Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 41

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I genuinely mumbled the spell and saw a blue light from his wrist faintly lingering. But to my surprise, as I looked at him, he was about to fall.
And I widely opened my eyes in shock.
The chains moved, and I grabbed him by the shoulder. But still, he stumbled and fell forward. He laid on his stomach and groaned.
“Are you alright? Ricdorian, can you hear me?”
He let out a groan, let alone a reply. This is driving me nuts. Jair never talked about this. He just said it would sting him a little!
Jair said that Ricdorian would grow a bit after experiencing a little pain, and I anticipated the degree of body growth. But I didn’t expect to see him suffering like this. I stomped my feet while looking at him. I don’t have the time to run to my cell and get the painkillers. If only I knew that suffering from this would be the side effect, I would not have consented this!
I bit my lower lip, anxious about what to do.
“…huh?”… When did it grow?
I felt that his shoulder gradually grew thicker. It wasn’t just the shoulders. I could see firmer and longer legs and arms. I am astonished by what I am seeing. His torn clothes fell on the floor.
Soon, Ricdorian slowly lifted his head and stopped breathing the moment he stared at me.
His breathtaking face was now gazing right in front of me.
I tried to step back as I felt uneasy; however, the hand that held me was faster than the speed of light. He grabbed me firmly like an iron clasp. And with this, the chain was pulled tightly. The shackles on his neck were still attached. His mouth, which became plump and redder as he grew, opened slowly.
“Why are you avoiding me…?” He said. “Where do you intend to go?” Ricdorian added.
His pureness remained the same, but his ferocity right now was like that of his beastly side. And as I heard him say those lines, it felt different.
It didn’t take too long for me to realize that Ricdorian was speaking in the form of a beast.
As he tilted his head, his long silver hair scattered over his forehead. I bent my head to see him even more. His eyes were looking at me deeply, making me feel like I’m drowning in the ocean. I heard his deep breaths. And his eyes seemed to be staring at my neck.
“Let me go.”
Ricdorian’s head tilted deeply. At that moment, I opened my eyes wide.
“Why… why are you trying to avoid me?”
Those strange and bitter eyes were watery. His long and mesmerizing eyes were in subtle harmony but more stimulating….this is not just because of the growth.
I grinded my teeth and thought of Jair. That bastard! He fooled me! I’m surely gonna pinch him in the ears!
Holy cow! I know it’s just a slight improvement. But I was so sure. This is the look of Ricdorian in the book. This is him, the grown-up Ricdorian four years later.
My heart pounded. I squeezed my sleeve with the other hand. It was strange to see him with that kind of beauty. It’s more than ethereal!
But soon, I gathered myself and thought that there was no time…this is not the right time for this.
“Let me go. I have to go.”
There’s no time. I had to go back before the patrols turned. But his grip did not budge. No, I could feel how powerful and robust his hand was.
But at the moment, tears fell from him.
“Don’t go.”
No, why are you seducing me! With my face swept away, I quickly tried to pull his hand away from me. Soon, our eyes met, and I flinched as I saw the gaze of the beast.
“Where are you going?”
The eyes on me were filled with tears, but I knew that he’s an animal that could turn berserk anytime and bite off someone’s neck.
I swallowed a lump as I think of his capabilities.
He was in an imperfect condition as of the moment. I could see him shaking even when he was a beast, but he still had the consciousness of a rational person. We shouldn’t have done anything in a rush. Maybe he wasn’t able to bear the power of the spell?
“Ricdorian, you’re a good boy. Look at this, I brought you something you like.”
While I opened my pocket with one hand, Ricdorian glanced at it. Ah, I know for sure he must have seen his favorite cookies.
“It’s for you.” I said and showed him the pouch of cookies I just grabbed.
“Mine?” I nodded nonchalantly in response.
His eyes that caught me, stared alternately at the cookie and my face. Then I offered my hand with the pouch of cookies.
“What, what should I call you… I don’t remember. Ah, Master?”
“No.”…Master….I pursed my lips, determined not to feel pampered once again.
“Iana. Call me by that name.”
He bent his upper body, and the distance between us was narrowed. The tension I am feeling right now was similar to that of a wired copper. Looking at the gentle but ferocious beast, I slowly tried to gather my thoughts.
“…yes. Iana.” I said.
His deep gaze was now too close to me and the blinking blue eyes curled slowly. It seems like the purpose of his sudden growth was now forgotten because of his overwhelming smile and the strangeness that flowed in his sight.
Iana: “…”
I only heard him say my name, but why do I feel so perturbed? Once again, I swallowed hard.
He licked his lips with his tongue, and his gaze slowly turned towards my hand that was holding the pouch.
Then, he held my hand and grabbed a cookie from the pouch, and he put his mouth on my wrist.
Then he smiled visibly as he looked at me straight right through the eyes.
“…Feed me.” He said, with a subtle blush on his cheeks.
I blinked, wondering if I had misheard him for a moment.
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