression promptly turned red while trembling. Even the lamps on the walls emitted redder light today. I simultaneously stared at Hans and at the cell, then looked down. I wonder why he looked so distressed.
Before long, I finally lifted my head from a puddle on the floor, as what I deemed it to be.
“…why is the door open?” I asked confusedly.
Hans awkwardly smiled at me in return. His expression right now was so unnatural– as if he was hiding something. It’s eerie!
“Today, there was a visitor who came in first.”
“Oh.. Really?”
Instead of looking back at Hans, I stared at the iron window and nodded at his response. That must be the basis for his behavior right now.
“Well, Iana. I think it would be better to just go back today… ”
“No, it’s okay. I don’t mind. Can I go inside?”
Apart from noticing the odd expression Hans displayed today, I also noticed an unusual feeling in this place. Whenever I visit Ricdorian, the door of his cell would always be closed. Moreover, through the slightly opened door, I smelled something familiar but was difficult to illustrate.
“No matter what I see inside, I will keep it a secret. I’ve been doing that, haven’t I? Don’t worry. I am too tight-lipped.” I said, persuading Hans, who hesitated for a while but later on sighed in defeat, and gave me permission.
He might have construed my stubborn expression. For sure, he was afraid that our good-fellowship may be destroyed and that he would no longer receive any first-rate goods from me.
Inside the prison, it is natural to meet guards who are friendly, calculative and selfish. However, with great responsibility, the prisoner in charge cannot evade retributions once he causes trouble. No matter how peaceful they may seem on the outside. And therefore, I understood their selfish rationality.
I decided to hand over the cigarettes as I always did and teased him. These things surely are handful.
I went inside the cage, feeling nauseous, and then stopped for a while to fix the lamp. The short distance felt so long. But I tried to stay calm, shaking my head. A little while ago, in front of the rusty cage were the puddles on the floor which I thought were because of the rain, soon turned out to be blood.
Holy cow! It’s blood!
I had read this part in the novel. It’s just that…
“… I didn’t expect to see it myself.”
I don’t know why the narrative part that was written in the novel came into my mind clearly–as if it was just passing through. Was it because of the blood?
Ricdorian’s father, Archduke Harnim, thought of him as not of his own flesh and blood. He was even considered a disgrace to the ‘prestigious’ Hel lineage. Reason why he did not hesitate to violently maltreat him and leave trails on his body…and even threw him in this cell! He even proudly told Chaser that he had abused his son before his own death.
My blood suddenly boiled thinking about his immoral doings.
What I couldn’t understand was the reality that Ricdorian was still saddened by the death of his murdered father and loathed Chaser for slaughtering him. Perhaps avenging him is the only thing he could do for him in order to express his affinity, as he had no one to give his affection to. It might also be that the lonely beast just turned his hatred towards the villain. Or maybe it’s like Stockholm syndrome. I don’t actually know.
After all, human emotions are complicated.
Soon, I lifted up the lamp in front of the wall. Under the swaying flame, I saw a boy, ragged and savaged, bloodied and scrabbling. What happened to him?
“Ricdorian.” I uttered, capturing his attention.
He trembled as he slowly raised his head, then opened his mouth.
From the stained, wounded body, only the azure eyes looked clean.
At this moment, he tried to get up, his arms’ staggering, thinking we were going out for a walk. I felt sorry for speaking a little too late.
“Don’t get up.”
When I squatted down, I touched his wounded cheek.
“… It’s the first time I became happy not to be able to talk to people.”
“Grrrr! Arff, Arrff!”
Ricdorian slightly frowned, but soon he barked. I gazed at him with an ambiguous expression that was neither laughing nor gloomy.
“…I’ve been out for a walk to see you. But, what am I supposed to do?”
My finger rubbed his soft knife-like silver hair. However, unlike the other days, the tip of my finger caught something as I caressed his head. When I pulled out my finger, there was blood.
“Arff. Arff?”
Afterwards, I wiped the blood on his chin with my clean thumb.
“We will not walk outside today. Do you understand?”
He sounded dismayed as if he was really looking forward to our walk and It felt a little strange as his voice contrasted with his bloody appearance.
“We can’t have a walk outside today with the way you are right now. I’m sorry.”
I ran my hand across his cheeks under his unscathed eyes and I saw him closed his eyes as if he were enjoying it. Surprisingly, when he was a beast, he liked the essence of touch–as if he was hungry for love. My heart felt a pang of pain looking at him.
Funny enough, the two of us just met for over a month and got on a walk a few times. That’s not too many times as much as a finger. However, I understood how he must’ve felt when I looked through the dark prison blockages everywhere. This place is lifeless and forlorn like a hell place where no love and kindness is apparent.
What kind of sane person would’ve felt happy living half of their life here. I chuckled sarcastically.
“If I leave it like this, it will hurt, right? Do you feel pain anywhere?”
He needs treatment at this instant. So I tried to stand up.
Ugh! Oh, come on!
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