Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 68

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Chapter 68 – Guests are coming to the prison (1)        
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The guard who showed up was Arthur, the youngest jailer I knew in this prison.
My eyes passed through his trembling hands, which were grasping the red envelope. He seemed a bit hesitant in stating what his intention was, and if I’m not mistaken, judging from his flushed face, he looked like he was in a rush because of the red colored envelope, which denoted urgency.
Soon, he handed over the letter and left in haste.
Lenag read it without delay.
“Oh, Miss Iana…”
Soon, a frustrated look was shown on his face. I desperately wanted to know why he was looking at me with dismay.
I didn’t know what was happening. I’m kind of lost as of the moment.
Suddenly, he turned to me.
“Something wrong?”
Lenag closed his mouth for a moment, and then with deep thoughts in mind, he began roaming the space at a snail’s pace.
“He says he’ll be here right away.”
“Eh? Who?” I asked in confusion.
A moment of silence had passed until he spoke.
“Your brother.”
Brother. I paused as of the moment because of the familiar word.
“Oh, Miss Iana. Have you made a mistake to your brother?”
“…What?” I still couldn’t apprehend the sudden delivered news.
His eyes crossed mine as if he was trying to read me.
“A mistake…”
Mistake? What did I even do to make a mistake to my brother? In the first place, I didn’t do anything like literally nothing at all.
That thought brought my mind into sudden realization.
Come to think of it. I didn’t send my brother a reply, right? I just noticed now that I missed what I was supposed to be doing all the time. It was just a petty reason to be referred to as a mistake, but for some reason, I felt anxious to the point that goosebumps started to rise.
Somehow I asked myself why I haven’t done it. Why did I not send a single response to his question? I thought it wouldn’t be a huge deal, but surely, I was mistaken.
At that moment of questioning myself, Lenag delivered a neat sentence.
“He needs to see you immediately.” He said so and then tilted his head for a moment. There was a hint of wonder in his eyes as to why the sudden need of seeing me and such.
“No, I think I made a slip of the tongue. I’m the one who screwed up, not you. I don’t believe you made a mistake.”
“What?” I looked at him, wondering what he meant.
“You can’t possibly make mistakes.”
“Eh?” Unconsciously, my inner thoughts slipped out, like it was an intentional response. But I managed to patch it up as quickly as I could.
“Oh, ah… Yes. Uh, um, thank you for your kind consideration…?” I retorted, a little unsure how to acknowledge his positive insights of me.
Then Lenag responded resolutely. “Do I look like a good person now?”
When I raised my eyes, Lenag’s face was full of sincerity even after knowing the possibility of me making a mistake. Besides, hearing a thing or two about my brother’s urgent coming would certainly make one believe that I did something terrible.
However, staring intensely at his gaze, I felt like I saw something a little different. Those gleaming eyes with long lashes blinked slowly, and a gentle smile formed on his lips. I was dumbfounded as this was the first time I saw his smile reach his eyes.
“I always look at you as who you are. Miss Iana.”
Where did the burdensome look from earlier go? I think his eyes right now were no different from those fans adoring their idols.
I just shrugged that notion off as I wasn’t interested in that. Also, I decided to let the growing awkwardness pass on for a while. There was something more important than that.
“By the way, this is a tough job… .”
In the meantime, Lenag, who bowed his head for a while, murmured as if he were talking to himself. It sounded better without me knowing it, but I could hear it clearly because he and I were quite close.
“What’s the trouble all about?”
“Oh, did you hear that? It’s nothing different…”
He hesitated for a moment and then opened his lips with a slightly perplexed expression.
“A guest from the Hel estate will visit soon.” The moment I heard the name, I paused.
“Is it the Archduke?”
“Yes, he is the family of the prisoner whom you enjoy playing and walking with.” Archduke Harnim. A family of Ricdorian.
“…the one you were with this morning.”
“Yes, he is.”
For a moment, it seemed that Lenag had a very calm voice, but his tone was basically cold, so it’s nothing new besides, I’m kind of getting used to him speaking those phrases sternly.
On the other hand, did I hear it wrong?
After a quick grin, I tilted my head for a moment and concentrated on what I had just heard.
Archduke Harnim will visit. Well, this wasn’t so special. But in the book, it was a worthy plot that was described in detail. It’s just that…..the last time they went in this prison, Ricdorian was tortured. His body was left with bruises and wounds, which took a long time to heal. His form was even barely intact.
Archduke Harnim. In particular, the Archduke of Hel estate, the father of Ricdorian, was a self-propelled abuser of the male lead. He was a remorseless human being. I don’t even know if he can be considered a human being with how he treats his own son.
The reason for his brutal actions was that his capable son was only swayed by a curse that came down from generation to generation without obtaining the slightest talent. Of course, as a male protagonist, he had more powerful talents and abilities than anyone else, but it was only a matter of time before this came to light. At least after meeting the heroine. So until then, he was continuously subjected to this kind of violence.
‘I was so hurt a lot at that time.’
I closed my eyes when I remembered the last time someone went to visit him. I didn’t want to dwell on that day once again. No matter how good my life was, no matter how easy it was to live, it was so hard to ignore and forget the sight of the blood smelling Ricdorian in front of my eyes. I didn’t want to see him again like that.
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