Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 61

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Chapter 61 – Can I bite you instead?  (2)
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I looked at the guards with a pale face. The sound that rang just now was because I pushed Ricdorian away, which made him fall hard from the bench.
I wanted to apologize to him, but he immediately turned rational when I looked back at him.
I covered my lips with the back of my hand and took a deep breath, and quickly regained my composure and said.
“Well, I’m not feeling well, so I’ll go back to my cell first. Could you please lead this prisoner to his cell instead?”
“What? Oh, yes, I will.”
“Thank you.”
Fortunately, Ricdorian was also breathing like a man with a fever. He seemed to suffer from these side effects whenever he changed his appearance.
Yes, I cared about his well-being, but I decided to turn my back on him. I wasn’t feeling good, as well.
I headed to my cell at a rapid pace. But in the middle of the conversation, some of the guards gave Ricdorian a personal apology, but there was no chance for them to receive a proper response.
No, I don’t even know what spirit possessed him.
I closed my cell door and gasped for air.
“Ha. Ha… .”
Only after several deep breaths did I manage to calm down. First, I need cold water, cold water.
It was said that people who take too much stimulation cause them pain. Whether it’s joy, sadness or pleasure, it could create too many emotions that could lead to being unstable. Even the opposite of those feelings.
In my case, it was the aftereffect of seeing more than necessary. In other words, Ricdorian aroused me with his relaxed personality, especially when he spoke those stirring words and did those malicious acts on me.
Now, I found that a handsome man can sometimes cause dizziness. But of course, his handsomeness was just one of the reasons why.
“Whoa… I think I can finally live.”
At this point, I think I should dig into it seriously. I just can’t leave Ricdorian like that. At the time being, I felt responsible for it… Because I was the one who gave him the magic for growth. Jair said that it was magic principally created for Ricdorian, but the more I looked at it, the more that magic became bizarre.
…Maybe I should see Jair one more time.
Technically speaking, every time I met Jair, it would always be him who comes to me, not the other way around.
I slowly leaned my back thinking of how to contact him. Then I stopped because I remembered that there was an unfamiliar letter on the desk early in the morning.
A letter, huh?
“…He might have sent it, didn’t he?”
I quickly opened the envelope and then looked at the elegant and delicate handwriting. As expected, it was my brother’s letter.
“Come to think of it… I asked him what kind of family we were last time, right?”
Will this letter contain the answer? I’m looking forward to it.
For a moment, I forgot about Ricdorian and opened the letter, blinking my eyes in anticipation.
[My lovely sister.]
The contents of the letter were fairly simple.
[Who’s bothering you?]
It was like he was angry.
:chains::chains::chains::chains::chains: :chains::chains::chains::chains::chains: :chains::chains::chains::chains::chains:
“…is he angry?”
I said it out loud. But it was an unusual reaction.
Angry? Why are you mad? In which part? 
I tilted my head in query.
No. You’re not really mad, are you? Am I right? Or maybe I’m just mistaken. 
To say so, the letter was unusually dull. My brother’s letters have always been filled with affection towards me, and I’ve never received a short message from him like this one.
I was lost in my thoughts for a moment.
What was the problem with what I asked?
“Yes, that’s right. Our family*.”
I just asked him about what kind of family we are. Did that make him angry?
Soon, I put the letter down. I didn’t mean to be so sensitive. But even if I try to comprehend things further, I would still come up with a conclusion that it just doesn’t seem right. It was as if there was a missing piece to this puzzle. There’s nothing that acts as a bridge, and so I wonder if I could see the connection as to why he’s angry.
Furthermore, he doesn’t have any idea about me. An Iana that had no idea of her own family name. Of who her real family was.
In the end, I decided to put my worries aside and closed my eyes. I buried myself in bed, turned my head, and sighed.
I didn’t do much today, but I felt worn out.
No, I was troubled and was always working.
Watching the change of Ricdorian a while ago, I recalled the fact that I was frantically wary of being caught by the guards. That’s right. This fatigue was due to Ricdorian. I swear.
Yeah… I’m exhausted, not physically, but mentally and emotionally.
I nonchalantly put my hands on my chest.
Thump. Thump. 
My heart was still frightfully beating.
“…that makes people think hard.”
The more I recall what happened a while ago, the more my hands felt sweaty. As I said, he looked like a pure and innocent young saint whenever one would stare at his face, and this was not much different from when he grew up, just think of it as a Ricdorian with eyes burning under passion.
Furthermore, his skin was so white that I could see the redness vividly, and his clothes were so tight that it hugged his figure and made his broad shoulders and muscles clearly defined.
I closed my eyes.
Whoa, think of other things, Iana.
“For now… let’s get some rest.”
…Heavens! I can’t think of anything. I’m telling you the occurrence earlier kept flashing on my mind.
I just felt like I was just lying here and blankly closed my eyes.
I wanted to forget about the sultry stuff. I tried to forget the complexity of things for a moment.
I suddenly remembered my favorite motto in life, which was to live comfortably in this complicated life. I did try to do what I wanted, gave up on what I couldn’t, and did everything else with caution.
Anyway, I wanted everything to submerge down the iceberg, so I closed my eyes and focused my mind on sleeping. Then I stretched my body in a very satisfying way that made me relieve all the stresses hiding in every part of my body.
Then I fell asleep.
Diving into a deep slumber and unintentionally neglecting to reply to my brother’s message as usual.
*가문 – Family crest or heraldry, means social status or cover of the family. This is the term used by the author but I decided to use the word family alone.
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