Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 42

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Wait. What did you say? Feed you? What the heck are you saying right now?
Ricdorian was still holding my hand, and I could feel the touch of his soft lip being pressed on my wrist as well as the scabs next to his lips.
“…Can’t you?” Ricdorian, who vaguely glanced at me, tilted his head. Then his lips moved in a sensible manner.
Why did his lips get redder when he grew up?
Staring at it, I unconsciously bit my lower lip without turning my gaze away. His whole being right now screamed perfection.
I think making him call my name was a bad idea… It felt so strange hearing him say Iana as if it was really my name.
Soon, I closed my eyes, then opened my mouth. It seems like he was waiting for my response as he held me by my hand. In any case, he was ready to release me unless I fed him.
Time is ticking at this moment.
“Oh my, loosen your grip for a bit.”
I said it multiple times, fiercely looking at his eyes. Then I waved my hand around the cookie.
“This is what you want, right? Then let go of my hand so I can feed you.”
Ricdorian gradually let go of my hand as he looked right into my eyes. Assessing if I’m true to my words. However, he seemed not convinced for his eyes manifest a trace of doubt.
Staring back at him, I felt like there was a beast walking around in front of me. It would be better to feed him quickly and get out in an instant than encountering other unfortunate events.
At last, his hand completely fell off; however, he raised his hand to make sure I was within his reach in case I would run and leave him. His form may be a beast, but the way he acts right now is like a baby afraid of being abandoned by his mother.
I grabbed him by the chin, making sure that I would not touch the scar on his lips, feeling the smoothness of his cheeks.
“Open your mouth.”
Ricdorian: “… .”
His watery eyes crossed with mine as if those were not owned by an animal.
Now tell me, how can I not abide this man’s bidding when he looks like an innocent little kid who needs care?
“Come on.”
Looking at his slowly opening mouth, I put in the cookie I was holding and his lips moved as if it was eating candy.
However, even though I gave him the cookies, I still couldn’t move my hand.  I stared at him who was intentionally swallowing my fingers in his mouth….why is he devouring my hand?
This wasn’t the first time he did this obscene act. I just sighed and shook my head.
In the past, when he was a beast, he devoured my hand, which he mentally thought was a cookie too. But now… it’s different. Yes, he’s still a beast, but he’s a rational beast as of the moment. He must have realized that he was eating my hand, not just the cookie, but nevertheless, he still did not let go of it despite knowing it.
“Let go of my hand. Right now!”
But rather than letting go, I felt his fingers squeezing my wrist, slowly sucking my index finger. Moments of savoring, he looked up and stared at me.
“How about you? Don’t you want to eat it?” He tilted his head, his eyes were moist and watery…
After asking me to feed you, you wanted me to eat next?  What a good thought, Ricdorian. Just how thoughtful of you!
But no. I quickly shook my head, then narrowed my eyes.
“That’s not eating. Let go. Quickly.”
The sound of my resolute voice made him stop for a moment. But after a while, he continued doing his thing with my fingers, moistening it with his tongue. He then tried to shift his gaze, ignoring what I just said.
“It’s sweet.”
“…Ugh!” I unintentionally said out of frustration. I then felt a more profound gaze coming from Ricdorian the moment he heard me moan.
I stepped back since I thought this sudden turn of events would be dangerous at this rate. Fortunately, my hand was completely out of his mouth this time.
But my heart was pounding violently.
The chain was moving, and his hand reached for me; however, he stopped right in front of me because the chains were not long enough for him to be able to catch me.
There was a mixture of innocence and fascination in his thirsty voice.
“One more time… …feed me one more time. Please?” I glanced at the floor and lifted my head.
“…No?” He asked as I did not respond to him.
“No, I don’t like people who don’t behave themselves.”
I let go of my hand, which I enclosed with the other and showed him my wrist with a visible bruise caused by his tight grip earlier. His eyes shook slightly, realizing he did wrong. As expected, his rationality and beast side coexisted. Then, at the time of his realization, he did not do any strange things anymore.
I shove the pouch of cookies instead of giving it kindly to him. So he picked it up himself and opened it.
“Eat it yourself.”
Then the eyes, which had been fierce all along, slightly turned despondent, and with his head down, he ate the cookies on the ground.
“Yes. I’ll eat.”
No. Why not use your hands? 
I was caught in a strange mood as I stared at him, who was eating the cookie with his mouth like a beast…or a dog… I don’t know right now, but he felt like neither a human being nor a beast.
As I looked at the blue-eyed man eating the cookie, I swallowed my saliva and clenched my hands. Everything I did and the magic to help him was out of little goodwill and curiosity, but somehow I feel like he was paying a higher price for it.
I think I shouldn’t be here anymore.
I was about to pull the hem of my sleeves, when suddenly I heard a groan. And as I turned my head, I saw a Ricdorian with an arched back like a ripe banana.
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