Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 49

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According to Baron, the criterion for a noble prisoner to see the prison head is the size of the territory, but the minimum size of that territory was already set. The vastness of that was not just limited to the dimensions of the land because it should cover everything, including wealth and properties. That’s how they were graded. So, it must really be so challenging to set an appointment with the prison head.
In other words, the door to the prison head’s office relies on the wealthy hands of a prisoner. And I felt that it was quite disgraceful for every nobleman to be distinguished by the prison head using that means.
Outside, being judged by jail wardens who are familiar with you was also not a good thing, especially for those who don’t have wealthy relatives in the outside world.
If you are not well-off, then you are just as powerless as a baby pup. That’s probably why prisoners pay more attention to those knights who often meet with the prison head.
That’s good, I think. At least it means that some prisoners have a long-term precaution.
It wasn’t precisely a problem for me, though. I know that.
I listened to their conversation, and I hurriedly gave them a small hint of what I know for now.
But by this time our free time in the living room was slowly reaching its limit.
I grinned at those who wanted answers from me.
And when I was about to open my mouth, Ghanshu called out. ‘All, go back!’ indicating that it was the end of the free time.
“Oh, my. Should we postpone your answer for the next meeting?”
I smiled at the two sad and discontented faces.
I’m sorry. I’m also not sure who my family is.
Fortunately, they returned to a rather intriguing look.
In fact, exciting things were rare in a slightly dull and free cell. Thinking about our situation right now, I guess it is terrible that things ended quickly.
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“Iana, you look happy.” On my way back to my cell, I answered with a smile to a friendly guard’s question.
I certainly felt better today than the other days. To be honest, I really liked the jewel flower.
“Yes, I got a very nice present.”
“Oh, from the brother?”
“Yeah, that’s right.”
When I came back to the room, I greeted the gatekeeper and walked in. I opened the drawer with the flowers on my desk. Taking out one of the piled-up empty letters, I wrote quickly.
Earlier, I asked Baron and Sally because I was curious and was expecting a plausible answer. However, their opinions, which are well-versed in aristocratic physiology, may be close to the answer, but they were not enough for me to know the truth.
And from the beginning, I already thought of another way.
And since I am inquisitive about my family, right? Then I will resort to the fastest method I can only think of.
[Brother, what kind of family are we?]
Looking at the letter satisfactorily, I mailed it the next day…with pride.
How many days will it take to receive a reply?
While waiting for the letter, I was thinking of going to see Ricdorian inside his cell. But, first of all, I think it’s going to be hard since it’s already late.
“I’ll go and visit him tomorrow.”
And so, the next day, I headed to the basement stairs.
“I think you have gone the wrong road, Miss.” However, I had no choice but to stop. It was because several guards blocked my way in front of the basement stairs.
I blinked at the face of the guards I saw for the first time. I thought I saw most of the guards’ faces in my district, but I realized I don’t know them at all.
Soon, I smiled serenely.
“Well, I see. I think I took the wrong road. It happens sometimes. So, where was the dining hall?”
“It’s on the left. This area here is so complicated that you need to have a guard for guidance.”
They looked at my prison uniform and slightly relaxed their expressions. The shapes of the prison uniforms were different in each section. Most guards were relatively generous and kind to prisoners in our section because that is where most of the aristocrats were designated.
Sometimes, without a guard, it’s easy enough to slip through this area.
Looking at them, I could tell that they must have believed my excuse of going to the dining hall.
But I was aware this time that I must have judged that the risk of going to Ricdorian’s cell is not that great.
“Thank you. But…did something happen? I don’t think I’ve seen you before.”
“Ah…yes. It’s not classified. We are guards from the West wing side of Kambrakam. By the way, this is an underground area where the worst criminals are imprisoned… and it looks like there was an intruder a few days ago.”
‘…intruders?’ I flinched.
Something didn’t feel right. I felt a strange sense of dampness at the back of my neck.
The west wing is home to prisoners with the most oppressive quality of crime, including murder, arson, and treason. It was a place with the strictest surveillance and worse environment than any other section.
Besides, a strange guard said the underground area was the place to detain the worst criminals, but in fact, the basement was occupied by Ricdorian alone. It’s the only space that was allocated for the Hel family.
Originally, Lenag’s family was a neutral faction that managed this prison cell for generations, so they allocated this space for the wealthiest nobles. But Lenag abandoned neutrality and joined hands with Chaser
“I’m so scared of intruders. What kind of accident would happen here…right? I’m scared…”
“Oh, no. You don’t have to worry about anything. You’re in the safest area. However, they say that an intruder’s ‘item’ was found next to the prisoner in this basement.”
“Ah…That. I see.”
I felt another cold sweat flowing on my nape. I tried to maintain my composure while trying not to expose my agitation.
Maintaining a nonchalant smile, I bid goodbye and turned my back to the last minute. Then suddenly my ears slightly turned red, it was as if the guard, who was looking at me while smiling, dyed it.
I didn’t have the time to spare, Oh my gosh!
But wait a minute. I’m sure…
I gave Ricdorian a hair tie, didn’t I?
The intruder…Was it I?
As of the moment, my hands were moist.
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