Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 48

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Chapter 48 – My Brother Came To Visit Me (3)  
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I glanced down.
“Well, at first I thought there must be a reason for this. I believe he’s not the kind of person who does things without basis.”
I think he’s a loving and caring person with the way he looks after me, sending me gifts and letters. And if he would’ve done that every day, I would certainly be convinced that my brother is a kindhearted man. No doubt at all!
I’m just not sure if this is just his way of making it up to me. He might’ve been doing all of this out of guilt for letting me be in prison, or maybe he’s just sorry for coming but not seeing me.
On the other hand, his actions might also be due to his genuine affection, which I really hope is the real reason.
“… I see. So Miss Iana still believes in her brother.”
I narrowed my eyes thinly and looked at him in subtle nuance.
Hmmm…Lenag seemed to know my brother so well from the way he talked. He appeared not swayed with my perception of my brother. No, of course, he knows him that much since my family asked him to do things for me.
Soon, I felt somewhat upset by the idea of not seeing him. But afterward, I shook my head gently. Then, the moment I raised my head, I stopped.
….when did you get so close?
The distance between the two of us was so narrow.
“Well, yeah. He’s my brother, so it’s expected for me to trust him. And uhmm…Do we really have to talk about him this close?” I said, a little bit bothered.
He paused, and his face, which turned stiff for a while, quickly moved away. It’s as if he had awakened from a daydream.
“… I’m sorry.”
“No, it’s fine.” I said, to ease the tension between us.
Hmm. This is a situation I didn’t foresee.
Soon, he parted his lips against that bewildered face.
“I will go.”
Before going, he held out a small box and hesitated for a while, but soon, he decided to put it back in his pocket.
I was about to ask him what that was, but he immediately turned his back at me.
He’s so strange today. If only he hadn’t spoken to me like this and called me out, I would’ve gone back to my cell immediately.
“…that…” What I said stopped him from his track.
He faced me, but for the first time, Lenag hesitated to look at me and then tilted his head.
Seriously, what is wrong with him?
The calm gold eyes staring at me slowly descended.
“It’s nothing.”
I felt like he wanted to say something but chose to keep it with him. His expression right now was blank, no matter how I look at it.
I stopped myself from asking more, as I don’t think he wanted to talk about it right now. Furthermore, I don’t think he will tell me what it is even if I beg him.
Soon, I unknowingly moved under his guidance. And the door was closed behind my back.
:chains::chains::chains::chains::chains: :chains::chains::chains::chains::chains: :chains::chains::chains::chains::chains:
When I returned to my room, the jewel flower was placed on my desk, and I was lost in agony.
Are they living so comfortably? My family?
I think I should start thinking more about them.
I was so easy-going inside this place, knowing that I’d know more about them once I’m released from prison. But thinking about Lenag’s attitude towards me earlier, I guess it should be best to be more aware of them. What Lenag seemed to convey earlier does not suggest that my family has anything to do with the villains in this story.
Or maybe not.
Because I’m becoming more and more convinced of the other possibility that my brother was working under Chaser.
I woke up from my thoughts and headed to the living room with the guard. The living room, which was still open for prisoners, was relaxed amidst the crowd.
“You look troubled, young friend.” As I was about to sit on the sofa, I looked up to the one who talked. And as expected, it was Baron, who sat on the opposite side.
For some reason, Sally sat rather modestly next to him. It was unusual for the two of them to be together.
“Iana, you look worried. What’s the matter?”
“There’s something that bothers me, mister. Can I ask you something? Is that okay?”
Sally and Baron were originally familiar with one another, but they became more acquainted with each other through me. In fact, aristocrats don’t know each other well, and it’s a virtue for them to pretend to know.
“Oh, if it helps you, young friend, it’s okay. Just ask me anything as much as you want.”
“And from now on, I’m going to talk about something quite interesting.” I said.
“It’s a funny thing to hear you say that, but I’m looking forward to it.”
Baron’s look turned to Sally, and Sally, who knew the meaning of that gaze, laughed.
“Do you want me in?”
Sally was a veteran lady with a long list of social parties she attended. Not to mention Baron.
“You’ve been wondering about my family, haven’t you? What do you think my family is like?”
Sally’s eyes widened as she looked at me with her chin up and lips grinning. The man who was sitting beside her was no different. Of course, I took precautions before asking them this, like a con artist.
“Oh, that’s an unexpected mystery.”
Most of the time, during my stay here in prison, I answered with a smile whenever someone asked me about my family. Of course. I didn’t know. I thought I’d find out when I got out of here. But now, I can’t just watch things with ease.
What if they really have something to do with Chaser?
I am worried because I already intended to live in peace and comfort once I’m out. And if my family really works under Chaser, that would be trouble. So now I’m trying to get some information.
It’s better to know something beforehand so I can be prepared and maybe find a way to be out of their radar and go to a faraway land.
“That’s a mystery, and I’m sure every prisoner thinks that your family background was a funny issue. Well, to be honest with you, if you’re a family member who has met the head of the guard, so maybe you’re a Yeong-ae* who’s never been seen at this age just like with the… Einte’s of Leeman. Furthermore, some would sort of express this like a hound prisoner.”
“Oh, my. I thought so, too. I’ve already heard about this at Leeman, so I thought she might be an Einte or a hound.”
“The wife of Count Einte is a woman from the southern region. Her skin is a little dark. And she used to say she looked like her daughter. So maybe she’s not the child they are talking about.”
I made sure my smile didn’t fade as their conversation deepened. As if I really had an idea of what they were talking about. But later on, I turned my head quickly.
The Eintes was situated in Leeman, and most of the hound prisoners were of Marquess’…If that’s the case, then ‘Iana’ must be a family member of at least a count.
* Yeong-ae – an honorific term for a noble daughter.
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