Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 43

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I moved towards him and grabbed him by the shoulder as fast as the lightning. He was so hot! Not just the part where I held him but his entire body was so hot.
Cold sweat dripped from my forehead due to anxiousness. And the well-drenched man looked more blatantly irritated. Turning my eyes, I decided to touch his forehead.
“Arrghh, it hurts… .”
“Are you alright? Where does it hurt? Can you talk?”
“My body is hot…”
What the hell did Jair make me do under the power of the moon? He said I just need to say the incantation.
I gnashed my teeth.
He was a loyal dog who swore allegiance to Ricdorian in the book. I didn’t think he would do anything harmful to him. And if this is part of the process, it seemed too painful for him.
I bit my lips, wiping away the sweat and tears on his eyes.
“Tell me where it hurts.”
Then the tormented blue-eyed child stared at me—his eyes, which manifested a deep-sea color smeared with tears, perhaps because of pain.
“It’s strange. In here… no one came and cared for me…”
He got my hand and buried his face on my palm and I felt like rubbing his cheeks as he was like a beast seeking for love and attention. Those words were enough to make me feel remorseful of his pitiful situation.
“Is this mine?”
What he pointed to was the remaining cookie and so I nodded.
It’s yours, Ricdorian. It’s yours. 
But, what’s with that sudden question? Right, that’s not important right now.
“…then, is this mine too?”
The next thing he pointed at was my hand.
All of it are yours, Ricdorian. Wait,no!
It wasn’t approapriate to point at my hand this time. What is he thinking?
I frowned at him when his lips was pressed on my wrist. I could feel his hot breath on it.
Suddenly, I got shivers. I just hope he wouldn’t notice my trembling hand.
“Why will this be yours? It’s my hand.”
His innocent eyes looked up, and tears rolled down, showing a beastly smile under that suffering expression.
“So, what should I do?”
I stared at him, pulled out my hand, and covered his eyes. What else should Ricdorian do? Get some sleep!
He’s been out of strength for a long time. So it was not difficult to get out of his grasp. Also, it was on my mind to leave him like that as I have less time left. However, I decided to wipe his sweating face and body with a handkerchief. Not long after, I rummaged through my pockets.
“…hold this.”
I want to leave now, but I can’t because of my guilty conscience.
I put my hair tie in his hand and stood up. I pulled an old blanket and covered his back. As of the moment, he noticed the hair tie I gave him, hugging it tightly in his hand as if it was his treasure and slept soundly.
“No… this is more…”
His sweat-soaked hair, bulging tanned cheeks, worn-out clothes, and so on has soon transpired.
Ricdorian was back in his original form.
Before I knew it, I closed my eyes tightly after looking at my sweaty small hands…Iana, think of this as a good thing… A good thing.
I placed my hand in my pocket and turned my back.
It’s been a long night.
:chains::chains::chains::chains::chains: :chains::chains::chains::chains::chains: :chains::chains::chains::chains::chains:
Of course, I didn’t sleep well after that day.
Early in the morning, as I walked down the hall, the guard who was looking at me from the side, spoke.
“Iana, are you alright? If you are sick, you can go to the infirmary.”
“No. No. I want to take a walk. I want to get some fresh air.”
After that occurrence, I came out for a walk with a stiff face. When I get back to bed, the dawn was near, so I had little time to sleep. Furthermore, I encountered no problems going back to my cell.
It took me less than 10 minutes to get out of Ricdorian’s cell, lock the door, release Hans from Jair’s magic, and go back. The way back to my cell was smooth. It’s just that my problem is I wasn’t able to get enough sleep.
Who can sleep comfortably after experiencing such a thing?
To be honest, I was so confused. I didn’t know what to do when I saw Ricdorian suffering. He looks like he was carrying the pain and suffering of the entire world. On the contrary, it seemed that I underestimated Jair’s magic. I thought the side effect would be just a faint pain. I have no idea it would torment Ricdorian
I brushed off my thoughts aside as I felt a strange expression coming from the guard in charge of the walk who just spoke to me.
“Iana? Your face is red. Go to the infirmary right now.”
“No, it turned red because of the walk. I guess this was over-exercise.”
The guard glanced at me, who’s now sitting on the bench, rather than taking a walk…Yes, I know my excuse is crap. But in the end, the guard didn’t do anything anymore and walked to another prisoner.
I looked away and sighed heavily. Today, I’ll promise myself to just rest and do nothing.
Then, suddenly as I massaged my temples, an idea came into my mind.
A good idea!
In the distance, a group of female prisoners gathered. Sally, the prisoner assigned next to my cell, was chatting with them. They were all laughing as if they had no problem. Usually, I would have involved myself in it, but I closed my eyes and decided no to go to them because I didn’t have enough energy to be there right now.
It had been three days since I met Jair.
“I felt the magic was activated. Maybe I was successful?”
New magic restraints arrived from the capital city, and for some time, I was forbidden to take a walk with Ricdorian. Thanks to that, I was walking alone today.
Soon, I stared disapprovingly at the uninvited guest.
“Oh, hello.”
Oh, come on, I was waiting for you for three days.
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