Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 29

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Chapter 29 – Unwanted Visitor (2)
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As I gazed down slightly, I saw Ricdorian grab me, with eyes befuddled. For a beast, he looked confused. It was like he didn’t want me out of his sight.
“I’m not going anywhere. Just wait a minute.”
He was like a dog that instinctively felt his owner disappearing or leaving him, and even so, he shook his head and cried.
“Huh? Good boy. Wait here.”
Speaking firmly, he may not be wearing the redemption necklace right now, but I felt his power slowly dropping. I took off the remaining fingers grabbing me and when I was about to pull out the last finger, I abruptly stopped.
It was because all of a sudden his hand held me. But it was a very cautious touch. Just enough to hold on to the fingertips. I stared at him and saw a very red face in the midst of that bloody appearance.
The watery eyes stared at me, with tears at the corner of it that seemed to be proof that he was going through a painful state.
“…don’t go…”
I looked at my hands with a disoriented face. I don’t know what to do with this crybaby despite sensing why he is weeping right now. Ugh! I can’t handle him.
It’s unfair! I can’t stand that look on his face. I might give in.
I wasn’t even trying to run away from him. So I just firmly closed my eyes then exhaled deeply, and said..
“I’ll be back.”
I always knew that promises are meant to be broken, but there’s nothing else I can do at this moment. I needed to treat his wounds and I cannot do that without any first aid kit.
“You know pinky swear? I promise. Hang your fingers.”
I placed my hand on his little finger. Maybe it’s a move that he is ignorant about, but he simply stared at me and let me do it.
Shortly, I felt like someone was coming so I stepped back and turned my back. And the boy, who fell behind his back, wiggled, but there was something else that was more urgent.
I opened the cage and entered to see  Hans, who stared at me with a slightly surprised look with his mouth opened.
“Mister, do you have any medicine in here…” I asked him about some treatment but I was immediately stopped.
“No. No.”
No matter how kind a guard is. A guard will always be a guard. I bit my lips at his response. Then I put down the lamp and ran swiftly on the stairs.
“Iana? You’re leaving already?”
“Yes, but I’ll come back in an instant!”
Ricdorian’s wound was too severe. Will it heal quickly? Only I knew that the wound would one day be better, and that he must meet the heroine in that kind of condition. But I don’t like seeing him wounded and bloody. I don’t like him being in pain.
Where should I go? Where should I ask for help? Lenag? No. Definitely not! He may have already been out on personal business. I don’t know if he would come back once I asked him for help about Ricdorian.
“Haaaaa! haaaaa!” I was gasping for air when I arrived in my room and searched everywhere but there was nothing worth using for treating Ricdorian’s wounds. Of course, since I had never asked for medicinal goods before.
As I quickly browsed through my desk, I remembered the blank letter my brother would always send to me.
Yes, the letter!
Then, I quickly lifted the pen.
[Send me a medicine. The best one for treating wounds!]
It was the best thing I could do right now. For there was no medicine nor bandages available in my room. Only basic necessities are given to us.
“I don’t want to use dog poop as medicine.”
Long ago, bandages were forbidden inside the prison because it was used as an escape means and for self-harm. Of course, there were patients here, and there was a medical room for those patients. However, even if I go into the infirmary, it is prohibited to take herbs or medicines outside the vicinity.
There was once a man who tried to purloin sleeping pills from the infirmary and he was placed in the most eerie cell ever!
Soon, I knocked on a door and called the warden who was guarding the room.
“Hey, the letter. Can I send it today? It’s urgent.”
“You can. Today is the day  we send out the bulk mails.”
All right! Good timing! It was really helpful to get along with the guards.
Everyday, I would frequently ask the warden about packages for me and today, he happily approached me.
The letter was delivered immediately that night and surprisingly, just two days later, a package arrived.
“Wow, my God.” I opened my mouth wide at what I saw.
Bunch of medicines in crystal bottles were delivered that seemed very expensive, even though I didn’t know these various medicines and medicines. Of course, this was an item that should be obtained from the Prison Head but due to his absence, the warden manager was the one who delivered it to me.
He seemed to have a suspicious look, but he didn’t further ask me. I just made up words and told the general manager, that Lenag, told me to look after myself well. Moreover, I had no time for him so I hastily turned my back and walked outside, pretending to be calm.
“I’m in a hurry.”
I quickly ran to Ricdorian’s cell. Since two days have already passed, my mind was extremely upset. I can’t help but feel restless these past few days.
Hans let me in casually, bringing with me a beautiful pouch with medicines inside…there was no sign of surprise or embarrassment seen on him as the two of us became acquainted with each other. Although Hans knew what Ricdorian is like, he was still not in a state of agitation or worriness. It’s not his job though, to be obligated with a prisoner’s state.
As I entered the room, I was flabbergasted, because I saw something from Ricdorian that I was not supposed to catch sight of considering that I am just a side character of this novel.
That means this has happened all the time.
I just knew what kind of past the protagonist had as I read the book, but it was different being able to see it right in front of your eyes.
I’m sure I came here in a hurry knowing that he’ll get better someday….but..
“…who, who?”
When I lifted the lamp, I could see the figure of a flinching little boy.
“It’s me.”
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