Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 56

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Chapter‌ ‌56 ‌-‌ You are always an exception (1)‌ ‌
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Also, he was a supporting character, and the right-hand man of Ricdorian who helped him and the heroine escape the prison. So his magic could be not just some average spell from typical wizards. The same was true that even if I made use of this magic several years before the original plot occurred, it could still be of function for the heroine in their break-free mission in the future.
At this point, even if his magic hadn’t reached its perfection; if one would try to look on the brighter side, he was able to sneak into the Kambrakam prison and use magic secretly. And those facts spoke something. That his skill may have some lapses, but still, it was exceptional.
I bit my lower lip hard and breathed lightly so that I wouldn’t be heard.
Oh no, I was almost holding it in and tried not to spit out words. I was still not sure of my situation right now. There’s a possibility that Lenag really saw me or maybe not? But I do hope it’s the latter. I need to have a rosy outlook.
Right. What if he just did it out of nowhere? Like he was talking to himself or something.
But I heard him say ‘Lady’, but… Arghhh! Still! just in case. Maybe he’s just putting on an act?
However, when I thought of it rationally, Lenag had no reason to do so, but I couldn’t afford it.
…I hope he just felt something and tried saying it out of the blue…I hope so… and for as much as possible, I wanted to avoid creating trouble.
And if he really did notice me, I wouldn’t know what to do at all.
Right now, I’m trying to suppress any noise coming out of me and my front teeth, which have been biting my lower lip, bit harder in a tense.
“I don’t bite.”
Lenag’s body, which had been stationary for a while, moved. He was going exactly to where I was, curiously. And without a single hesitation.
“And I won’t hurt you.”
All my hopes went down, and I realized that my wishes were just pure hallucinations. What’s worst of all was that everything turned out to be my worst nightmare ever. Lenag indeed saw me, and his eyes were piercing right through me.
…how on earth could this be possible? By what means?
While short thoughts crossed my mind, Lenag raised his hand.
He was just raising it at a speed that was not a threat at all, but I quickly twisted my body because I was nervous.
I trembled.
Lenag’s hand stopped in a flash.
“…I didn’t mean to threaten you.” He tilted his upper body slightly.
A faint, weak wind passed by, making the hat of my cape fall.
And not long after, the wind blew once again, and my hair, which had stretched out to my waist, shook.
And of course… I saw that the magic worked until now since my own shadow was still nowhere to be glimpsed.
Lenag’s thin eyes were now focused on my scattering hair.
“…how, how did you know it was me?” I asked breathlessly.
My still voice was small enough to be heard, and Lenag’s eyes turned slightly towards me.
The lenses of the glasses placed above his pointed nose were fogging up in coldness and illuminated the dawnlight’s brightness. It seemed that the sun would rise in a few minutes, but judging from the surroundings’ color, it was still a dark dawn.
“How can I not…this prison doesn’t have that color except you, Miss Iana.”
“No, I mean, how did you know it is me when I am wearing a cape… That’s it!”
After a moment’s hesitation, Lenag answered my question.
“Your size and your gait made me aware that it is you.”
…No, that’s not how you knew it was me. That was not the answer I wanted to hear.
I was speechless, and I thought of something that had a little probability of being the answer that left me flabbergasted. No. I was just hoping that what I thought was not really the reason he could see me.
My hand clasped the hem of my dress tightly.
“Did you think I wouldn’t recognize you when I saw your face? My vision is not that bad…”
“…no, I mean.”
“Or were you surprised because I had discovered the magic that was hung on your wrist Miss Iana.”
Lenag’s words, which were previously beating around the bush, suddenly hit the bullseye and asked frankly.
Mister, why did you suddenly hit the mark? 
In other words, he was a straight-to-the-point type of person.
I couldn’t keep my mouth shut like this.
“Exactly… Yes, that’s exactly what I wanted to ask you.”
“Then may I ask why Miss Iana was walking on the hall of the first floor at this hour? Using magic, too.”
Iana: “…”
I was speechless.
..I was the one doing the interrogation but suddenly, he turned the tables and was now questioning me.
Glancing up, I looked into Lenag’s eyes, and I couldn’t figure out what he was thinking as of the moment. He’s harder to read than the most challenging book.
Was that his way of answering my question, or was he just purely asking me a question?
For a moment, it occurred to me that his golden eyes glistened extraordinarily because of the dawn and morning radiance that dyed it with bluish light. To better visualize it, using a metaphor, his eyes were like that of an eagle crouched in the dark, where only his eyes were glowing amidst the darkness.
“I am very surprised.”
Surely his eyes were sharp, and that gaze made me feel like I was in my final judgment with the grim reaper himself and that I should start admitting all my wrongful deeds and sins right now. Furthermore, I felt like I was being swallowed wholly up to my bones.
“…this is a situation I didn’t expect at all.”
Well, it seemed to be hiding in the softness, but the peculiar sharpness still flowed through that gaze.
I tried not to make it noticeable, but I couldn’t help but breathe heavily.
Before I knew it, I folded my hands and put it on top of each other. Then I pressed them over my chest. Soon, the eyes, gazing keenly, slowly turned downward. I was guilty, okay. Moreover, I was caught in the act.
“What?” I asked as I was confused.
“That on your arm.”
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