Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 59

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Chapter 59 – You are always an exception (4)
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I narrowed my eyes thinly and turned my head. I’m not sure about all of this, so I’ll ask Baron. Maybe he knows. However, the moment I parted my lips, someone exclaimed.
“Oh my gosh!”
Our eyes moved to where the sharp voice was heard. The noisy background abruptly calmed down. Not only me but also two other men, who were gathered earlier, headed towards the male prisoner.
The middle-aged man raised his head with a pale look on his face, whether he was looking or not, he just showed an extremely horrible expression.
There was a small letter in his trembling hand. It was about the size of a leaflet.
“Bunton Art Museum exploded! A terror bombing; it was a blast!”
I was able to hear and process what he just read from the letter, and the other noble prisoners present in the area as well.
“That, that accident caused the Archduke to receive remedy….”
“What?” A noble prisoner exclaimed.
And with that, the silence in the room, that was out of curiosity, exploded like a bomb after hearing the man’s words. Shock was clearly evident on all of their faces.
That’s what he would do. This was one of the two pillars supporting the empire, along with the Hel family to which Ricdorian belonged. The two families were bitter enemies, but they had no choice but to coexist at the same time.
The owner of such a family suffered from an ‘accident’ and was remediated.
“Maybe he’ll die.” A prisoner uttered, who also heard the scandalous news.
That was none other than the black rose and the father of Chaser, Archduke Domulit.
“No wonder. That’s the work of the son, Chaser…”
“Hey! What are you talking about, man!?”
A man with a beard, who just talked, quickly blocked the other man’s mouth with the letter in order not to further offend the other prisoners, acting like they were friends.
Hmm, did Chaser’s notoriety spread this far? Judging from his character, it was clear that he would go this far just to kill a person.
“Heh… this is ridiculous… it just happened casually.”
Baron, who tried to speak calmly, was also stiff. It was a big deal for him because the death of the head of a huge family meant that the power structure of even a small country would change.
Scratching my cheek, I stared at the window after pretending to be surprised like them for a moment. Right now, I was probably the only one who was calm and indifferent.
Hmm… something big happened. It was a story from the original plot. The villain, Chaser, caused a bomb attack on a historical art museum.
With this incident, he succeeded in driving his father out of his seat under the guise of an accident, and got a hold of the position as the head of Domulit. However, even after achieving that position, he took the time to remove the internal forces that were dissatisfied and not in favor of him.
Eventually, a few years later, after the original work began, he became as powerful as a duke. In fact, he’s a lot more evil and wicked than before. But Chaser had a situation, too. His father abused him countless times. And that was what made him like this.
“Will Lord Chaser take over his father’s position now?”
I think the reason why the two main characters were attracted to the heroine was because they both wanted to have someone who would care for them and tend to the wounds that they could never cure.
“This is a big deal, Iana. The game of power will now change.” Baron stated, still concealing his perplexed expression.
“I don’t think Lord Chaser tainted his hand… Oh, come on!”
Anyway, it already happened. Their world seemed to stop, but I felt like mine was working well. Soon, I lost interest in those gossip-obsessed people.
Chaser was the culprit, whether you like it or not. There was no way he would do something noticeable. He had no mercy, even with his own family.
Well, guess what, he’s a brutal, sadistic murderer.
Once I’m out of jail, I should definitely achieve my goal to live a quiet life and dream peacefully.
Soon, I walked out quietly of the living room and left the prisoners who were still arguing regarding the news. Then I went straight down the stairs and headed for the stairs that I usually take going down the basement. However, there was a strange guard in front of the basement, but he coolly opened the way.
“You’re Miss Iana, aren’t you? I’ve heard from the prison head. I’m Rubin, a senior guard.”
He said he knew I would come. Maybe Lenag ordered it. I just admired Lenag’s skill at doing things in only one day.
“I’ve been ordered to allow you to do whatever you want. What do you want right now?”
“Hmm. A walk?”
At my words, the guard looked at the iron gate and nodded. Soon a few more guards appeared in the cellar, and I went for a walk with them. Of course, there was Ricdorian right next to them.
Afterward, the intimidated Ricdorian held the hem of my clothes tightly because there were so many guards surrounding us.
He seemed to have recognized the overwhelming and menacing spirit and potentials of the superior knight, perhaps because of his beast’s instinct.
“Don’t be too nervous. They won’t hurt you.”
Even if I said this, I understood very well why Ricdorian’s reacting like this. For him, the new guard was the one who filled him with new restraints and chains, oppressed him, and so on. It was no way a good memory for him.
Going out into the garden, I deliberately settled in a place where the sunlight was the best, and the scenery was beautiful.
And as the number of people decreased, Ricdorian looked a little relieved. Soon, I asked the guards around me to step aside.
And they paved the way while showing reluctance. Perhaps due to the difficulty in hearing our voices at such distance.
However, after a while, the guards noticed the uneasy ambiance between us. So they turned their backs and then began to talk to each other as if they were trying to be considerate of me.
Thanks to them, I can finally talk to Ricdorian comfortably and at ease.
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