Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 46

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The inspection officer?
The jail warden who whispered to me tilted his head.
Did my brother send me an item again this time? I’m kind of delighted.
Every time an item came, I would always be called by the inspection officer or by Lenag, so this kind of setup was no longer unusual for me. I thought I wouldn’t be able to cope up, but surprisingly I was able to get used to it.
“Hurry up.”
The inspector general office was located on the floor above my cell, so it will take some steps before getting there.
While walking lightly on the stairs, we happen to witness a commotion taking place. At a glance from the railing, I saw a crowd of prisoners.
“Hey, Jason. Why are there so many people over there?”
“Oh… it’s probably because we have a guest today. I’ve heard he’s an important guest, but I don’t know who it is.”
Kambrakam was a strict prison, but visitation was not forbidden. And most of them say that you had to pay a lot of money to take a visit here.
&#lt;All that money goes to the owner of this prison.&#gt;
When I heard Baron’s words, I came to realize that Lenag was a very resourceful man. How could he make so much money that way?
Of course, some said that this prison was a national property, but Lenag’s share must be of a large sum. Anyway, I don’t think he’s just an ordinary visitor because he was already labeled as a distinguished guest. I wonder what’s his business here.
Looking once again with a light curiosity, I found a broad back that was unusually noticeable in the middle of the crowd. Not because the man was huge and fat, but because I thought that view of him was so elegant. The mere sight of his broad shoulder could make me tell that he’s a stern person.
“Wow. Was that the one Sally mentioned earlier?” I muttered unconsciously.
I can slightly see the nose, but that’s enough to say that he’s so beautiful. He has this silhouette that will make you want to see what was in front. Wow. Even his silhouette looks refined.
He was standing in the shadows with a beret on his head, and therefore, I couldn’t see the color of his hair or its detailed outline.
I just stared at the slim silhouette until it remained an after image. And only after the man disappeared, I headed to the inspection office with Jason, who thankfully waited for me.
Unexpectedly, it was Lenag who was waiting for me at the office.
Oh. I thought it was the inspection officer whom I’ll be seeing today.
“Miss Iana.”
Lenag, who welcomed me naturally, closed the door.
“Well, I heard you were out of town…”
While saying so, I suddenly remembered the conversation I heard from the guards on my way to Ricdorian at dawn a few days ago.
They said that despite the busy work in the capital these days, Lenag still keeps on coming back to the cell and not on his own house to rest.
…Was this cell that good? Well, I suppose it’s an excellent place to stay. And comfortable enough. For me, at least.
Lenag looked at me and gave me a silent salute.
“Yes. That’s right. I came back for a while. Something urgent came up, and I needed to get back here. More than that, I’m sorry.”
Huh? What? What is he apologizing for?
I blinked then stared at him, and in my curious gaze, he showed me a serene smile.
“Your brother came here.”
“My brother?”
I paused.
If he came here, why haven’t I seen him? Moreover, why didn’t he show himself to me?
“Your brother came all the way here for the first time in a while, but something came up, so he went back immediately.”
He lifted the teacup and spoke.
“He came all the way to the Oval Office, but unfortunately, some unexpected things happened. I’m afraid your family has a lot of work to do.”
“Ah…yes.” I sighed.
I can’t really do anything about that as I don’t have control of our family’s duties. Also, I recalled my assumption that maybe my brother is working under Chaser. He was a man who had been rolling his hands and mind with a lot of conspiracies.
I’m sure that even if he’s here, his mind would still wander around all the workloads he had to do. I felt a little sorry for the burden my brother has to face with his job. Furthermore, it somewhat made me sad not to see his face.
I unknowingly twisted my hair, I laid down my eyes and looked at my hair color.
Since I have pink hair, my brother must have a similar color to mine. Iana must be a figure who did not even hear him say her name before. Soon, I made an expression that made my face look creepy.
I tried not to make it obvious, but Lenag right now was gazing at me like a mad dog but soon fixed his gaze. The sound of his tapping fingers goes well with the ticking of the clock.
“This is usually a violation of the rules; however, I can’t help but say I’m responsible for you. Here it is.”
My eyes widened at the sight of what Lenag had taken out.
“It’s mine…?” I asked, so unsure.
Right now, I felt more absurd rather than being joyful. This is too much!
What Lenag brought out was a bouquet. If you try holding it with both hands, it occupies your entire hand. The size itself wasn’t that big, but it’s enough to cover my sight when being carried. But that’s not really the problem here.
The only problem was that inside the bouquet are not real flowers. It was a jewel. The jewel was arranged gorgeously inside the bouquet like a flower… No, wait a minute. Can I bite this?
The center of the gem was a white flower, and the petals seem to be jewels.
I swallowed my saliva while looking at the unusual jewel.
It’s about the size of four fists… Wasn’t this enough to buy a house?
“… my house, it’s not gonna go down, is it?”
“I doubt it. If you’re referring to your family’s affairs, rest assured, your brother’s doing great.”
No, I didn’t ask about that. What I mean is that we’re not going to go bankrupt with this present, right? I wanted to tell him that, but in the end decided not to.
Slowly lowering my eyes, I stared back at the bouquet that my brother had left behind for me. I took out the small letter inside it as my eyes already got tired of staring at the jewels. Not long after, I quickly opened the letter.
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