Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 70

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Chapter 70 – Guests are coming to the prison (3)         
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“Can’t we stop him from pursuing his trip to visit me? We should warn him now while it’s still early. And just like what you said, the possibility of my brother and the Archduke running into each other will surely create a commotion. So as much as possible, I think we should avoid that collision.”
“I don’t think your brother will listen. Most of all, if he had already established his decision, he doesn’t have the means to stop. Furthermore, it won’t be long until he arrives.”
“… well, then there’s nothing I can do about that.” I sighed in surrender.
For now, there was no other way. Lenag said my brother might be in trouble, but there were no other options I could think of to help him, so I felt a little useless and embarrassed.
My brother and my family will be in trouble soon.
“I know it’s not my fault, but I’m sorry.”
“What? You don’t have to be sorry, Miss Iana. It wasn’t Miss Iana will.” Lenag shook his head firmly, disapproving my remorseful attitude at the same time, consoling me.
“Thank you for saying that.”
I laughed out loud and scratched my cheek to avert the awkward mood from rising. Although it was not the proper way a lady from a noble family must act, Lenag’s persistent stare at me made me roll my eyes in blithe.
“Well, I see. But for now, I will head back to my cell.” I said, and turned my head.
Unfortunately, our conversation ended here because of the guard’s letter, who entered this room in a hurry a while ago, but I heard the countless footsteps coming to this place at this time.
The footsteps were getting louder and louder that my dull ears could hear it, so I presume that the person in front of me had a busy schedule. Sure enough, I’m scared but smart enough to say it.
Soon, I heard a knock on the door.
Knock. Knock. 
It was a very courteous knock that came from someone who arrived from a run. And I knew it’s my cue to exit.
It was when I was about to stand up from my seat when I heard Lenag call me and advanced towards me.
“Miss Iana.”
Lenag caught my fingertips. It was a careful and feeble force that I could easily shake off if I try to resist.
Soon, Lenag bent his upper body, still holding my fingertips. And his soft lips brushed against the back of my hand, like that of a prince, hand-kissing a princess which indicates courtesy, politeness, respect, admiration, and devotion.
“I forgot to say goodbye.”
His long brown hair flowed gently when he bowed down his head.
“Please don’t forget, I’m always here to grant you favor and protection.”
Lenag also said that it was not the first time he had received such a request of protection in his prison. Then, there was someone like me before.
Do they usually tend to people under their care, who need protection, up to whatever extent it is?
I laughed awkwardly when I caught sight of his golden eyes that were glistening in persistency like a hawk who already set his mind on his aim.
“…Yes, thank you.”
I wonder why being caught by his hand felt like I’m tightly captured on the hook.
:chains::chains::chains::chains::chains: :chains::chains::chains::chains::chains: :chains::chains::chains::chains::chains:
Leaving Lenag’s office, I walked leisurely.
Archduke Harnim, who keeps on violating Ricdorian’s body, would soon come, and my brother, who had sent me a lot of letters with questionable kindness, would come as well.
They will gather together in this cell. Sadly, there was nothing I could do because I was barely a prisoner with no capability to prevent things. All I could do was talk to the guards.
But soon, I opened my mouth with sincerity.
“So, you’re saying that it’s almost impossible for middle-east prisoners to take a walk?”
“Yes, Miss.”
I nodded at the guard’s response.
In front of me was a new mid-level guard standing with a serious face. After Lenag caught me that day, the guard assigned to me changed always, and I, Iana, had to be as cautious as possible because I felt that he was always watching me.
Sometimes I wonder if every guard assigned to me was a spy.
Aside from continually changing guards assigned to me, nothing has really changed even the surveillance team, nothing’s really new with them, so it wasn’t that uncomfortable.
“There are some prisoners from the middle east side of the prison who are quite vicious and guilty of minor crimes. Of course, some of them were given a chance to walk in the garden. But it doesn’t often happen because of the lack of management personnel.”
“Aha, You’ve seen it once, then?”
“Yes. That’s right. You must have seen it too.”
In addition, he answered my question without any hesitation. It must be due to Lenag’s strict instructions to allow me to do everything at my bidding.
“Well, the next walk of some Middle east prisoner is… I’m not sure. That was the work of the management area. Oh, well, I guess I heard from my colleague that it would be done soon.”
“Oh, is that so? When?”
“I think it was ten days from now.”
How come it won’t happen soon?
I tried hard not to make a grimace expression, but it seemed that I failed in doing so as the guard with a serious face looked at me, wondering if something was wrong.
As I’ve said, it’s a little uncomfortable because the guard keeps changing to a new one. Usually, if you were close to a guard, you would have said, “Don’t do that. Ask me, or pull me, or I’m curious.”
Since the guards in charge of me always changed, I felt like I have discovered different types of people with different personalities. Some of which were strangely conservative while some were business-minded.
And since it goes like that, I don’t think Lenag was giving any guard a chance to be attached to me. It was a good strategy for him, though, to ensure the loyalty of his underlings.
I shook my head lightly.
Thought aside, the main reason why I asked about the Middle East side of the prison was to find an opportunity to meet Jair, the wizard of the Hel estate. Perhaps he was staying here quietly, looking for an opportunity as well.
Above all, since he asked me to let him know about Ricdorian’s progress, wouldn’t he want to run into me if he’s curious about it? Just in case, I chose to ask questions about the prison’s Middle East side by subtly mixing them with other questions.
It’s good to help Ricdorian, but it’s better not to cause him trouble in the future. Anyway, Jair was the only one who could explain everything about the acts and abnormalities of Ricdorian.
The only question was, how am I supposed to meet him? When even his shadow was hardly showing up to me.
“Miss Iana, the sun is so hot today. Why don’t you go back inside?”
“Oh? Yes, I will.”
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