Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 33

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But the good news is, I didn’t think much about those because I wasn’t the true Iana in the first place.
“Hmm. Are you being nice to me because you’re sorry?”
So my older brother who sends me a lot of things feels sorry and will do things for me.  I appreciate the materials he sends and I’m using those well, but what should I think?
Anyway, as stated in the letter, he’s worried about me, right? I was confused for a while but his neat handwriting distracted me from my thoughts earlier.
Since he’s a family maybe I resemble some of his facial features. So in less than a minute, I turned my head slightly and looked in the mirror.
I wonder what my brother looks like?
I put my hands on my waist and proudly said..
“If you look like me then, you’re a good looking guy.” I grinned.
In the mirror, I have light pink hair. A dark impression could also be perceived on my pale-colored eyes… A very mild impression…seems like this is something that I inherited from the family of villains.
Jade hairpins suit very well with my hair. I must’ve inherited all these hair ornaments from my mother. Was she a warm woman?….I don’t have any idea at all.
In addition, my eyelashes were so long and plentiful that I feel like I am a deer. I could see my pale purple eyes. It was a strange color with a bit of redness. To be honest, I think the actions and behavior of the guards and fellow prisoners who are nice to me might be because I am  somewhat good looking.
I laughed. I sound conceited right now.
I look pretty, though.
That just means that my brother is of handsome features. Perhaps my brother had a similar hair color to me. Siblings, right?
“Okay, but I have never encountered a man with pink hair. That would be surreal.”
And none of the main characters in the book have the same pink hair as me. Iana reminded me of the fact that she is so far from the main characters of this novel.
Soon, I opened the desk drawer and placed the letter on top of the stacked up letters. There were already a lot of neatly arranged letters on the left side of it. Although most of these are empty stationeries.
I sneered as I looked at the letters piled up and closed the drawer. Then I lay on my bed and closed my eyes.
“Ahh, applying medicine was a very tiring job.”
Suddenly, my fingers got itchy. I wondered why this was happening but I was too tired to think of anything so I decided to sleep.
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A few days later, the rain that was falling hard stopped for a while, and the sunny sky showed up again.
The day was clear but taking a walk on the muddy ground was such a bother.
This country is experiencing an intermittent rainy season. And therefore, most of the noble prisoners are crowding in the living room.
“This might be the last rainy season for this year.”
As always, I nodded as I listened to Baron, who likes to explain and share various hearsays. Then I looked around inside and tilted my head.
It’s strange that the atmosphere wasn’t that exciting. It wasn’t like I was bored, it’s just that it was noisier today than the other days. I am not talking about the male prisoners but the female ones.
“Haha, really? Are you sure?”
“Yes! I told you so!”
A group of female prisoners filled the sofa area on the right side of the room, chatting in a friendly manner. Some of them even burst out laughing, which was clearly heard in the entire room.
No matter how peaceful a cell is, it will always be an enclosed area. Loud noises are easily echoed.
A desolate place, nothing more.
A while ago, there was a prisoner who cried endlessly because of the sadness he felt while being locked up.
Because of them, the serene and calmness of the living room had turned chaotic and noisy. Moreover, there were more women inside the prison who claimed the crime of their family than those who committed bad deeds.
As I looked around, I saw Sally also chatting but rather she was a type of prisoner who has a calm ingenuity.
“It’s quite a mess today.”
Moreover, Sally is having a pleasant conversation with another prisoner, who is a cafe house owner, with a slight blush in her cheeks.
I was wondering what was going on, but I decided to not bother and got up from my seat as I have other plans for today.
All I did was steal a bunch of cookies on the table into my pocket. The pastries served in the living room taste better than the ones given at mealtimes. This was the real reason why I came here today.
In fact, I said it was a secret, but the way Baron questioned me was enough to make the guards look at us.
“Where are you going?”
“An exciting adventure?” I said nervously.
I waved at Baron and left the room in a hurry.
Of course, I was headed to Ricdorian’s cell.
As soon as I reached the cell, I opened it. Right now, I was accustomed to the rusty sound of the bars opening.
“Hello, Hans.”
As usual, I greeted Hans and handed him the cigarettes in exchange for my visit in Ricdorian’s cell. I stepped inside and the smell didn’t feel any more breathtaking. It’s still a bit annoying thinking that he was beaten up to that extent, so the next time, I’ll ask my brother to bring detailed directions about the medicines.
“Hi” Ricdorian looked up to me. His beast side is now welcoming me to his manor.
“Arff!” He barked at me with excitement.
His round eyes were filled with joy. I paused for a while and then walked towards him….hmmm, he grew up a little.
It was strange but he looked bigger than before.  It’s not that much, but it’s a subtle difference. It’s been two months since the last time I saw him, and he grew bigger in this short period of time.
“I must have been dreaming.”
I sat down in front of Ricdorian. I tickled his chin because he looked like he was waiting for me to do it, and then I stroked his head.
“Today’s snacks are cookies. You like cookies, right?”
When I removed the wrapper, Ricdorian grabbed the cookie and devoured it as if he hadn’t eaten for a long time. Nut no matter how hastily he ate the cookies, some of them were spilled on the floor.
“Oh, wait a minute!”
Seeing him looking at the remnants on the floor, I hurriedly grabbed him by the head….No, wait a minute. Stop!
You can’t eat those! Those are dirty!
“No, no, no!”
Ricdorian! Let’s protect our dignity as human beings!
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