Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 64

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Chapter 64 – We need to talk (3)       
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“Little by little. I think.”
Apparently, I was so sure that his memories from each of his modes were limited only to themselves. Hence, it couldn’t be possible for a specific personality of Ricdorian to be able to share memories with one another. But right now, I’m kind of baffled. I wondered if those three modes, or three personalities, gradually remembered each other. No, except perhaps for that beast who can’t communicate.
So, will there be a day when the three will be merged into one? There could be a possibility.
“Yes, so you remember everything, right? Even when you’re different?”
“I think so. But, Iana, what do you mean by ‘different’? Why are you asking me like that? It was inside of me, too. That was also me.”
As he grew up, his hair grew longer, and the silver-colored hair brushed all over his eyes. I could see his enticing eyes well from that young face as small as a fist because of its slight curliness.
But then, he repeatedly covered the blueness of his eyes with his hair and exposed them afterward.
Soon, Ricdorian gradually elevated his hand.
“Which one do you think was best, then?”
“Which one?”
“If you base it on what Iana likes…”
He kissed my hand lightly with our fingers intertwined.
“I presume you’d like me more.”
Then he bit my fingertips slightly with the tip of his teeth.
“…Ah, don’t bite me like that.”
Instead of responding, he slowly pried his eyes as if asking for an answer.
“Then you…” I swallowed my saliva and then breathed profoundly.
“Do you know Jair?” I added.
Jair, who was a wizard and the right-hand man of Ricdorian, asked me to cast a spell on him. Whether Ricdorian knew the name or not, I could tell that his eyes widened for a while.
“That’s not the answer to my interrogation, Master.”
“Who’s your master? Before that, please answer me first. Then I’ll answer you. You must be…”
It was when I was saying the last part when someone rang the stone wall.
Bang. Bang. 
“Miss Iana, it’s mealtime!”
The voice heard outside was from the guard. He was also a senior guard who was recently assigned to Ricdorian’s cell. And because of that, it might be difficult to demand to extend my time here.
I looked at Ricdorian regretfully and pulled my hand away from him.
“I’ll be back after I eat.”
Unexpectedly, he let me go.
“Is that a promise to be kept?”
“…I don’t know why you’re asking that.”
I blinked for a moment, then meticulously removed the little dust from his forehead.
“I always keep my word. Every time I say I’ll come back. I will come back.”
Then I turned my back, leaving Ricdorian still and for some reason, I think he looked a little bit bitter.
“You must come back, Iana.”
And that was his last words until I completely vanished from his ken.
:chains::chains::chains::chains::chains: :chains::chains::chains::chains::chains: :chains::chains::chains::chains::chains:
But my plan to go to Ricdorian after the meal fell majestically. It was because of an urgent call for my appearance.
“What does Miss Iana like?”
I blinked.
Why am I here? Moreover, what were these?
“Anything good… you know?”
That was Lenag right before my eyes. I knew I had to answer him who was sitting on the opposite side, but my lips didn’t utter a thing as my mind was preoccupied and distracted by the table in front of us.
&#lt;You were called Miss Iana.&#gt;
Actually, I had been called out in a hustle after the meal.
After having lunch, my friend and I planned to hang out together in the living room for a while. Then, I will visit Ricdorian’s cell once again after leisure, but a low-ranking guard came to me.
I first wondered if he was suggesting a walk because his face was a little pale, but he said it was an order from the prison head.
Ever since I went to Lenag’s office, I was always called for different concerns, and therefore being called once again after seeing the pale face of the guard made me so nervous. And when I walked into his office, he was standing there as if he was waiting for me. I doubt if he was patiently waiting, though, as I was called in haste.
The table in front of me looked extravagant. It was like there was a huge event or something. Were we going to have a feast right now? No, maybe this was a ritual like that of the last supper.
It was a feast with all kinds of desserts.
“Well, before I answer that. What are these for?”
“It’s a dessert.”
“No, I know it’s dessert.”
I have eyes, of course, so I know what it was. But I don’t know what I like when something as lavish as this was presented in front of me.
“You seem a little flustered, so may I ask you again?”
Lenag, who called me here, held out his hands to me.
Does that mean I should raise my hand?
Slowly, I awkwardly lifted my hand, and soon, he tilted his upper body gently. My eyes widened in surprise by his sudden approach.
“Miss Iana, what do you like?”
His soft lips brushed against the back of my hand, and at the same time, I blinked my eyes in bewilderment.
Oh, my God! What was that?
“No, that, that cake and… Sorbet. I like those. But why are you giving me this?”
“I told you about it.”
“What do you mean?” I asked as I still couldn’t seem to figure out what he’s been trying to connote.
Lenag, who held my hand, bent his eyes as if his sight’s normal stance were not enough for him to see me clearly. The transparency of his golden eyes was crumbling in the light. And I just stood still, hardened just like a frog caught by a snake.
I roamed my eyes around the room, trying to avoid his gaze.
‘You’ll make time for me.” he said, and past memories flashed through me.
Oh, right…
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