Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 57

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Chapter‌ ‌57 ‌-‌ You are always an exception (2)‌ ‌
 ‌ ‌
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To my surprise, he was looking at the exact spot where the loose bracelet had fall down around my wrist.
“Was that ‘thing’ given by your brother?”
It was clear that I had underestimated this man. Yeah, the final black-rose villain Chaser, who dominated all the stories in the book, was not the one who caught me. Rather, it was Chaser’s right-hand man. How good was that?
Maybe this man had hidden abilities that I didn’t know.
I nodded slowly.
“…yes, I told him I wanted some magic stuff, and he gave me this as a gift.”
…I feel so sorry for my nameless brother for using his name to save my ass. I just hope I won’t get him in trouble for this.
Cross fingers.
Yes, it would be difficult if Lenag would ask my brother about this later on, but, alas! It was an excellent opportunity to avoid him right now. Even if he comes back and brings it up again, I can come up with a story anytime to tell. And my excuse could be planned thoroughly.
Anyway, I’ll just worry about the future when it comes.
For now, a man named ‘brother’ gave me many things as a gift. Also, he sent whatever I wanted. Furthermore, a parcel comes in every day, and Lenag knew my brother. There was no way he didn’t know this.
However, I don’t know if my brother includes magic items in the parcels he sends…
If I argue more here, I could tell that he secretly gave this to me because he terribly cares for his little sister. Okay, that’s it. I can do this!
I smiled inside in triumph.
“I see.”
Even though my resolve was not grounded with facts, he readily accepted it without a doubt.
Oh, his response surprised me.
That convinced you? Really? Just like that?
“Well, is… is this something that cannot be brought inside the prison?”
“By principle, it is.”
Lenag answered in a decent tone. Then he put his gloved hand on his chest.
“But you don’t have to mind any rule in this prison… You are an exception, Miss Iana.”
“Yes. It’s also what your brother asked me to do.”
The frosty voice pierced gently into my ear.
“To let Miss Iana be free whatever she tries to do.”
What was in front of me at this moment was this guy, but why do I feel like my brother’s presence was strangely growing? What the hell is he? How can he have the mighty Lenag follow his commands?
And most importantly, what does he think of Iana? I can’t believe that Kambrakam would be a place of such convenience.
Was that how much my brother cared for me?
I was a little confused.
Obviously, aristocratic prisoners were freer to wander than the other prisoners who really committed crimes. Of course, this was partly due to the fact that they were not guilty and that they were not real sinners. However, this didn’t mean that there were no rules to abide.
“And I personally hope so.”
This means that even the aristocrats had to follow the rules; they should be on time for meals and never go out at night.
“Did you go for a night walk?”
“…yes. However, when I came out, I noticed the change in the number of guards and the rules. It’s not the way things normally go in here. It is like the laws set here have changed.”
Before I knew it, I regained my deposition and gave a calm reply. Of course, I didn’t forget to show my perplexed expression. If I stay too calm here, he might be able to see right through me.
But at this moment, my consciousness was slowly decreasing because of drowsiness.
As a matter of fact, Iana’s body, which had been in a lot of pain until I woke up in the clinic, was more comfortable than I thought, but there was one disadvantage: this body was quite vulnerable to staying up all night just like what was happening right now. It seemed to be not used in doing so.
Like before, I once stayed up all night writing to my brother, and I dozed off until the next day’s break.
“Are you tired?”
“Oh, did it show?”
When I laughed, Lenag wavered. But it was only for a short time, and he naturally turned his back halfway.
“… I’ll take you to your cell.”
Lenag then began to walk beside me, and I followed his footsteps. And just that, I regretted walking with him, but soon shrugged off that thought.
Yeah, what can I do when he says he’ll take me to my cell?… by the way, I still don’t have a shadow right now.
And as if to prove that the magic was still working, we encountered a guard who was in mid-shift, but he only bowed politely to Lenag and gave no attention to Lenag’s side. It was proof that there was still invisible magic on my body.
Lenag did not ask me why I wanted to take a walk until the end, and therefore I couldn’t ask him how he recognized me.
Soon, we finally arrived in front of my cell, and our eyes suddenly met.
“Rest well.”
He paused for a moment and added that I don’t have to come out for breakfast if I was so tired.
It seemed like he was trying to make everything convenient and in favor of me.
“Are you okay with that?”
“Isn’t Miss Iana’s body weak?”
That’s what I’ve been told, but…. I scratched my cheek with a little awkward expression.
“I think I’m treated way better than the others here. It’s not that I don’t like it. But just like that? No reason?”
I think I’m seeing a lot of goodness right now, too much of it. I’m also starting to feel something strange, but I can’t tell what exactly it is.
It was like there was a big picture in front of me, but I can’t see the whole thing because I’m looking at the corner.
“… in this cell, especially to the noble prisoner, we give special privileges for those who are not well. So to be clear, it’s not limited only for you or for your comfort. It’s not even favoritism.”
Oh. I guess I was just overthinking.
“Oh, is that so?”
“But you can surely do whatever you want anytime. Don’t worry about those who say that this is prejudice or partiality.”
…what are you going to do to them?
For a moment, a bloody and gory imagination flashed through me, but Lenag remained silent. I was just smiling, but I felt like I was hearing many things– the agony and suffering of people.
“Anyway, don’t worry about it and do whatever you want. Whatever it is, I’ll let you do it.”
“Why is that?”
Before saying his answer, he closed his mouth for a while and then parted it.
“Because that is what I wanted.”
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