Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 32

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“Yes, I’ll push it back on your throat. Don’t spit it out. Swallow it. Okay?”
I pressed his tongue so that he wouldn’t vomit, and his eyes which automatically watered turned to me. I flinched for a moment at the sight of his moist, wet eyes, but then focused again on his tongue, pretending to be calm.
His soft tongue intertwined with my fingers.
It’s better to use my hand in feeding since I can easily push it in his throat.
He stared at me, while my fingers are still inside his mouth, forgetting to take them out at this moment. But after a moment, his stare turned tenacious. Maybe because it’s painful for him to swallow the medicine.
The touch of his tongue was so soft as it wrapped around my fingers. I could feel the wetness of it.
In an instant, I’m starting to think about various lewd ideas. And it’s definitely not good. Holy crap! My innocence!
I wanted to get my hand out, but I wasn’t able to move because his hand was clutching it. Is he stopping me from going further or he just doesn’t want my hand out of his mouth? I’m confused.
But No!  When are you going to let go of my hand? When it turns red from the tightness of your hold?
Unable to endure the moment of silence, he decided to open his mouth.
“Grrrrr.” He suddenly growled at me.
“Huh?” Did his beast side recur?
He tilted his head away.
“Oh, come on.” I said impatiently. But he’s still growling at me.
“How long are you going to keep it?” I said, referring to my slender fist in captive.
The surprised Ricdorian, who just came back into his senses, let go of my hand immediately.
Oh… Was what he did right now an act that he didn’t even realize? So he’s still the sane Ricdorian? Good grief.
I wiped my fingers using my other handkerchief and offered the water to Ricodrian.  And while he was drinking water, I quickly washed my hands with water from the other bottle and stuffed the medicine container in my pocket.
My gut feeling told me that I shouldn’t be here anymore. It was an odd feeling but then I just shrugged it off.
But since I already achieved my main objective for coming here, I decided to leave.
“I’ll be going now. Your wounds will no longer hurt tonight. And, I did keep my promise, right?”
I kept my promise to come back. At the same time, I felt it would be better not to make an appointment with him again. If I keep looking at those strange guilty eyes, I’ll declare I’ll do anything for him. Like a dedicated soldier ready to sacrifice his life for his country. The only thing is that he’s the country I’m willing to die for…. I’m beginning to be like that. And it seems like that thought of mine would declare war on this already messed up plot.
Thinking about that, all I can do is sigh.
I was surprised.
This is the first time he stopped me this way instead of grabbing my clothes. But soon, I decided to turn my back and ignore him.
Today doesn’t seem to be a good day, mister.
:chains::chains::chains::chains::chains: :chains::chains::chains::chains::chains: :chains::chains::chains::chains::chains:
As I entered my cell, I sighed deeply. I was so exhausted! Phew. What happened a while ago was so dangerous.
Ricdorian’s appearance stimulates a person’s heart. He would constantly make me go beyond my boundaries. If he looks like that when he’s still a young person, what more when he grows up? Ugh, his features would definitely be way more than a celestial being.
I think it’s a pleasure to meet him before he grows up.
If I didn’t have self-control earlier, I would have slapped him in the face. And I’m sure he’d be flustered.
My wrist hurt because of what he did!
But there was something in him that I couldn’t talk and stop thinking about.
I swept my face down and messed up my hair.
“…what am I even thinking?”
This is all because of the genre of this novel! I shook my head and looked down.
“Oh.” I said as I found a piece of paper on the floor.
After lifting it, I soon realized that this was the letter that came with medicine. A letter from my brother.
Did I drop it in a hurry? Must be.
When I opened it, I immediately recognized his neat handwriting.
[My lovely sister. …Are you sick?]
Yes. Still neat and elegant. Well, I also have a neat handwriting but because I requested the medicine in a hurry, I wasn’t just able to write beautifully. I pouted, then continued reading the succeeding messages.
[I always worry about you and there’s no time I didn’t think about you. I miss you.]
My gaze soon stayed on the last passage.
[Shall I go there and visit you?]
My eyes widened, I read the last sentence once again to make sure I’m not hallucinating.
He’s coming here?
I tilted my head.
Well, it’s not strange. We’re family, so it’s normal for my brother to come and see me. Especially that this is where Lenag reigns, and they are considered as partners in crime.
Additionally, the villainous family visiting me here seems to be okay. Sure enough, no problems might be encountered. And for sure Lenag wouldn’t think twice if they ask him to visit Iana.
Most families of noble prisoners do not visit them because of the tight security and also the fact that aristocrats don’t like the prison head,  Lenag of the Marquess.
The success of this huge prison is all because of him. His harsh, cold means and lack of humanity in leading this prison had brought it to its triumph. As what I had heard from the prisoners.
It is said that the Lenag came from a place where he dominates. He is fond of controlling things so it is expected for him to go to a place where he is in authority. And this prison is the perfect place for that.
Of course, it’s sudden for my brother to say that he would visit me.  But it wasn’t really a bad thing for him to do.
I am not that excited to meet him but my face right now is a bit pale. So far, They’ve sent me this and that. And, I just couldn’t face them right now when the issue about those alcoholic drinks and cigarettes I’ve asked for is still fresh.
Although I don’t know what this brother thinks about Iana. But still.
“What was really their relationship? Are they close?”
I’ve heard that I’ve been taken in place of my brother and father’s sins, and those who have been taken here in place of a family member have been at odds with the family that put them in here.
&#lt;If I get out of here. I’m gonna turn my brother into a dead man! I’m going to make it his worst nightmare!&#gt;
Remembering what Sally just said, I wonder if my brother and I have the same relationship as what Sally and her brother have. I looked at her in the next room, who was chewing food. I shook my head and remembered another prisoner who has a similar situation but instead of getting mad he just accepted his undesirable but inevitable situation.
This is what prisoners in Kambrakam feel: it’s either anguish or resignation.
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