Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 35

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“The lady who rescued the man is the heroine.”
The heroine of this novel had bright scarlet hair. And as far as I remember, Ricdorian would always compare her beauty to the color emitted by a sunset, which was very sweet and beautiful.
The relationship of the male lead and the female lead in this novel was really a match made in heaven. Well, I also read that Francia is really pretty.
Being released from the curse and living happily ever after, it’s exactly the same with Ricdorian’s situation.
Before I knew it, the quiet Ricdorian instantly turned his face towards me. I pushed his head away to create some distance between us but he’s so big that I felt like pushing him won’t sway him at all. He may look thin but his body was so firm and masculine. I knew it after touching him.
“Stop pushing. I’ll fall.”
He supported himself with one arm and slightly leaned forward in accordance to his strength, trying not to fall. And then he took my hand and sniffed it. Uh oh, my hands smell like cookies right now.
Suddenly, I spoke as I carefully stroked his hair like a silver thread.
“You know, I have an older brother. He said he is coming and that he’ll visit me in prison soon.”
Ricdorian, who was rubbing his cheek and sweeping his hair, lifted his head slightly. Today, I might not be able to see his rational side. And it wonders me when is the right time for his changes to occur. But I guess that time would be really hard to predict.
“I’m curious about my brother’s face. On the other hand, I don’t think it will matter if we don’t look alike.”
Ricdorian: “…”
I kept talking even though I didn’t get any response from Ricdorian.
My brother said he would come and visit me, but I haven’t heard much since the last letter he sent me.  Even though he only said it once, it really made me a lot more curious about him.
I slowly tilted my head and smiled slightly at Ricdorian.
“I wish you could speak a little bit of human language.”
I’d like to talk to you but since you are a beast right now, I guess it would be difficult. Right?
“It’s been a long time since the first time we’ve and my life has became a little boring.”
The prison was more regular than I imagined but a bit more demanding that rules concerning prisoners’ behavior are obeyed and observed.
Soon, Ricdorian’s hands that he used in rubbing his cheeks and sweeping his hair a while ago were now put together on the floor.
Hmmm. It’s been five months since I came here. That’s a  long time huh?
“When can I get out of prison?”
I stroked his head once more and got up from my seat.
“See you again.”
Then I gave him the leftover cookies and turned my back.
At the last minute, I thought the cookies fell down to the ground, but I might be mistaken. There’s no way he’d smash or even let his food fall in the ground.
:chains::chains::chains::chains::chains: :chains::chains::chains::chains::chains: :chains::chains::chains::chains::chains:
“Oppa” said he would come, but the news really left me hanging for a few days.  No, it wasn’t entirely a news. This is not the first time they left me hanging.
After that day, a letter arrived again.
However, there was no written message in it with regards to what he previously wrote about him visiting me or worrying about me.
“Did he just write that without really intending to do it?”
I stared at the blue sky and felt like I was at a total loss this time. It was subtle to say that it was regrettable. I just wanted to see Iana’s family once.
Slowly, I went back to my first memory here in prison. If I remember correctly, when I first opened my eyes here, I saw a white ceiling. I woke up in the infirmary of the prison.
&#lt;Oh, are you awake now? Oh, my God! Your heart stopped beating!&#gt;
According to the attendant of the infirmary, Iana’s heart stopped beating for a while. Furthermore, she said that Iana’s body was usually very weak. But somehow I didn’t catch a cold ever since I woke up.
In fact, after I opened my eyes and heard about Iana’s heart stopped beating, I had a thought that came to my mind like a pure instinct. The original Iana is dead. It was a fact that I accepted naturally, as if someone whispered it to me.
It was very confusing.
Having this form from the very beginning made me uncomfortable. I had a hard time adjusting with all these transitions and irregularities of the occurrences, but I eventually coped up and became myself. This is me right now. I have to live with that fact.
It’s a big deal if people would take my situation lightly.
I thought I’d go home one day if I lost some screws.
I knew my life would be easier after I was released from prison, but I’m starting to think that it will not. No, I don’t think so. Not after everything that has happened. I feel like trouble follows me wherever I go.
I just want to take a rest somewhere with good air.
Soon, I stared calmly at the beautiful landscape I saw. Right, I don’t have to think about it right now. I’ll worry about the future when I get there.
“No walk for Ricdorian today.”
This morning, I was told that I don’t have to come and assist them in Ricdorian’s walk. They had a new restraint and had to do some experiments with it.
I decided to stay in the garden instead of the living room because of the complexity of my thoughts. Sitting on the bench, I exhaled. Indeed, breathing the air in the garden was clean and refreshing.
“Are you bored?”
I turned my attention to the person with an unfamiliar voice, then I saw a man smiling.
Who is he? It’s my first time seeing him. Without realizing it, I looked through the garden.  And saw more prisoners wandering in the garden today than usual.
“Today the garden is open for the prisoners situated in Kambrakam’s middle east side. You didn’t know that, did you?”
Unlike me, who has a light crime, there were more sinful people inside Kambrakam. Our crimes are not as severe as those people who committed murder, arson and treason.
Those are considered heavy crimes and will never be legalized in this place.
Unlike the people on my floor, who came here instead of their family members, they are the “true sinners.” They are dangerous.
“Don’t be too wary. I’m not a bad guy.”
“Well, I’m pretty sure bad guys are the ones who usually say that.”
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