Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 67

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Chapter 67 – What am I? (2)       
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I admit I’ve been at ease here. But that didn’t change the nature of this establishment. I slept in a room with bars and couldn’t escape from this prison. And no matter how free I was, my freedom was still limited. This was the only time I had admitted it because I did not have the opportunity and courage to complain.
“It’s different. Every prisoner here had sinned, but you are different. Miss Iana.”
Lenag declared firmly. The embarrassed look earlier was nowhere to be seen as if those were sucked by the pair of glasses he was wearing.
“That’s an exaggeration. I’ve seen a lot of people in this prison and I could say we were no different from each other.”
“Maybe. But you shouldn’t overlook the fact that people can lie.”
Lenag touched the edge of the table. At the same time, his upper body tilted slightly.
“The people here are usually hideous, cunning, and wicked. A noble prisoner is no different.”
As he got closer little by little, I felt like a big beast was lying on its stomach in front of me. Like he’s going to lift his body and reel me in with his fangs at any minute.
“…what is the distinction if I’m different from them?”
I swallowed and held on to my trousers for a moment. It felt like cold sweat was forming on my palm, but I tried not to show it. I also didn’t think I should show my back here at any moment.
“What am I like in the way you see me?”
Actually, it’s a great relief that our conversation came back a little. Ever since I stepped my foot inside his den, I was already looking for an opportunity to gather information. However, it’s ironic how it was only now that I finally had a chance to identify Iana’s family and real identity when I’m already feeling a sense of crisis.
“…I know it’s clear that you didn’t commit a crime or anything else. You were sent here to be protected.”
“…to be protected?”
“Yes. Someone was after you. Among the crowd.”
I shut my mouth for a moment at the sound of those unknown words. Someone was aiming for Iana. Who? And why was she being targeted?
Also, she was sent to this prison to be protected?
I don’t know who sent her here, but I thought it was a very horrible but unique scheme.
Who would send people to jail for protection? I couldn’t even think of this as a safe place, so who in their right mind would?
Thinking about it, Iana was a nobleman. It’s not bad considering the jewels and things my brother sent me. That means he was living a luxurious life.
But no matter how good the welfare or the life of a noble prisoner was, a prisoner was still a prisoner. It can’t be compared to a noble mansion or a splendid room that was outside of prison.
And therefore, I thought it was a very embarrassing and awkward way.
Or… or maybe that person was desperate enough to protect her.
“And the man who sent you here for me to protect was none other than your brother.”
“My… my brother?”
“Yes, as you may have guessed. I thought you would feel embarrassed the moment you’re being placed in here. And knowing that you’re from a noble family, you might’ve felt new to this kind of environment. That’s why I decided not to show up for a moment to make you feel at ease.”
“So you were waiting for me to adjust. Is that what you’re trying to relay?”
I learned from this that Lenag here had a much closer relationship than I thought with Iana’s family. Not just to give me convenience and favor, but to protect me as the head of this vast prison.
“Was it typical for you to receive requests like this and do their bidding?”
“Well, if you’ve been asking for a record. It’s been a while now, so no. Requests like this are rare, and this one is of the essence.”
I erased some assumptions concerning his statement. I also thought that if she was related to the main characters’ family, then my daydreams could change after my discharge.
I had to remember the genre of this book. I evoked myself one more time just in case.
“You seem to treat me as if I were a Marquess’ concubine or a Duke’s Yeong-ae. Unreasonably.”
For a moment, his golden eyes turned to me with an unexpected radiance. The different colored gaze crossed in the air for a moment.
“… that’s not true.”
“No?” I asked.
“Yes, Miss Iana, you are neither a Marquess nor a Duke’s Yeong-ae.”
With that said, I was relieved. Good. As long as I didn’t have to be connected with any of them. Both the families I spoke of were of the main characters in this story. The latter belonged to the black rose Chaser, and red rose Ricdorian, and the other was the family of the wicked.
While relieved, Lenag stood up to get something. He came back with a small round table with a crab. Soon, his big hand touched the table.
And, I blinked at the close distance.
“Miss Iana, it is a basic knowledge that I know who your family is, but it’s not my right to tell and not the right time to tell.”
His manner was perfectly polite while saying those words.
“Because I know how much you hated your family.”
He moved his hand in front of me as if he was about to console me, but when he’s already halfway, he hesitated for a second and then pulled back his hand in an instant as if he had awakened from a nightmare.
“I hope you won’t hate me.”
Slowly, his long hair covered the sun. I raised my head, rather than watching his long hair sway.
So this guy knew Iana longer than I thought. And Iana didn’t like her own family?
I was about to query him when someone interrupted.
Knock, Knock.
We heard a knock, and this uninvited person seemed unwelcome to Lenag as well as to me. We were still at the hype of our conversation, and this person, whoever this was, disrupted us at the wrong timing.
Lenag’s brows furrowed. I, on the other hand, didn’t bother moving at all.
Soon the guard opened the door and came in.
“This is an urgent letter, Sir.”
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