Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 45

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About ten minutes later, Jair went back to his cell in a hurry. He looked as if time was running after him because he quickly walked away without saying anything.
He looked so busy that it seems not the right time to talk to him. But seeing that look on his face made me curious. I definitely wanted to ask him more questions.
On my way back from the garden to my cell, I happened to meet Sally. She was on her way back from the walk just like me, and next to her was the officer-in-charge of her.
If I remember correctly, she was chatting with the female prisoners in the garden earlier. Thinking of her who has been in high-spirit these past few days, I decided to approach her.
“Sally!” I said and waved at her.
“Oh my, Iana!” Sally turned her back and looked at me with widely opened eyes when she realized it was me who called her. She glanced at the guard beside her and shooed him away as if dismissing him.
“Iana, where were you earlier?”
“I saw what happened in the garden, and, unfortunately, I didn’t find you there. Hey!“
I have forgotten that Jair used magic at that time, and she must have been caught up under it, and that’s why she hadn’t seen me.
I smiled nonchalantly and said I have a meeting with a prison guard.
“Aha, so you’ve gone upstairs, haven’t you?”
Anyway, it’s a good thing she knows that I often go there, and the guard who talked to me earlier while I was in the garden wasn’t here, so she won’t know the truth where I really was.
Sally nodded, convinced.
“Right. You were a daughter from a noble family, weren’t you? I don’t know the family name, though.”
“Eyyy, I’m not.”
So a prisoner who is capable of meeting a jail warden by himself in this place meant that he came from a pretty wealthy noble family. What an idea, Sally!
“By the way, what happened? You said you were looking for me.”
I also don’t know my family name, though. But what’s the point, of course?
I looked at her with a shrug. Then Sally patted me on the shoulder.
Soon, she clapped her hands.
“That’s right!”
Suddenly, her face blushed, which in turn made me open my eyes wide. And I questioned myself, ‘Why is she doing this all of a sudden?’.
“Iana, female prisoners are all over it. You haven’t heard of it, have you?”
“What is it about?”
“A very handsome man who visited the prison caused this!”
Because there was nothing to do in prison, there was a limit to what prisoners could do. As a result, each of them developed their own hobbies, and some of the prisoners, including Sally, had a hobby of gossiping about the male prisoner’s faces.
It is called the ‘Handsome Pursuit’ and the ‘Prominence Gathering.’ In fact, this was the reason why I became acquainted with her.
“Oh my gosh! Listen!. Don’t tell me he’s more handsome than Erobs!”
Erobs is a young and handsome jail warden that female prisoners like the most.
“At first, the viscount’s wife, Aisha, said that she saw a big black carriage when she came back from the dining hall.”
“If it’s a black carriage then that means a guest?”
“Of course! Blue carriages are used for prisoners, right? And she saw someone getting off the carriage. She said she has never seen such a good-looking man in the world like that before.”
A viscount’s wife, Aisha, is a young noblewoman who is 20 years younger than her husband. She was sent to prison because of scandal rumors. Typically, it wouldn’t be a problem to have rumors, but her husband, who was afraid of her causing any more problems between the family, sent his wife to prison to ease his mind.
What does he mean? Using the prison to cool off? Now, that’s what I call a sane husband!
I remember something as I looked up. The only best character of him, according to her, is that he draws incredibly beautiful paintings.
“Listen. Doesn’t she have a family member who likes to paint? How I wish that family member could draw what she saw, but… really.”
“Was his looks that magnificent?” I asked.
I was so aware that Sally was making a fuss without any detailed explanation. She only wanted to chat.
“Well, I’m sure he’s really a person of beauty. Mrs. Aisha herself is a woman of high standards.”
I certainly didn’t seem to be a woman of high maintenance. But these people grasp the concept of family origin. The meeting was so different from that of aristocrats hanging out. Especially the fact that his own wife is an important person to him.
Sally’s chatter continued after that. Soon, after more than 10 minutes of exciting stories, our time limit slowly came. Even her guard looked at her with a sick expression.
It was when I nodded when someone shouted my name.
“Iana!” He shouted while running, then puffed. He was the one guarding my cell.
“It’s urgent.”
Looking at his worn-out look, he seemed to have been searching for me in my cell, and to any possible places, I could be. Good thing, he happened to see me chatting in the hallway.
Upon reaching us, he looked at Sally stealthily. Sally might have felt that the guard wanted to talk to me alone, so she said hello to him and bid goodbye to me afterward.
“See you again. Iana!”
Well, thanks to the guard who called me, our talk ended shortly.
I glanced at Sally, who had gone straight into her cell.
The guard watching my room was a blunt middle-aged man named Jason. He had a hard time interacting with me because I’m a female prisoner. But not only with me but for most female prisoners.
So I rarely talk to him except when I have some business.
With a little perplexed expression, he whispered in my ear.
“You are called by the inspection officer.”
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