Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 65

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Chapter 65 – We need to talk (4)       
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“You spent time with him.”
Admittedly I had an agreement with him. I just don’t know if it’s good to say that the conversation we had was a promise. Maybe it was better to call it a deal. Anyway, it would benefit me since I would no longer sneak out just to see Ricdorian. I just don’t know how it goes for Lenag.
I deliberately gazed elsewhere.
Even though he held my hands delicately, it would not be uncommon if he pulled out a sword and pointed it at my neck any moment from now. This was probably because he had a spitting image of blood and death.
“Yes, I did. I did… .” Eventually, I nodded.
Actually, it wasn’t a bad condition for me either.
Come to think of it. He asked me to spend some time with him, maybe because he had tons of spare time. What I needed to do now was to go with the flow and never be against him. Follow that, and there would be no need to feel nervous.
Of course, just looking at Lenag’s face was a task that requires great courage. It’s all because I know too well how cruel and violent this man has been in the book.
“By any chance, are you uncomfortable being with me?”
“Oh, no.” I answered the opposite of what I really felt.
Yes. Yes. Very much! That was supposed to be my genuine response. But I could not let myself say that. Maybe after some time, if I already wished to be on my deathbed.
“Not really. You’ve helped me a lot.” I added.
I laughed as smoothly as I could, pretending to be indistinct on the outside. And not long after, Lenag’s hand fell moderately. I quickly brought my hand to my chest in case he would attempt to hold it back.
“Thank God.”
I don’t know what others thought, but his voice was a little cold; however, it was quite pleasant to hear. It has this profound sound, soothing and euphonious, that could be compared to a lullaby singer. The tone of his voice was music to the ears.
“Would you like to sit down?”
He was polite enough to pull out a chair. I peered down at my clothes for a moment. Well, I don’t think he was an escort for a striped pants model.
As I sat in the seat he pulled out, I could see more details on the table.
“…wow.” The round table was full of desserts.
On top of that, the whipped cream had glossy texture as if it had just been made. The fruit on the topping was so fresh and mouth watering as well.
Would it be possible to make something like this inside this prison? Maybe I can sneak some and bring it to Ricdorian.
“Let’s eat.”
“Oh, yes.” I said in a formal tone, masking the excitement building up inside me.
Erasing strange thoughts, I get the fork. I’m afraid I’ll have to take a bite to get that piercing gaze away from me.
“Ah.” I opened my eyes wide as soon as I had it in my mouth because there was a burst of admiration.
“Delicious.” I couldn’t help but say that.
It’s not that it was really delicious, but it melted gently in my mouth and then remained there for a long time until the sweetness was tasted.
Perhaps he heard my small murmur because his sharp face had momentarily loosened up.
“That’s good to hear.”
He stroked his chin as if he felt some stubbles on it and then slightly tilted his head.
“Do you like lemon sorbet?”
“Well, I’m good at eating sweets.” I glanced at Lenag while my tongue licked the stain on my lips.
At the moment of eye contact, Lenag seemed to have hesitated.
Oh, was I getting too casual with him?
“Because I haven’t been able to eat them often.”
This was my childhood story—the real me in the other world. I was suffering from atopic dermatitis during my childhood, a disease that makes skin red and itchy. And therefore, I had to control my consumption of sweets as I grew up. It was because the rash just occurred immediately.
“Oh… I understand. It was an environment where you couldn’t eat these things, Miss Iana.”
…sorry? I paused at his unexpected response.
My lips just stopped eating the strawberry whipped cream cake. Then, I swallowed the remains quickly, and discreetly opened my mouth.
Suddenly my interest in sweets disappeared and moved onto him.
“Do you know me that well?”
“I don’t know how I knew you. I haven’t seen you very often, but I’ve always heard of Miss Iana. That’s the kind of relationship you must be asking about.”
Are you referring to your relationship with my family? 
Come to think of it, Lenag has been talking to my family and me as if he knew them and me very well. My father and brother seemed to have some sort of closer relationship with him.
I’ll try to find out about this.
“You heard about me?”
“Yes, that’s right.” He said, then I paused for a moment.
It would have been easier for me to gather information about my family by telling him that I couldn’t remember anything from the day I woke up in the clinic. But what can I do?
I already pretended to be a clumsy kid Iana; thus, it would be difficult to correct things. Also, I’m still a little scared of Lenag’s face and the storm that might happen due to my facade. So for now, I’ll just continue the act that I had started.
Hence, let’s talk about something else and then dig into it naturally.
“And I remember you asked me to spare you some time… .”
“Never in my life, I’ve never heard of a prison head serving me… .”
I was about to finish my words, but my words instantly sank and drooped when I saw his face. It was because of his long, sharp eyes. On top of that, he was emitting extreme pressure.
My heartbeat was now as fast as the sprint of a cheetah.
Did I offend him with my words?
I wondered if there was anything that I could use as a peace offering for him not to kill me right now.
At this moment, the eyeglasses he was wearing barely neutralize his almost invincible look. But, without glasses, I thought that he would look pretty tough and ferocious.
“Can’t you?”
He leaned his head with his chin up. Then, a deep and keen gaze was directed at me. At the same time, a gentle and tender smile crossed.
“Can’t you give me the opportunity to serve Miss Iana?”
Oh. That’s not what I anticipated him to say.
No. I don’t think so. Was there even an opportunity in the first place?
I’ll be thankful for your courtesy and kindness, but that’s just it. Like now, you fed me well. But after we’re done eating, let’s part ways. For I fear that a story that’s not part of the original plot of this novel would magically appear out of nowhere.
“Well, why?” I questioned Lenag.
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