Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 62

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Chapter 62 – We need to talk (1)       
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-The next day.-
“We need to talk.”
Recalling the memory of our previous interaction made it hard for me to come up with a decision whether to go and see Ricdorian or not. It took me more than eight hours to find my courage to look at the man’s face who made me feel a bunch of emotions with his innocent but lewd actions.
Right now, I’m standing here in front of him at precisely twelve o’clock at noon.
Actually, I already decided to stay away from him for a few days and then come back to see him, just to ease the tension between us for a while. But that plan backfired as it just gave me the urge to see him more. As a matter of fact, I was a lazy person, but once I made up my mind, it was my principle to get things done quickly rather than wait for some other time. And with that, you could tell that I’m not really good at making decisions.
Also, I have this driving force that makes me want to visit him. It’s like we’re that both sides of a magnet; the North Pole and the South Pole.
And he’s that North Pole that keeps on attracting me and pulling my soul to be in one with him.
And so the next day, neither of the grown-up nor the rational Ricdorian showed up to me.
Instead, it was the beast Ricdorian who did.
I had noticed that these past few days, his beast, rational, and grown-up side would always show up alternately. The so-called ‘three-faces’ of this man, each of which has a randomly designated personality, making them unique from each other. And sadly, this side of him got the deficiency of not being able to talk. Indeed, the name of a beast suits this one.
“Hey, not that side of yours. Can you change to your other modes?”
“Yes, I’d rather have a rational conversation right now.”
“Arfff? Grrrr! Grrrr!”
“…you shouldn’t have said anything.”
I stared down in difficulty.
How can we have a proper talk in this state?
I sighed because of the struggle.
At this moment, the male protagonist was displaying a brute’s personality as he was exactly wearing the mask of a beast. Obviously, he seemed to be saying something using his current form’s language, but I cannot understand it. And to think that he was the male lead of a novel made me sigh.
Come to think of it, in my whole life’s existence, how many times have I encountered such a main character?
“Yeah right. Just him. A male lead with different characteristics. One of them is a cry baby, while the other is a beast that doesn’t speak.”
This beast can’t communicate in another sense, and he should be able to do so with others since he was this romance novel male lead. Of course, it was his job to seduce the heroine with flowery words.
But how can he do that when he can’t even have a proper conversation with me right now!? He just can’t.
I squatted down and sighed heavily for another time.
I can do nothing about his present state, but since we’re already here, all I could do was to make an effort to understand his mode of communication just like what I usually did.
“…I haven’t seen scars these days. This is a good thing.”
It felt somewhat unusual seeing Ricdorian without marks from the torments he’s been suffering in the basement. Truth be told, Ricdorian has always been hurt. This was because even though he was bound by chains, he tried to forcibly move around despite the chains’ length-limit being reached. Furthermore, Archduke Harnim, who came to see him every time, abused him.
Also, not long ago, one of the guards went into his cell and hit him. I’ve heard about this from Ricdorian.
&#lt;You got hit? By whom? What kind of man?&#gt;
I was surprised to hear that a guard, not anyone else, had hit him, but fortunately, the guard was fired for another reason before I even appeared in this prison.
&#lt;I have to be hit. That’s how I can become a person…&#gt;
Ricdorian did not know why beating himself was bad or wrong. In fact, the agony I felt while listening to that story was nothing compared to seeing it happen in person. Witnessing him groan in pain and grunt in front of me makes my heart bleed in affliction. That’s why I brought a bunch of medicine for him last time.
“Oh, by the way, I’m here to ask you something.”
I smiled and gritted my teeth in admiration at him, who adorably tilted his head.
Hmm… what’s wrong with this cute puppy?
I wasn’t able to get the right timing this time. I thought that it would be hard to hear an answer from him, as this was the only way I could question him.
With my head down, I swung my head, and my hand laid on the floor felt cold.
When I slowly lifted up my head, I could hear the clatter of iron chains.
What? When did you get so close?
The beastly Ricdorian had his face on the back of my hand.
He stroked his face against the back of my hand like that of a dog wanting to be petted. It seemed like he’s asking me to caress his face.
I could hear him growling from the inside of his neck, mingled with a jolly and cute voice, which I found really strange.
So I tried pulling my hand out of fear that he might all of a sudden bite.
However, it appeared that Ricdorian had this sort of beastly instinct as he reacted faster than me. Without second thoughts, he grabbed me and brought my hand closer to him. I tried resisting, but it was hard because he held my hand tightly as if his life depended on it. The tightness of his hold also depicts fear that I might be gone any time he loosens his grip.
I glared at him.
The things that this form of Ricdorian knew were barking, biting and sucking… And among them, the most common thing he did was to ‘bite’.
I quickly reminded and warned myself of these before my poor hand would become a victim.
“You… you can’t bite.”
“You are a man, not a beast. You can’t just set my arm in place and start grilling it with that teeth of yours. Come on.”
Pretending to hear nothing, he still positioned his mouth near my hand. He even pouted his red lips and blinked naively. Soon, with half-eyes open, he looked at me as if saying that he had done a good job.
“No. I don’t have anything for you to eat today.”
As soon as I spoke, Ricdorian’s eyes rolled down.
We may have spent a short time together, but I already knew what he wanted.
“Wait a minute, why are you eating that…”
Ricdorian placed my finger inside his mouth before answering me and once again gave me an innocent blank look as if he was saying he had done another great thing.
I don’t remember asking you to bite me, but why did you just interpret what I said as eating?
“Hey, don’t eat it. Why…ah.”
It was the moment when his tongue was moving sensually around my finger that made me frown slightly. It twisted around my fingers which was like eating a persimmon that was moving at different angles.
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