Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 31

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I picked up a medicine and opened its lid. I get it as it looks the most helpful to Ricdorian’s state. There was a bitter smell of medicinal herbs as soon as it was opened.
“Well, it’s not the smell I least expected. You can no longer endure the pain, right? Good medicine is the best for the body. It will hurt for a while but then your wounds will heal faster.”
Ricdorian: “…”
Now he accepted my hand without making a sound and without flinching. To boot, he also patiently closed his moist eyes.
This made me wonder.
Does he feel so ashamed?
Or not…Does he hate it that much?
“Huh, hey, a little slower…slower”
“…why do you talk like that?” You’re giving me the wrong idea, mister.
I thought my cold hands might be a little irritating to his skin as it was extremely hot right now.
It’s comforting for me though as it gives warmth to my cold hands.
“What do you mean?”
I shook my head and moved my hands slower than before.
I applied the medicine starting from his face, went down and stopped at the neck and collarbone. My hand that enters the recesses of the inside of the collarbone move slowly, from side to side. At this point, I can’t help but to become aware.
If I apply the medicine quickly, I would have easily done treating him. But.. It’s getting slow. I must be crazy right now. This also contributed to the increased redness and warmth of his skin.
As of the moment, only the sound of our breaths were heard. The silence filling the empty room made me a little uncomfortable, but that was it. I took out another finger of medicine and put it on him. I badly wanted to finish this. It’s getting hot in here.
Soon, I applied the medicine all the way under the thighs….between his wrists and ankles….and torn clothes. I lifted up his hand that I was holding onto, and then blew on it.
“Why are you shaking?”
“wi…wi… Wind!”
“Why, it’s just your hand. I blow it up to dry. I have to do this especially in that area because of the handcuffs.”
Once again, I blew on his hand.
“…oh..oh..ah, just one time is enough… I think you did enough.”
“Can’t you stop moaning?”
Why do you test a good woman? I’m getting the wrong ideas here!
His forehead furrowed and then gazed at me with wide eyes.
Oh my gosh! I swallowed my saliva because I saw his jade-like tears rolling in his cheeks….He’s crying again!
But no. I’d rather not look.
“That’s it. Next…Is the painkiller. That’s right. It’s a painkiller.”
The round medicine rolled in the glass bottle like a ring. I laid my eyes on Ricdorian, staring at me in wonder.
“I’m supposed to eat this first, to test how much longer it lasts but I forgot to do it because I was in a hurry to treat you.” He didn’t understand.
I’m sure he needs painkillers. In fact, I visited Ricdorian yesterday but I couldn’t get inside the cell. The items that I asked did not arrive yet. I was worried about him all this time.
Since I couldn’t get in, I just stood outside then I heard him groaning.  His loud groan echoed inside the cell.
It was clear that he was groaning because of how painful it is. He was suffering a great deal of excruciating pain from his wounds and bruises. I couldn’t go inside the cell because I know I wouldn’t be able to watch him without feeling pity.
And also I hated the fact that despite seeing Ricdorian all beaten up, Hans remained calm, showing no concern for the prisoner. So as soon as the medicine arrived, I immediately came here. I want to ease his pain. I want to cease his suffering.
“Shall we take the medicine now?”
This beaten boy inside the dark cell is nothing compared to what he will be four years from now.
“Yes, that’s what people take when they are sick. I just want to make you feel better.”
My guilty mind always comes in times like this….I’ll be out soon….that’s what I always thought…Ironically speaking, I can help him because the four years of waiting is quite long.
It’s sad.
Just please hold onto this until you’re saved one day, Ricdorian.
I know I’m selfish for thinking this way, so I hope Ricdorian will forget all of this and live happily with Francia. I just want and wish him happiness. After all, he had suffered enough already.
“This type of medicine needs to be swallowed.”
I said, slightly sweeping his bangs that covered his eyes.
“Can you eat it? I brought it here, and I would be sad if my sincerity is ignored.”
“I’ll eat, I’ll eat.”
“Yes, that’s good.”
He took the pills, his face was still as red as a red rose. He then lifted them up in front of him, but he tilted his head and did nothing after a moment.
“Was something wrong?”
His eyes narrowed as he looked at me, slowly removing the medicine from in front.
“Uh, how do I eat this?”
“Oh, you never tried it before?” He nodded in response.
It was surprising in many ways, but soon I remembered that medicine is usually taken with water. The infirmary had that type of medicine too. The doctor said that it would be hard to swallow a pill without the aid of water.
“You can take it like this. Drink the water, put the medicine inside and then swallow.”
However, despite my explanation, he was still unable to swallow the medicine. He was like a little kid who cannot take any medications.
Soon, I stared at him with a stern face. I was wondering if I could grind the medicine, but there were no mortar and pestle or any grinding tool in here. The handcuffs could be used but they are too unsanitary.
Uhmmm, how about this?
“Would you like to give it to me?”
Once I got the pill back from him, I blew the dusts out.
“I’m gonna feed you. Don’t say anything else, I will do this because you cannot swallow the medicine.”
“Eh, Eh? Ugh, yes.”
He hesitated for a while, rolled his eyes, and then nodded lightly.
Oh my, his reddish face looks strange today. It felt a little weird that he was so obedient this time.  I tilted my head and I slightly grabbed his chin.
“Open your mouth.”
His red lips were partly opened.
Open it more.
Just like what I had commanded in my mind, Ricdorian opened his mouth wider. By that time, I put it inside… using my fingers.
“Uhmm, You can’t chew my finger. Okay?”
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