Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 63

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Chapter 63 – We need to talk (2)       
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Ricdorian’s hand that was holding mine slowly took my hand out of his mouth. And when I stared back at him, I saw his calm eyes– indicating that his rational side was awake right now.
Soon, I looked at my hands and shook them without hesitation. Oh, was his rational side back?
“Well, that…”
“I’m, I’m sorry.”
His face, which turned red, managed to apologize. And this was an excellent opportunity to tease him.
I raised the corners of my mouth, lifting the fingers that just had an intimate contact with his mouth. The moment he caught a glimpse of my hand, his cheeks were dyed redder than before.
“Why, don’t you wanna ask for more?”
I withdrew my hand after throwing a nasty joke and wiped it with a handkerchief. Glancing back at Ricdorian, I could tell that he was lost and didn’t know what to do.
But not long after, I became so absorbed in cleaning my hand that I took my eyes off him for a moment. However, when I looked up again, I saw Ricdorian’s chin resting on his chained hands.
“Can I ask for it one more time? Really?”
No, why can you easily change like that?
“…when did you change?” I asked in disbelief.
How about a little notice? Those words I said went out of my mouth in unconsciousness. No way, this was not the way things should be.
Here I am, already celebrating that finally I can have a proper talk with him but why the sudden change?
I sighed in frustration.
You can’t blame me for thinking this way because, from my past experience, I realized that the only way we could communicate was through his rational side as that’s the only part of him that could speak well plus it’s his only side that was sane enough not to do such inappropriate actions.
As for this grown-up Ricdorian, he may possess the ability to talk, but he still doesn’t understand people at all. It was like that only his instinct remained in him.
This was not good.
I moved my butt further away from him.
Apparently I had no sweat, but I felt like I had a cold sweat hanging on the tip of my chin. And as he looked at me, I couldn’t help but think that he was like a fluffy badger with a seemingly languid gaze.
“Why are you following me?”
“Because you keep on stepping back?”
“Aren’t you a beast?”
You want to go after me? 
At this instant, his arms and legs grew longer, and this distance between us was already within his range. Sure enough, he moved his hand to block my only path to retreat fully.
“Why are you avoiding me? Do you hate me very much?”
“…why are you asking me that… .”
How can you say that with that face?
“Why the hell did you change?” I asked. “Can’t you change back?” I asked further.
“No, you can’t, but… You’ve changed over time before.” I finished questioning him, but he just tilted his head.
The hair that flowed down along the loose tilt of the head covered the forehead slightly. And between them, the grown-up blue eyes slowly blinked.
“I don’t know, Master. I’m sick of it. It was always like this.”
“I’m not your master. How many times have I…”
“Yes, I know. Iana.”
He bent his knee and then grabbed my ankle. It may be fortunate for him because his limbs were now more prolonged, but he was still not free because the length of the chains was limited.
“But when I say master, you show a better reaction.”
His white fingertips brushed my cheek slightly. And with a languid smile, his eyes glowed.
“Just like now.” I could feel his blue eyes staring right deep in my being.
“Hey, let me see, let me see your face. Why don’t you say it? Say it, don’t cut it off.” He added.
I’ve talked to this side of Ricdorian before, but he had an exquisite visual that was quite unbearable for me. And all I felt right now was like a chick caught by an eagle.
I paused for a moment as I felt my cheeks were turning red. But that’s it because I felt a sense of crisis that I should not just leave him like this.
“You don’t like this?”
“…No, not that.. I mean, why do you keep moving? Stay there. You’re pulling the chains.”
I frowned at his short response.
That’s it? You had nothing else to say?
I was wondering why he did not continue but soon as I saw a loose smile on Ricdorian’s face, I pretended that I didn’t hear him.
I grabbed his approaching hand from the air. The fingertips were cold. And what’s remarkable was the fact that his clothes weren’t torn despite his growing figure. This seemed to be because Ricdorian was usually wearing clothes much larger than his own body.
As a result, the shirt was still a little loose despite his current appearance. This opened up a sight that was dangerous and, at the same time, pleasing to the eyes. His pale skin and his perfectly sculpted physique could be seen through that piece of clothing.
As I tried to avoid his eyes, he slightly raised his hand and used this opportunity to turn the tables.
Ricdorian’s hand grabbed mine, and this time, he intertwined our fingers.
“… don’t avoid me.”
“When did I ever.”
The way he held my hand might have felt forced, but it didn’t feel uncomfortable since he did it cautiously with a weary face.
“You avoid my eyes.”
The chain pulled tight. It was because it came to the limit.
“I’m not going any farther.”
“…are you sure?”
I held my breath and nodded slightly.
“Yes, I will, so stop. You and this. It hurts.”
What my fingertips pointed at was the tightly pulled chain. I was almost trapped in his arms, and I felt like I was going to cry if I was pulled any longer. I touched his shackled wrist with a trembling hand, and he even grabbed it instead.
Ricdorian slowly bent his upper body and lightly bit at my fingertips.
“Iana, what do you want to know?”
“…Oh, are you curious?”
“You said you wanted to ask me something.”
At that moment, I recalled that I said, ‘I’m here to ask you something’ earlier.
I blinked my eyes.
“Oh, so do you remember your memories when you were also a beast?”
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