Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 36

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The man, with a good-looking face, shook his head and smiled. I instinctively looked around once again to ensure that I knew the positions of every guard just in case something bad happens. Sure enough, there are more guards today than any other day which I think due to the number of prisoners wandering in the garden.
Now, who is this man?
“I’ve heard that this time, the prison head was out and brought a lot of guards and therefore were allowed to take a walk with prisoners from the other side because of the sufficient number of jail wardens who will monitor the walk of prisoners from the middle east side.  I’m just saying this because I thought you were wondering.”
I wasn’t really curious about that. But soon, I saw him shrug his shoulders.
“Don’t be too wary. This was only applicable to carefully selected prisoners.”
“Carefully selected?” That caught my interest.
“Here we go.” The man lifted his hands and massaged his temples.
“Only ‘normal’ people are allowed to walk.”
I observed the man with keen eyes. His harmonious brown hair, which blends well with the background of the sky like how rainfall goes naturally well with the blue, shook gently. I narrowed my eyes even more and looked at his somewhat mischievous green eyes.
“My name is Jair.”
I flinched as soon as I heard him say his name. No wonder why I thought the color combination was so familiar.
“And I really want to meet you for once.” He added.
Jair! That’s it, Jair Yuta Tupen Foss was a supporting character in the book! He helped the heroine and Ricdorian escape from prison.
I didn’t know he was here from the beginning. I thought I’d never meet him.
In this cell, it seems like all important plots were not met. I’m not happy with this. He also said he wanted to meet me. Why are these sudden turn of events so unfamiliar to me?
“I’ve seen you take a walk before. Well, to be exact, I saw you training someone. You’re all done?”
“I don’t think you’re seeing the right thing.”
“You’re making it hard for me to say it. I broke out of prison.” I looked at him with disapproval…is that something to be proud of?
He’s smiling like a good man now, but for all I know, he has an unrivaled ability to escape from prison.
Moreover, in the book, he was not just a person who helped them escape from prison. He was only pretending to be a sinner, and was on the side of the Hel estate. He was also the right-hand man and an aide of Ricdorian, who later became the Archduke.
“Anyway, I got interested when I saw it. Actually, I’m a wizard. I’m sure you know those wizards who have the tendency to turn their eyes around on the streets for research. They’re quite famous.”
He put his hand on his chest. I frowned at his action.
“If you’re really a wizard then you shouldn’t just casually tell me that in here, of all places. Should we go to a different prison location?” I said, a bit bothered.
“If you’re saying that because you’re afraid someone might hear you, we don’t have to. Fear none for after all, no one will hear us.”
He unfolded his palms. I was surprised and Jair quickly stared at the nearby guard. The guard looked calm. But looking closely, it seems like the focus of the guard’s eyes was blurry.
“That guard won’t remember anything. Just for the next five minutes.” His thick eyes, as green as the forest, gazed at me mischievously.
From what I remember, in the novel, Jair had a very funny personality. He would always make me laugh whenever I read the novel.
“I’m just here to tell you a funny story. About the prisoner you cared for.” Jair lowered down his head.
“You know, that’s the curse of being an animal? It’s an old curse. An ordinary person probably doesn’t know.”
The curse that came down to Archduke Harnim’s Grand Palace was a curse that only a few of them know. So I’ll just act like I don’t know and talk about it openly to avoid any suspicions.
I couldn’t figure out why he was doing this especially that he just suddenly came to me.
“It’s a curse to be a beast. When you become an animal, you can’t even speak a language. He’s only human in appearance, and he’s a beast in speech and behavior. But isn’t it too uncomfortable and pitiful to live like that? For those who suffer from such a curse, the awakening is just a temporary solution. The wizard is usually part of this.”
“Why are you telling me this story?”
“You’ve also heard of this, right? That’s why you’re curious.”
I frowned a little at his words, which had no more sense. I’m curious, really curious. I wanted to know more about it. Especially the fact that it involves Ricdorian.
“But when I saw the prisoner who was with you, I can tell that you haven’t awakened him yet, right? And as long as he hasn’t awakened, he would always live a miserable life of repeated words and actions of a beast.”
No…. So Ricdorian who wasn’t able to speak was because of the curse and not because he was taught how to act and speak like a dog?
I misunderstood everything. Despite learning all of this, I pretended to be calm while hiding the nursery book behind me. And soon, I realized why Jair came to me. Jair was a loyal man who devoted his life to Ricdorian.
I do not know exactly what he’s thinking right now, but it seems like he was really doing his best to help Ricdorian. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have talked to me at all, tell me about the curse Ricdorian is under and worry about being caught.
And sure enough, he doesn’t know what I know.
In the book, when Ricdorian was a beast, Jair used and paid a lot of people to awaken Ricdorian.
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