Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 60

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Chapter 60 – Can I bite you instead?  (1)
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“…is it uncomfortable and hard?” I asked him.
Ricdorian shook his head in response. Then, he lifted it and stared in fascination at the clouds.
“… it’s okay. Yes, it’s okay… .”
“Okay? What do you mean?”
“Oh, ahh.”
Ricdorian, who was tightly clasping the end of my sleeve, fixed his gaze on me. It seemed like it was now quite natural for him to make eye contact with me. And as expected, the color of his eyes stood out in a radiant and alluring manner under the influence of the sunlight.
“Be… because you’re next to me… It’s okay.”
His voice, which seemed to stutter a little, calmed down as he continued. For a moment, I couldn’t say anything. I felt like I ran out of words to say to what he just enunciated.
Did I understand things in a wrong way?
In the meantime, I heard a burst of booming laughter coming from the guards who were talking about something. It was like they were in an amusing argument as I could see that they were betting on each other. It was a good thing for us since they kept moving further away from the place where we settled down.
I hurriedly stared back at Ricdorian.
…But I don’t think my comprehension was wrong, either.
And before I knew it, a grown-up Ricdorian, who used his hand as a support, leaned his head over. When his eyes met mine, my vision suddenly felt drowsy, and so I blinked.
“Not master…Iana.” He said. “I remembered it accurately this time. Wondering how?”
What has gotten into you that you flipped so swiftly? Why did you get big all of a sudden?
My heart was throbbing so fast, not with excitement but because of the nervousness I’m feeling right now.
The transformed body of Ricdorian was distinctly different in comparison with his timid form. I’m just relieved that the guards were quite far from us. They wouldn’t recognize the sudden body changes of Ricdorian. However, if one would try to look closely at him, it would undoubtedly be noticed easily.
In the meantime, my tension has dropped.
“Aren’t you glad to see me?” He asked.
“Do you think now is the right time to question me about being happy?”
I didn’t know what the consequences would be if ever I got caught. I’m sure they’ll find out that I’m involved with this. And I don’t know what kind of danger I’m putting Ricdorian into. He might be tormented mercilessly or whatsoever!
Soon, cruel and bloody images were flashing into my mind. I feel a little frustrated right now.
I bit my lower lip hard.
“…it hurts when you bite it like that.”
The slender, elegant fingers touched my lips. I was surprised by the unfamiliar touch from his delicate skin.
“It hurts”.
Iana: “…”
His forehead creased, and his eyes turned half-closed like that of a frowning face. Then, he bent his head and looked closely, assessing my lips. Even with the current situation, I still chose to ignore him and did not bother removing my teeth dug in the flesh of my lips.
“Can I bite you instead?”…what the f*ck is this? This is another bullsh*t.
I restrained myself from saying those because I knew those words would hurt him like hell, and he would probably start weeping like a dog. But this guy! Seriously?!
“…can I do it?”
Upon hearing him say those, I quickly pulled back. My body was also ready to push him away any time he attempted to get further close. He was in an open garden where he was chained to the wall the same way he was in his cell.
No, you thought you could break out in the garden!
However, he was suddenly loud when I tried pushing him away…He is drawing the guards’ attention.
This is what I’ve been trying to avoid from happening. As much as possible, I didn’t want the guards to have a glimpse of the changes in Ricdorian’s features. Moreover, I didn’t want the guards to capture us! Because if they ever did, everything would for sure go down the drain.
This is terrible.
Clank. Clank.
The sound of chains around his wrist was so loud. However, that did not stop him from what he was about to do.
A delicate hand held my fingertips. His hand tickled it up for a while and then settled in my palm. Soon, he rubbed it gently.
The odd sensation of his thumb rubbing my palms made me breathe loosely for a moment.
What the…
“Are you feeling good? I miss the feeling of you touching me like this.”
“…Me? When did I…”
“Why? When I picked up the ball… This is how you touched me, right?”
So you do remember all those memories you had while you’re in your beast form?
When he first changed, he didn’t seem to remember it himself.
The sudden realization stopped me.
Why does it feel like it’s changing little by little?
In the meantime, his body advanced to me. To be exact, his upper body tilted before me.
“Why, aren’t you touching me now?”
I always thought that maybe it would be better to see him under the sun than a dark, cryptic room.
But now, I realized I was wrong.
I gulped down my saliva.
Growing up, he has this pure and innocent beauty that can go against the Greek gods’ beauty. His face was so beautiful that it exceeded the standard of being a handsome man. However, when he came down to me, he was languid, frail, and delicate. He created a strange atmosphere like a midday afternoon with drowsiness.
“You touched it…like this. Right? Iana.”
Slowly, Ricdorian held my hand and lifted it in front of his face. Then, he lowered his head and opened his mouth, the place where my hand would soon be buried.
Tickle. Tickle.
Long eyelashes brushed through my hands. And I felt butterflies in my stomach the moment it scratched it. The redness of his lips were slightly covered by my fingertips. He soon faintly bit my finger and didn’t go all the way, as if he was a beast savoring his moment by teasing me.
“If I can’t get your lips, then maybe just your hands?”
The sight of him burying my hand with his mouth was so creepy and gruesome.
An unusual sound rang out in the garden.
“Miss Iana?”
I took a deep breath. I felt like I shouldn’t exhale anyhow, and I did not. I held my breath for as long as I could.
Then, the guards, who came running, reached out to me.
“What’s going on?”
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