Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 44

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“How would you know if what I did was successful?” I curiously asked him.
“It’s simple.” Jair smiled freshly as if he just had a cold refreshment in a hot summer. His green eyes depict confidence and sureness.
“If you fail, I wouldn’t have seen you here anymore.”
I paused at what he said. And when I looked up, I was welcomed by his smiling face.
Right now, I’m kind of like clenching my fists. I’m in a disposition wherein I don’t know what I should feel about him.
“So you know what could possibly happen if I fail? But still, you chose to leave the magical thing to me despite knowing those possibilities?
“You were willing to do it, and I really appreciate your participation. Thanks to you, my magical curiosity was satisfied.”
He looked so unbothered and cool despite what happened and what could have happened.
It was a funny act that he was still trying to pretend as a sorcerer. But if I didn’t know what was going on with him, the idea of calling himself a wizard would seem quite plausible.
“Yes, I participated in your idea because I was also curious. So, I am not putting all the blame on you on this one.” I said, a little bit irritated of him making fun of the situation.
I know things didn’t go smoothly, but it also didn’t go way beyond worst, and I’m thankful for that. However, loosening up seemed a little hard for me after everything that happened, which almost gave me a heart attack.
“But at least you know that I’m not having fun like you; instead I am more worried about the prisoner.”
I got up from my seat and took a step back away from him. Then I stared at him with a contemptuous expression. If he really cared about the welfare of Ricdorian, he would have spoken with a little bit of conscience.
Sure enough, Jair looked uncomfortable at the sight of my unpleasant expression. But soon, he bowed down politely to me.
“I don’t want to fight you. Furthermore, I don’t know when we’ll be able to say hello to each other again. I can’t tell you everything that I know, but what you did meant a lot to me.” He said sincerely.
This time, he was serious.
“I’d be grateful if you’d really used the magic I gave you.”
Come to think of it, today’s not the day when the prisoners in the middle east side of Kambrakam are allowed to walk. I forgot about it because he came to me so naturally.
So was he walking around while using his invisibility magic? I guess so.
“I came here to see him even though I, myself, know that I am taking too much risk. The owner of this cell had returned, and it would be hard for me to move. This place becomes dangerous for wizards when he’s around.” He said as if he had read my mind.
He was referring to Lenag, the prison head and the owner of this place.
No matter how natural his ability to escape from jail, it’s still not easy doing so.
Only then did I soften my expression a little as I felt relieved. This just proves that Ricdorian is a significant person for him. At least, I know that there is really someone who truly cares about Ricdorian.
“You walked stealthily, didn’t you?” I asked.
“Yeah, but it’s no big deal.” Inevitably, not at all.
“Do you know how many nights of sleep I think I have lost because of that night…Well, it was such a terror! I think my lifespan has shortened because of the fright it gave me.” I said. “Oh, by the way, will the prisoner be alright now?” I stared at Jair and thought of that moment when I heard Ricdorian groaning from pain inside his cell.
Jair seemed to be contemplating for a moment but soon relaxed his face.
“Yes, he’ll be fine before you know it. I was impressed that you did it earlier than I planned. And by the way, this is where his initial state ends before he becomes an adult… If it wasn’t for you, young lady Iana, it would have been me who would walk very late and do the spell.”
Anyway, it sounded like we were waging on this. As if we were on a gamble unsure of the future. Well, if it doesn’t work, I’m still going to move forward.
I sighed deeply.
It’s a little too early to walk away from this situation. I’m going to finish what I started.
“What about the sudden growth?”
I briefly told Jair a summary of what happened last night. And expectedly, he listened attentively and nodded as I talked. His face gradually relaxed as my explanation continued.
“Was that natural?” I asked.
“Yes, it’s natural that the prisoner would undergo a ‘sudden growth’ at that time. It’s a temporary phenomenon. The process of honing his body in shape means he had adapted the magic. I guess it would be convenient for you to think of what you did as a test.”
I’m glad I didn’t make a mistake.
“Yes, it’s temporary, and I’m not going to draw it anymore….” He said.
I sighed deeply, then suddenly raised my head.
That was the first time I met Jair, and I accepted his offer without much thought, but…now that we met once again, I suddenly questioned myself.
“Why me? Why did you bother giving me the spell and perform it?”
“Hmmm. Well, I didn’t expect you to ask something like that.”
He cocked his head as if asking why and smirked a little.
Why would he not expect such a question?
“I felt that you and the prisoner were so close to each other when I saw you take a walk together. And that is why I asked you to do it.”
Close to each other?… More like a woman who treats Ricdorian like a dog. But in Jair’s eyes, who said he knew everything, basically, it might look like that– as no one had the guts to approach Ricdorian except for me.
“In fact, a man who suffers from an animal’s curse does not let his guard down on anyone. To boot, I was a prisoner in the middle east side of the prison who was not allowed to approach anyone I want to and Ricdorian’s cell is inaccessible for us. Miss Iana, that prisoner lowered his guard down on you…this just means something, and you did a good job for that.”
Jair then chuckled, feeling thankful.
“Anyway, why are you helping the prisoner? Oh, this is part of my research as well.”
The wind blew, and Jair’s hair shook gently. The eyes seen between them pretended to be mischievous, but they were quite serious.
Is he going to judge me whether I am hurting Ricdorian or not?
After scratching my cheeks, I gently wrapped it with my hands and laughed.
“I want to be handsome,” I said, then I looked at Jair, who was now showing a hilarious look.
“Wow…that’s an unexpected answer.” He smiled faintly, then afterwards a blank look on his face appeared. His smile was as lifeless as a desert. And his short hair then gently shook on rhythm with the wind.
“May I ask you one more favor, then?” he asked.
“No, you can’t.”
He burst out laughing at my answer. I said no, but he acted like he didn’t hear anything and opened his mouth casually.
“If you see him again next time, will you let me know if there’s any progress?”
That was a much better request than I expected. If his request was to make me sneak in again at night, my foot was prepared to kick him in the shank.
“That’s not hard, but what kind of progress do I need to observe?”
“Just some simple changes on him. After all, the wizards have this saying that if there’s no progress, then just let it be.”
I soon nodded as an acceptance of his request. It wasn’t that difficult to give him details about Ricdorian’s progress.
“I’ll contact you somehow. By all means.” He said.
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