Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 69

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Chapter 69 – Guests are coming to the prison (2)        
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I clenched my fist. The mere thought of seeing him like that made my heart bleed in pain, what more if I personally saw him like that. Heaven would surely turn like hell. But still, I couldn’t do anything to prevent him from hurting at least for now.
Thinking of my past endeavors, I had cast a spell on Ricdorian at the request of Jair, the sorcerer of the Hel estate. That led to the fact that Ricdorian had an abnormal form of growth, which I couldn’t believe.
‘I don’t know anything else, and I know I shouldn’t be doing this.’
At the very least, it was clear that the Archduke Harnim visiting him would not lead to a good result. Strangely enough, Ricdorian had grown up for a while, but that did not mean he had grown up or developed abilities.
If he had indeed grown-up or awakened, he should have already freed himself from the chains that stifled him, the same as what had happened in the original story.
As I said, Archduke Harnim hated his son because he was incompetent and useless. At the same time, he hated the fact that Ricdorian lost the ability to communicate because of the curse.
By the way, if he finds out that he has grown up a little bit this time, and that there’s no great significance in that and no abilities were discovered… His usual abuse might have gotten worse.
“When will they come?”
“Do you mean Archduke Harnim? You must be so concerned about it Iana.”
My family has a close relationship with Lenag. And Lenag advocated neutrality on the outside, but in fact, the Marquess who followed Chaser, and my family was more on the villain’s side. This was also confirmed in my previous conversation with Lenag.
“As you know, when your family encounters the Archduke of Hel, it’s not very pleasant, and the state of affairs will become chaotic.”
“Ah… That’s right.” I nodded, pretending to know and understand it, but my head was so confused inside.
I wondered why the state of affairs would be in turmoil if anyone in our family made an encounter with the Hel family, but soon, I made a rough guess.
The bombing that the prisoners were talking about. The father of the villain, Chaser, did die there, right? Chaser, the real culprit, was silently working on his plan thoroughly.
It was something that the House of Harnim, who protects justice, would not have been able to see. To be honest, I don’t know how a person, who was said to be a protector of justice, can beat and abuse his own son.
How ironic is that? Protecting the justice system, but he himself was a man of injustice.
The novel’s contents were like that. Human beings were so stereoscopic that they tend to trick another person’s brain into believing that they were godly good when, in fact, they were as dirty as evil.. Anyway, if Archduke Harnim would come here, I guess it wouldn’t be a good thing for my brother to meet them here.
Ricdorian was also from the Hel family. So does that mean we’re forbidden to meet?
The letters that I have been receiving from my brother have passed by my mind. However, I didn’t want my brother, who was kind and friendly, to be in such trouble.
But what can I do?
“How long does it take?”
“What? Oh, Archduke Harnim?. Maybe… it’ll take about four days if it’s on schedule.”
Then Lenag grabbed his chin and immersed himself in thoughts for a moment, and soon said, “In the case of your brother…I think it’ll take about four days…if he’s using the normal route.”
Normal? Strangely, it was long, but as the navigation foresaw, the expected timing depending on traffic conditions was about average arrival time.
“Anyway, he might run into him, right?
“Yes, as of now, it is possible.”
I pursed my lips tightly and soon parted it. “…do you expect conflict when Archduke Harnim and my brother meet?”
I thought my family would be broken down the next day.
“Yes, that’s right. The cell may be overturned for once. And it’s not good. This is a place where disturbance is not tolerated because it is a place to confine sinners. The Archduke will not just stay put. He will surely fume in range if their paths cross.”
Although he had joined hands with Chaser, on the surface, he was a prison head responsible for peace and tranquility inside Kambrakam. I understood his situation. It would be difficult for a powerful man like Harnim to make a scene.
“Yes. The problem could get bigger.”
I raised my finger and grabbed my chin like Lenag did. It was a habit of mine when I was lost in thought. And Lenag seemed to wonder at me for a moment, but gently waited in silence.
Unlike his scary face, he was a man of good manners and conduct.
“More than anything else, I’m afraid Miss Iana was more involved in this.”
Out of thoughtfulness, he added a word that didn’t surprise me since it’s already expected for him to look after my welfare ever since I’m told that this man was protecting me whatever it takes at the mercy and request of my family.
I gently reached out and grabbed a small piece of paper, and wrapped a snack from the table. Then, he slowly put his hand on top of the table.
I could feel Lenag’s keen gaze at me. Soon, I raised my head and laughed hard. Although he looks sharp and frightening, I didn’t know he was doing what I was doing.
“Thank you.”
I stretched out my hand to get the snack. Eventually, it reached my fingertips.
“I feel like I’m getting too much consideration. You worry about me a lot.”
I said wholeheartedly. Even though this was the request of my family, he still could’ve chosen to reject them, but he didn’t. So I’m grateful.
“That’s right because we have that kind of relationship.”
For a moment, Lenag somehow avoided my gaze. And his long hair swayed gently along with the head. It was so distracting, but it seemed much more than that. It was something rare.
The moment he looked back straight into my eyes, I saw the eyes of this not so cold man burning with the color of blood. His face remained nonchalant; however, there’s just something with the manner he stared that I couldn’t figure out. And his face, which portrays calmness, was something I couldn’t be sure of.
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